Dementia Aegyptius in Minneapolis

The Mummy Official Trailer #1 – Boris Karloff Movie (1932) HD

From UPI comes news that a Lost Golden City has been uncovered in the southern province of Luxor, in Egypt. “The city is also known as Aten.” It dates to the 1300s B.C. [1]

The biblical Exodus was not from all of Egypt, argue authors Messod and Roger Sabbah. The Exodus was only from the then-modern, cosmopolitan city of Akhet-Aten. [2]

Is the newly uncovered Lost Golden City of Aten in fact the once-cosmopolitan city of Akhet-Aten? King Laius was the father of Oedipus. The city ruled by King Laius was known as Thebes, Luxor and Karnak, and was once the capital of all Egypt. The newly uncovered Lost Golden City is located in the province of Luxor. [1][3]

In the previous blog entry, the Greek tragedy of Oedipus was noticed. In the story of Oedipus, prophecies had seemed to offer foreknowledge and a way to change fate, yet all was pre-ordained. [4] As the play opens, the citizens of Thebes beg their king, Oedipus, to lift the plague that threatens to destroy the city. An oracle advises that the murderer of King Laius must be found. A different oracle, Tiresias, accuses Oedipus himself of killing Laius. Tiresias hints darkly of an incestuous marriage and a future of blindness, infamy, and wandering. [5]

One thing especially incongruous in the Greek Oedipus plays is the presence of a Sphinx. Why is there a Sphinx in a presumably Greek myth? When Oedipus had solved the riddle of the Sphinx, the grateful citizens of Thebes offered their Queen Jocasta to him as wife. Thebes, ancient capital of Boetia in Greece, may not have been the original Thebes of the myth: Thebes, in Egypt, was more ancient and had been known to the Greeks since at least the time of Homer. [3]

These considerations cause Ersjdamoo to guess that the “Greek tragedy” may have been originally an Egyptian tragedy. Hence, although I had called the Derek Chauvin/George Floyd encounter of May 25, 2020 and its aftermath “Dementia Graecus in Minneapolis”, technically it might better be called “Dementia Aegyptius in Minneapolis”. (See the April 9, 2021 blog entry for background.)

UPI reports that the significance of the find of the Lost Golden City may be second only to the discovery of King Tut’s tomb in 1922. [1] Sometime between Tuesday, November 28, 1922, and Thursday, November 30, 1922, Howard Carter, the discoverer of Tut’s tomb, and his patron the fifth Earl of Carnarvon, secretly entered Tutankhamun’s chamber. They removed souvenirs for themselves, along with a sheaf of papyri documents. Lord Carnarvon had previously consulted “Cheiro”, a palmist and fortune teller. Following desecration of Tut’s Tomb, Cheiro sent a psychic warning to the Earl. Cheiro had been in occult communication with one Meketaten, daughter of Akhenaten, who may have been the father of Tutankhamun. “No relics must be removed! Otherwise the Earl would die!” In April 1923, Lord Carnarvon sickened and died. Egyptian newspapers quickly spread the story that the Earl had been killed by the spirit of King Tut. There followed more mysterious deaths. In September 1923, Carnarvon’s half-brother died unexpectedly. Jay Gould, railroad magnate, fell dead soon after visiting Tut’s tomb. A French Egyptologist, Georges Benedite, died not long after violating the burial chamber. The Egyptian Bey, Ali Kemel Fahmy, was shot dead by his wife soon after daring to touch Tutankhamun’s treasures. The list of eerie Tut deaths is long. A profound fear gripped the world. Movies dealing with the “curse of the mummy” began to appear. [6]

Resting uneasily in his burial vault, George Floyd awaits the verdict in the current trial of Derek Chauvin. Floyd is nomenclatured “the mummy”. A plague had threatened to destroy the city in the Oedipus plays, and the coroner-virus plague had threatened likewise for Minneapolis. The Furies (technically the Erinyes) punished mortals for crimes against the natural order, such as Oedipus killing his father and marrying his mother. A victim seeking justice could call down the curse of the Erinys upon the alleged criminal. [7] And such now is “the talk” amongst some Black leaders: “If Chauvin is acquitted, we will call down The Furies!”

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The Megillah of Minneapolis

Godzilla (’54): Attack on Tokyo clip

A megillah is a long involved story or account; an elaborate, complicated production or sequence of events. [1] The “true Megillah for ‘trials of the century’ would have to be the 1906 extravaganza of the Harry Kendall Thaw murder of Stanford White,” wrote Ersjdamoo in the April 8, 2021 blog entry. [2]

In Minneapolis on May 25, 2020 a Greek tragedy occurred when the gods ordained that the paths of Officer Derek Chauvin and George Floyd shall meet. In the background lurked The Furies, female chthonic (inhabiting the underworld) deities of vengeance in ancient Greek religion and mythology. [3]

Besides megillah, also ending in “illa” is Godzilla. In the 1954 film which launched the genre, Godzilla emerges from the sea and breaks through the fence to Tokyo with its atomic breath, unleashing destruction across the city. Attempts to arrest Godzilla fail. [4]

(On May 25, 2020 Minneapolis PD receives a call: Floydzilla is on the loose! Dispatched to the scene is Officer Chauvin. Floydzilla warns Chauvin he has “Covid”, the dangerous atomic breath.)

Paleontologist Kyohei Yamane wants to study Godzilla. [4]

(Enlightened liberals begin to congregate at the scene of the fated Chauvin-Floydzilla encounter. They kibitz Chauvin’s techniques.)

In the Japanese arsenal there is a secret weapon: the “Oxygen Destroyer”, which disintegrates oxygen atoms and causes organisms to die of a rotting asphyxiation. [4]

(Chauvin puts his knee on Floydzilla’s neck. The kibitzers are increasingly horrified. Some say Chauvin’s knee was the “Oxygen Destroyer” which ultimately killed Floydzilla.)

But where was the “free will” in this Greek tragedy? In the story of Oedipus, prophecies had seemed to offer foreknowledge and a way to change fate, yet all was pre-ordained. In the trial now underway in Minneapolis, “free will” is pre-supposed, even though behavioral psychology sees it not. Are we all at the mercy of the gods? Or can “free will” enter the 3D world of cause-and-effect from a higher dimension?

(Note to kibitzers: I fully realize George Floyd was a human being with inherent dignity. Use of the nomenclature “Floydzilla” is merely a device to help point out parallels to the Godzilla movie.)

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Dementia Graecus in Minneapolis

Columbus statue torn down at Minn. State Capitol (Jun 10, 2020)

In the previous blog entry it was called Dementia Americana in Minneapolis. Upon further consideration, Dementia Graecus might be the better term. “Dementia Americana” was the nomenclature used by the defense in the Harry Kendall Thaw “trial of the century” to indicate justifiable insanity encompassing the male prerogative to revenge any woman whose sacred chastity had been violated. [1] Dementia Graecus relates to the Nika riots in Constantinople over the course of a week in 532 AD. [2]

In the April 7, 2021 blog entry it was sarcastically stated, “[B]eing a spectator sports fan makes you eminently qualified in such things as politics and the law as well. It’s quite simple: Just choose Red Team or Blue Team then root for your team.” [3] This, as it turns out, was literally the situation during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I. Two major factional groups of sports fans, the Blues (Veneti), and the Greens (Prasini), rooted for competing chariot racers. The Blue/Green chariot racing associations became a focus for various social and political issues. They combined aspects of street gangs and political parties, taking positions on current issues. Politics was sports, and sports was politics. Relatively limited riots were not unknown at chariot races, similar to the football (soccer) hooliganism that occasionally erupts after association football matches in modern times. This sports fan frenzy finally escalated until, on January 13, 532, a tense and angry populace arrived at the Hippodrome for the chariot races. There it began, and in the end about thirty thousand rioters were reportedly killed. [2]

Dementia Graecus in Minneapolis. Mens is the Latin word for mind, and Demens is Latin for demented (i.e., insane). Graecus is a Latin adjective meaning Greeks. The Blue/Green chariot race fan clans had become the Red/Blue associations by May 25, 2020 when George Floyd (aka St. Floyd) died in Minneapolis. Coincidentally, Officer Derek Chauvin had a knee on the side of Floyd’s neck when this happened. Circumstantially, it appeared as if Chauvin had killed Floyd. Looking on were The Furies, female chthonic (inhabiting the underworld) deities of vengeance in ancient Greek religion and mythology. These underworld goddesses “saw it all” via YouTube. Within days, The Furies had descended upon American cities, wreaking destruction. The mayhem culminated in Minneapolis around June 10, 2020 when a beloved Christopher Columbus statue was toppled.

Hence this clarification was necessary: strictly speaking, we must say Dementia Graecus in Minneapolis rather than Dementia Americana.

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Dementia Americana in Minneapolis

Harry Thaw and Evelyn Nesbit 1915

As another “trial of the century” unfolds in Minneapolis, some may not realize the defense gets to present its case. Right now, the prosecution is presenting their perspective in the trial of Derek Chauvin, a police officer on trial for the death of George Floyd. When the prosecution “rests” (finishes presenting its case), the defense gets their turn to tell the other side of the story. When will the defense start to present their case? “Whenever the prosecution has finished and it is unclear when that might be,” reports Al-Jazeera. [1]

The defense team can call their own witnesses who likely will testify in favor of Chauvin. When Chauvin’s team calls witnesses, what is the jury expected to hear? Al-Jazeera reports the crowd gathering at 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis may have been becoming increasingly hostile to the officers involved in the arrest of Floyd. [1]

How did Floyd die? The defense “will argue” (says Al-Jazeera) Floyd died of drug use and heart failure. “To do this they likely will call expert witnesses to argue this point and make the trial more technical in nature and less emotional.” [1]

In the previous blog entry I referred to Floyd as “St. Floyd”. Now comes “news” from the Washington Post that “right-wing media keeps smearing George Floyd with the racist ‘no angel’ narrative”. It is the old “well, he was no angel” narrative, opines Margaret Sullivan for the Post, and it amounts to “obliquely blaming the victim for his fate.” [2] Yet in law there is a concept of “contributory negligence” which recognizes that tragedies don’t always happen in a vacuum. If the injured plaintiff fails to act prudently, that can be considered as a contributory factor in the injury suffered. By resisting arrest, did Floyd contribute to his demise?

The stage is set. The drama unfolds. Now is only Act 1, the Prosecution. Act 2 will be the Defense. Brooding over the latest “trial of the century” are “The Furies”: female chthonic deities of vengeance in ancient Greek religion and mythology but in Minneapolis real people threatening mayhem unless their bloodthirst is satisfied.

Worthy adjudicators might want to bone up on previous “trials of the century”. In the 1990s, the O.J. Simpson trial was one such circus. Opinions were deeply divided, and still are, about who really killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. In the Simpson trial, the defense initially announced “that the killings had some of the earmarks of a drug scenario”, which the big “news” outfits ridiculed. The case for illegal narcotics crucially behind-the-scenes in the Simpson trial is presented in Killing Time, by Donald Freed. [3]

But the true Megillah for “trials of the century” would have to be the 1906 extravaganza of the Harry Kendall Thaw murder of Stanford White. Involved was a “woman of mystery” – model/chorus girl Evelyn Nesbit. [4] White had had a previous relationship with Thaw’s wife, Evelyn Nesbit, when she was 16–17 years old, which had allegedly begun with White plying Nesbit with alcohol (and possibly drugs) and raping her while she was unconscious. In Thaw’s mind, the relationship had “ruined” her. “I did it because he ruined my wife!”, Thaw exclaimed immediately after shooting White. “He had it coming to him! He took advantage of the girl and then abandoned her!” It had been justifiable “dementia Americana”, argued the defense, and “encompassed the male prerogative to revenge any woman whose sacred chastity had been violated.” [5]

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Crime of the Century in Minneapolis

The Crime of the Century

Its name was derived from the Sioux word minne, meaning “water,” and the Greek polis, for “city.” On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, while being arrested for allegedly using a counterfeit bill. During the arrest Derek Chauvin, a white police officer with the Minneapolis Police Department, knelt on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes. That’s where it all began. Thereafter were nationwide riots, soon followed by fury against Christopher Columbus statues. (To Ersjdamoo, the desecration of the Columbus statues was the big event of 2020.)

Now, in Minneapolis, Derek Chauvin is on trial for the death of St. Floyd. Surprisingly, the “news” has yet to call this “The Trial of the Century”, even though it is a credible candidate. A previous “Trial of the Century”, actually called that, was the O.J. Simpson trial in which Mr. Simpson was acquitted on two counts of murder for the June 12, 1994, deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman. Before the Simpson “Trial of the Century” there was the 1906 extravaganza of the Harry Kendall Thaw murder of Stanford White. Involved was a “woman of mystery” – model/chorus girl Evelyn Nesbit.

Frenzied sports fans throughout the nation have long-since decided upon Officer Chauvin’s guilt or innocence. After all, being a spectator sports fan makes you eminently qualified in such things as politics and the law as well. It’s quite simple: Just choose Red Team or Blue Team then root for your team.

“News” reports on the Chauvin trial have thus far overwhelmingly favored the St. Floyd Chargers. At some point the prosecution will rest and the defense will present its side of things. We shall see if the “news” hotly follows the defense presentation, or if that coverage will be pre-empted by coincidental “exciting developments” elsewhere.


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Fauci Leads “Long Hard War”

The Long Hard War (SCTV)

It was rough. It was tough. It was the long, hard war (WWII). Endless movies about World War II followed the long, hard war, such as The Longest Day (1962), about D-Day, June 6, 1944. Eventually the genre became ripe for satire, and mocking films such as How I Won the War (1967) and Catch-22 (1970) were produced. Around 1980, SCTV offered a sketch – The Long Hard War – which can hopefully be seen at the top of today’s blog entry.

The SCTV sketch, The Long Hard War, has the drama unfolding in a French brothel. A “naughty Nazi” (John Candy) deserves a spanking. Later, a young virgin GI, “North Dakota” (Martin Short), experiences his first time and exclaims, “Hot dog! I hope this war never ends!”

It was rough. It was tough. And ever since, Americans have wanted to replay the epic role. First it was during the Iraq War, a protracted armed conflict that began in 2003 with the invasion of Iraq by a United States-led coalition that overthrew the government of Saddam Hussein. The conflict continued for much of the next decade. [1] We were “all united” and Dubya Bush was our fearless leader. Then came something even rougher and tougher in 2020: an “invisible enemy” with whom we could never possibly negotiate peace. This one was the roughest and toughest of them all, way beyond even what “The Greatest Generation” had to deal with. By Gadfrey, weren’t we something!

In this, our darkest hour, we are led by Generalissimo Fauci. We are “all in this together”. (By Gadfrey, ain’t we something.) Americans are eager for the latest news from the war front. And here it is:

  • Former First Lady Michelle Obama cheers the troops by saying Coroner-virus should be seen not as a destructive force, but as “a great blessing.” It is a character-building opportunity, Obama explained. She heartened flagging spirits by recalling her childhood when she played with dolls and blocks which needed her to give them life. “Like any good all-powerful ruler, I was there to see them suffer and grow,” stated the former First Lady. [2]
  • CNN medical analyst Leana Wen warns that Americans may take back their pre-pandemic freedoms without being vaccinated. “We need to make it clear to them that the vaccine is the ticket back to pre-pandemic life,” said Wen. She fears we now have a “very narrow window” to tie normalization of everyday life to vaccination status. “Because otherwise, if everything is reopened, then what’s the carrot going to be?” Wen asked. “How are we going to incentivize people to actually get the vaccine?” [3]
  • Good news on the war front is that “the invisible enemy” is inactivated by sunlight as much as eight times faster in experiments than predicted by current theoretical modelling. “The vast majority of coronavirus particles were rendered inactive within 30 minutes of exposure to midday summer sunlight, whereas the virus could survive for days under winter sunlight.” [4]

It was rough. It was tough. It was the long, hard war.

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Mission Creep in Coroner-Virus War

Fauci: US must keep ‘foot on accelerator’ to stop virus

A year ago, at the end of March 2020, Generalissimo Fauci led the charge into battle against “the invisible enemy”. Said the Generalissimo at that time, “We must keep our foot on the accelerator over the next 30 days.” As usual, there was American war enthusiasm at the start. Yet now, a slew of recent books is questioning the March 2020 slippery slope. There has been mission creep and we find ourselves in a quagmire.

In May 2020 came Ersjdamoo’s book, Coronavirus CATASTROPHE, which he was surprised to see allowed to exist at Amazon. (A reader’s review though was not allowed to exist at the site.) Wrote yours truly at the time, “The coronavirus catastrophe of early 2020 is wrapped up with the U.S./China trade negotiations, burgeoning bond indebtedness, Bill Gates’ messianic vaccine preachings, a push for global health governance, late-winter cabin fever, and cancellation of ‘opiate of the masses’ spectator sports. These all came together especially in March and April 2020 to form ‘extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds.'”

Richard Horton, editor of the medical journal The Lancet, must have been thinking along the same lines as Ersjdamoo for, a month later, in June 2020, he published his book of similar title, The COVID-19 Catastrophe. The cure is worse than the disease, Ersjdamoo wrote and Horton echoed the sentiment: “The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest science policy failure in a generation,” reads the book’s description at Amazon.

In October 2020, Dr. T.J. Coles, a researcher at Plymouth University’s Cognition Institute, weighed in with a devastating exposé titled, Capitalism and Coronavirus: How Institutionalized Greed Turned a Crisis into a Catastrophe. (Again that word, “catastrophe”.) According to the book’s description at Amazon, Coles outlines six factors that turned coroner-virus into a catastrophe:

  1. Private land ownership and poor-quality housing which packed millions of people into towns and cities where the virus spread widely;
  2. An antibiotic crisis which led to superbug resistance for half the population;
  3. For-profit operations and decentralized planning;
  4. Failure to heed United Nations warnings;
  5. A neoliberal capitalist mindset of leaders which hampered adequate responses;
  6. A “Great COVID Robbery” which saw stimulus money going more towards corporate giants than to the little guy.

Dr. Coles seemed to favor a globalist, overarching battle plan. But a book also released in October 2020, Corona, False Alarm?, doubts that “the invisible enemy” was ever a major threat! The authors, Karina Reiss Ph.D. and Sucharit Bhakdi MD, charged there had been a global deluge of contradictory opinions, fake news, and politically controlled information about the coroner-virus. They questioned whether lockdowns, social distancing, and mandatory masking have been justified. A review of the Reiss and Bhakdi book at Amazon, penned by Lauren Haut, sums up that “the principles of epidemiology were thrown out the window on this epidemic. The effects of the lockdown are far more dangerous than any virus, especially this one, could ever be.”

The cure is worse than the disease. Dr. Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummins seem to essentially agree with Reiss and Bhakdi. Their book, The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal, is scheduled for release on April 29, 2021. According to the book’s description at Amazon, (1) coroner-virus was long anticipated by global elites who have used it to facilitate and hide the largest upward transfer of wealth in human history; (2) PCR testing, case counts, morbidity, and vaccine safety and efficacy data have been widely manipulated and misrepresented; (3) safe, simple, and inexpensive treatment and prevention for COVID-19 has been censored and suppressed to create a clear path for vaccine acceptance; and (4) the effectiveness of the vaccines has been wildly exaggerated and major safety questions have gone unanswered.

“The science”, as you can see, is not “crystal clear”, as Greta Thunberg would say. The real genius of this, our latest war, is that we cannot negotiate peace with an “invisible enemy”. It is a war-mongers dream: a war that never ends. This time though it is not the military-industrial complex delighted by the situation; this time it is the medical-pharmaceutical complex.


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Remembering the G-Man

G. Gordon Liddy: Will: The Movie

Known on his radio show as “The G-Man”, G. Gordon Liddy died Tuesday, March 30, 2021, at age 90. [1]

In the satirical video by SCTV, hopefully viewable at the top of today’s blog entry, much is made of food made from dead rats. An allusion to Liddy’s being able to withstand pain from fire also appears. These are based on real incidents: At age 11, Liddy roasted a rat and ate it to overcome his fear of rats; to convince a woman of his trustworthiness, Liddy once held his hand over a flaming cigarette lighter until his hand was badly burned. [1]

But the deeper story of G. Gordon Liddy is unlikely to be told by the various big “news” outlets. For that, we must turn to a samizdat document circulated beginning in the late 1970s, known as The Gemstone Files. Involved in the Gemstone thesis was artificial gemstone technology developed by one Bruce Porter Roberts (1919 – 1976), which purportedly led him into “the heart of the beast”: “worlds that can just barely be imagined, let alone glimpsed by ordinary mortals.” [2]

The G-Man – G. Gordon Liddy – is often mentioned in The Gemstone Files. Liddy created what he called a “Gemstone Plan”, which led to the eventual Watergate incident. The Skeleton Key to the Gemstone Files states that on January 27, 1972 Liddy and John Dean met in the office of Attorney General John Mitchell where Liddy showed his charts for a plan which included breaking into the Las Vegas office of one Hank Greenspun and taking files on the Howard Hughes “kidnapping” and Aristotle Onassis’s Vegas operations. When the Watergate episode erupted, Liddy reportedly shredded his copies of the Gemstone Files at CREEP headquarters. [2]

In his later book, Will, Liddy reportedly describes the January 27, 1972 meeting with John Dean and AG Mitchell where the “Gemstone plan” came together. [2]

Despite what the Skeleton Key says, it is uncertain if Liddy was an insider to the astonishing allegations contained in the Gemstone Files or if he named it the Gemstone Plan merely as a happenstance. [2]

After President Jimmy Carter commuted Liddy’s prison sentence in 1977, the G-Man went on to hosting a talk radio show. Many was the time I tuned in during the 1990s. The Watergate figure would read various news items from different sources. Any time the source happened to be The Washington Post, Liddy would always bleep out its full name. He always called that paper “the bleep” and described it as “Washington’s quaint little alternative newspaper”.

Liddy had a wry sense of humor. He also surprised me one day by his profound understanding of Mark Twain’s characters Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. To a caller upset with the CIA who called it “The Cocaine Importing Agency”, Liddy responded with calm. Recalled now is one show where some of his old prison buddies paid a visit and they all shared laughs about old times. I remember Liddy’s sudden surprise when, while reading on-air the results of an investigation into the peculiar death of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster, he exclaimed, “No skull fragments found!” Liddy sneered at the investigation by what he called “the meter maids” (U.S. Park Police).

Notable is that now two “right wing” radio hosts – Rush Limbaugh and G. Gordon Liddy – have died in 2021, and neither died from the coroner-virus.

The Bleep can’t bother you now, G-Man. May you rest in peace.

——- Sources ——-
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Earth Reacts to “The Sinners”

Emotional Greta Thunberg attacks world leaders: “How dare you?”

In the short video clip hopefully viewable above, Greta Thunberg says, “For more than 30 years ‘the science’ has been crystal clear.” (Notice how she calls it “the science”.) Really though, “the science” is anything except crystal clear. On the one hand, “the science” says, “Get vaccinated and things will go back to normal.” On the other hand, “the science” says, “With the variants, we may not get back to normal for some time.” And they say these contradictory things almost simultaneously!

“The science” is not crystal clear: In the mid-1970s, it was saying (1) sea-ice buildup in Antarctica was more than doubling, each year; (2) the average temperature on earth was foreseen as rising by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius by around the year 2000; and (3) by the year 2000, it was most likely the climate would have stayed about the same. [1]

Noah was having a chat with the angel Uriel, somewhere around 2,000 BC. In his masterpiece about ancient Egypt, R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz advises early on, “From our observations we can always come to conclusions that correspond to what we are and to what we know today. We always run the risk of allowing our own mentality to cloud the consciousness necessary to feel and understand the mentality of the Ancients.” [2] Case in point: When Uriel tells Noah, “In the days of the sinners the years shall be shortened.” [3] Who and what are “the sinners”? “The traditionally disapproved character traits of anger, greed, hatred, fear, self-aggrandizement, aggression, lust for power and so forth are powerfully negative influences on the energy processes of the earth,” wrote author John White. He was referring to the idea of psychokinesis having potentially negative and positive effects on earth. “The sinners”, those exerting negative psychokinesis, interact with earth’s subtle environment. “The sinners” cause negative “thought forms” to have a sort of life which in turn are a factor behind “climate change”. [4]

Counteracting the psychokinesis of the sinners would be, for example, the short people who have tremendous faith in the Virgin of Guadalupe. The vague entity may be vivified by the faith of millions of the short people. Thoughts, prayers, and devotion “gather round themselves loose clouds of elemental essence when they arrive in the astral world” and these loose clouds tend to congregate. “While they maintain a separate existence they are living entities, with bodies of elemental essence and thoughts as the ensouling lives, and they are then called artificial elementals, or thought forms.” Through the prayers of millions of short people, an entity known as the Virgin of Guadalupe may have acquired life and become empowered to bless and protect her devotees. [5]

And get this: the Virgin of Guadalupe is traceable to the Aztec goddess Tonantzin as well as to the Aztec earth goddess Coatlicue. [6] In other words, the Virgin Mary, the Virgin of Guadalupe, and the Aztec goddess Tonantzin might be stand-ins for Mother Earth! This would mean devotees of the Virgin of Guadalupe are in fact exerting psychokinetic force to combat “climate change”!

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Atmospheric Excitation of the Wobble

Does the Earth Wobble?

On February 4, 2008 Britain’s Sun newspaper reported “that a satellite orbiting Mars has now spotted what looks suspiciously like a big smiley face drawn crudely onto the red planet.” [1] Elsewhere in February 2008 “structures of definite manufacture” built by “very advanced ‘selenite’ inhabitants” were spotted on the moon. [2] About this same time, the Chinese New Year had begun. The festivity is based on the Lunar calendar. Roughly coinciding with the arrival of the new moon and the lunar new year, the Midwest was pounded by storms and tornadoes. Coinciding with an overall roaring of the heavens, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi died. Earlier, he had taken his Transcendental Meditation technique to Washington, DC, hoping to raise the vibes there. Alas! All did not go as planned and the Maharishi departed Washington, muttering, “This town is a sea of mud.”

Sayeth the Book of Dzyan (stanza V, verse 2): “Svabhavat sends Fohat to harden the atoms. The Dgyu becomes Fohat; the swift son of the Divine sons whose sons are the Lipikas, runs circular errands.” Fohat is called the “Pervader” and the Manufacturer, because he shapes the atoms from crude material. Fohat digs holes in space. [3]

In 1873, Lt. Col. Alfred W. Drayson of the Royal Artillery probed the “Third Movement” of the earth, and the “True Course” traced by earth’s axis. The Pole of the Heavens is an imaginary line traced along two opposite points in the celestial sphere and which coincides with the earth’s axis. This Pole of the Heavens, said Drayson, was believed to describe a circle around the pole of the ecliptic as a center, keeping always at the same distance of 23° 28′ from that center. (The ecliptic poles are the two points where the ecliptic axis, the imaginary line perpendicular to the ecliptic, intersects the celestial sphere.) However, from the earliest historical ages down to the present time there has been a gradual decrease in the obliquity of the ecliptic of about 45” (seconds) per century. So how can it be that a decrease in the obliquity of 45” per century has been recorded? It ought to be an impossibility, declared Drayson. Due to the discrepancy, he was forced to discard the idea that the pole of the heavens describes a circle around the pole of the ecliptic as a center. [4]

Mother Earth gets turned on by Mr. Sun, but sometimes the relationship is contentious. It is known that changes in the core of the Sun may lead to changes in Mama Earth’s temperature. [5] Sometimes Mama Earth’s excitations affect her Chandler Wobble. “Changes in the core of the sun may lead to changes in the earth’s weather and also – insofar as the planet’s magnetic field is linked with the sun’s – to changes in the earth’s core, which in turn could affect the crust.” Around 1900, there was “a large deviation in the length of the day”, major earthquakes (the crust), and variation in the Chandler Wobble amplitudes. This later moved two geologists to write a report for Nature magazine entitled, “Excitation of the Chandler Wobble by Large Earthquakes”. It was an “atmospheric excitation of the wobble”. [6]

“In the days of the sinners the years shall be shortened,” said the angel Uriel to Noah. [7] (Notice how around 1900 there was a large deviation in the length of the day.) Who are “the sinners” though? Are they exclusively the white men? Maybe by “sinners” Uriel meant to say, “psychokinesis”, the thought energy which “can have a pacifying or aggravating influence on geophysical processes.” [6] When Mama Earth gets all hot for Mr. Sun and begins seductively swaying her Chandler Wobble, we can pacify or aggravate the situation via our psychokinesis.

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