Not The Masher News

A masher is “a man who attempts to force his unwelcome attentions on a woman.” [1]

A woman is approached and touched by a man in an inappropriate way. She could respond by hitting him with her purse and yelling “Masher!” [1]

My late mother, who grew up on Chicago’s south side, had this advice: “Just knee him in the balls.”

The United States has lately been inundated with masher news. America is shocked – shocked! – to discover there are mashers, some of them occupying respected positions. But mashers have been known about for decades, so it is really not something new.

Of course, Ersjdamoo does not approve of mashers. However the recent avalanche of masher news has been rather overdoing the subject.

Do not expect to find yet more masher reports here at Ersjdamoo’s Blog. This is not the masher news.

Abandon hope that there will be anything more than idiocy in “news” reports during this time of gluttony, football, and shopping frenzy. For serious news during this “festive time”, a good place to look is overseas.

Today is the big day: Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri is expected to be clearing up matters regarding his bizarre resignation announcement given in Saudi Arabia coincident to a purge there of more than 200 princes, businessmen and technocrats by the incoming government of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. [2] And in fact, Hariri is now back in Lebanon, and “has indicated that he could withdraw his resignation following meetings in Lebanon.” [3]

A curious book, Memoirs of Mr. Hempher, The British Spy to the Middle East, claims that the conservative Islamic reform movement of Wahhabism was founded secretly by the British as part of a conspiracy to corrupt Islam. [4] Stronghold of Wahhabism has been Saudi Arabia, but after the failure of the proxy war in Syria, the Wahhabist warriors have returned to Saudi Arabia in defeat. Now, “[b]old reformist actions on religious policy taken by Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MbS) in 2017 have led some to question the future of Wahhabi conservatism.” [5]

In May 2017, President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson were in Saudi Arabia for a glowing orb ceremony, part of an inauguration ceremony for the Global Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology. You know that something big must have been underway, if BOTH the U.S. president AND his secretary of state were present.

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Glowing Orb of Saudi Arabia

Back in May 2017, when President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited Saudi Arabia, a glowing orb ceremony took place. Various conspiracy theories about it appeared. In reality, Trump had touched the glowing orb as part of an inauguration ceremony for the Global Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology in Ridyah, Saudi Arabia. [1]

Consequent to the failure to depose Bashar al-Assad in Syria, extremist Wahhabists returned to Saudi Arabia, licking their wounds. They were one faction of power in the Arab kingdom. The other faction is more progressive, at least for Saudi Arabia.

The extremist faction in Saudi Arabia is now on the defensive. Around November 4th there began to be a purge of more than 200 princes, businessmen and technocrats by the incoming government of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Coincident to this, while he was in Saudi Arabia, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri made a bizarre resignation announcement. [2]

Why did the Lebanese Prime Minister make his strange resignation announcement in a foreign country? Saad al-Hariri, it turns out, has dual citizenship: he is a citizen of both Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. [3]

There is a wave of censorship washing across the free world. A video from Lebanon by the Al-Jazeera network has suddenly been blanked out from yesterday’s blog entry. The Russia Today network is being required to register as a “foreign agent.” Some of my own YouTube videos have been summarily blocked, with little recourse available to me. I have been hearing many complaints about arbitrary YouTube and Twitter censorship. This all ties into a statement made by outgoing-President Barack Obama circa October 2016:

We’re gonna have to rebuild, within this wild, wild west of information flow, some sort of curating function that people agree to… There has to be some sort of way in which we can sort through information that passes some basic ‘truthiness tests’, and those we have to discard because they just don’t have any basis on anything that’s actually happening in the world. And that’s hard to do! But I think it’s gonna be necessary, it’s gonna be possible.” [4]

Barack Obama wanted to establish “truthiness tests” back around October 2016. Is that his new job – The Truthiness Czar? Do he and his wife Michelle pore over Internet reports and issue summary censorship orders? “Hmmm,” says Barack, “This Russia Today does not pass the truthiness test. They must register as a foreign agent, I hereby command.”

A “truthiness test” arrives tomorrow, when Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri is scheduled to arrive back in Lebanon and make a “reassuring announcement.”

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Lebanon Aflame With Conspiracy Theories

The appetite of the Lebanese for conspiracy theories “comes honestly”, reports Eric Reguly from Beirut. [1] The latest fever amongst the thoughts of the Lebanese was inflamed due to the “magical mystery tour” of their Prime Minister, Saad al-Hariri.

On November 4, 2017 Hariri made a strange resignation announcement from Saudi Arabia. He then flew to Paris and met with French President Emmanuel Macron. [2] Hariri plans to visit Egypt Tuesday before returning home to Lebanon on Wednesday, November 22nd, the 54-year anniversary of the JFK assassination as well as Lebanese Independence Day. [3]

What on earth is going on? President Donald Trump has reportedly spoken with Macron about the situation in Lebanon and Syria. (But WHEN?) [3] The sly wheeler-dealer in the White House must know plenty about what is happening. But our “news” in the United States keeps focusing on WrestleMania stories.

In Lebanon now, “[e]veryone has a favourite conspiracy theory.” One Nabil says he thinks the Saudis were angry with Hariri for not supporting their new Crown Prince. In revenge, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman may have ordered Hariri to be deposed. Nabil theorized it is no coincidence that Hariri “resigned – or was forced to resign – on the same weekend that Saudi Arabia revealed a sweeping anti-corruption drive that came with the arrest or detention of more than 200 princes, businessmen and technocrats.” [1]

Late-breaking from Peter Lavelle’s CrossTalk program, broadcast on the “foreign agent” RT network, is that Crown Prince bin Salman has been presiding over summary executions of some Saudi royals during the purge. [4]

Nabil says he thinks the Saudis were angry with Hariri for not supporting Crown Prince bin Salman. However one Loufti, although he agrees there is no doubt the Saudis forced Prime Minister al-Hariri to quit, theorizes it was not about lack of support for the Crown Prince, but because the Saudis want to topple the entire Lebanese government! [1]

There are many pieces on the chessboard as al-Hariri prepares to return to Lebanon on Wednesday, November 22nd: Besides Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, there are Iran, Israel, Hezbollah, and the United States.

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Mystery Of Hariri

On November 4, 2017 Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri made a strange resignation announcement from Saudi Arabia. This would be akin to if President Donald Trump, while in Russia, made a strange resignation announcement. Questions would arise about foreign influence.

In Saudi Arabia itself, there is inner turmoil consequent to blowback from its failed proxy war in Syria. In early November 2017, Saudi Arabian princes were arrested. “Saudi Arabia dismissed a number of senior ministers and arrested nearly a dozen princes in an investigation by a new anti-corruption committee.” [1]

From Saudi Arabia to Paris Hariri then traveled, but two of his children remain in Saudi Arabia – as hostages?? In Hariri’s strange November 4th resignation announcement in Saudi Arabia, he stated that he was afraid for his life. [2]

Is it the real Hariri who met in Paris on November 18th with French President Emmanuel Macron? How would we know? Perhaps an Hariri look-alike was substituted and the real Lebanese Prime Minister remains sedated and under guard in Saudi Arabia.

If his children are being held hostage, or if it is not the real Hariri in Paris, what good would a “reassuring announcement” by “Hariri” in Lebanon on Wednesday, November 22nd be? And is it just coincidence that November 22nd is the 54th anniversary of the JFK assassination?

“Recent events coming out of Saudi Arabia are truly stunning,” stated Peter Lavelle at the start of a recent broadcast of his show, CrossTalk. “Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is said to be a reformer and on an anti-corruption drive. Others say differently. Saudi Arabia is experiencing a life threatening crisis that could ignite a region-wide conflict.” [3]

Involved, according to analysis by guests on CrossTalk, is the risk of another proxy war, this time pitting Iran and Lebanon against Saudi Arabia and Israel. The Trump administration’s foreign policy, according to the guest experts, appears to be to have Iran as Public Enemy #1, and by extension also Lebanon. [3]

Where does Hariri fit into all this? That is the Mystery Of Hariri, a puzzle sure to delight your leisure hours.

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One Big Happy Family

Our story thus far: Ben Bradlee, big shot editor at The Washington Post, was married to Antoinette Pinchot. Her sister, Mary Pinchot, was married to Cord Meyer. Cord Meyer was the principal operative of Operation Mockingbird, a CIA plan to secretly influence domestic and foreign media. They all liked to get together at friendly gatherings, along with Katharine Graham, leader of the Washington Post gang. (Background: Katharine the Not-So-Great, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, November 15, 2017.)

It was all one big happy family. But then, in 1958, Mary Pinchot divorced Cord Meyer, the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird man. And then, Mary Pinchot began to have a serious love affair with President John F. Kennedy. She and JFK even smoked marijuana together! [1]

Gone! Gone was the one big happy family! Right after Mary Pinchot had divorced Cord “Mockingbird” Meyer in 1958, CIA’s counter-intelligence man James Jesus Angleton began tapping Mary Pinchot’s telephone. Later, when Mary Pinchot was shot to death on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal towpath on October 12, 1964, James Jesus Angleton immediately moved to retrieve her diary. [1]

The one big happy family of CIA and Washington Post continued on, despite the tragedies. But the CIA and its politics of heroin in southeast Asia wasn’t looking so good. Some way had to be found to shift the blame. The CIA, wrote the late Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, must keep up appearances. Nowhere “has this been more apparent than in the revelations of the publication of the Pentagon Papers. One of the primary objectives of that inner group (who directed the compilation of that fantastic massive reconstruction of the history of the United States’ role in Indochina) was, without doubt, to make certain that the role of the CIA always appeared in a most laudable and commendable manner…” [2]

To “keep up appearances” the CIA concocted the mislabeled “Pentagon Papers”. The marketing scheme for the CIA’s product was most ingenious: keep it all in the family. And so it was that The Washington Post and some others helped pull the wool over the eyes of the American people.

Now a soap suds movie, The Post, is about to do it again! If you go to see this film, wear eye goggles, to protect yourself from the soap suds which otherwise will wipe your mind clean.

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Katharine the Not-So-Great

Katharine Graham (1917 – 2001), feminist icon and leader of The Washington Post, was the subject of a banned book: Katharine the Great: Katharine Graham and The Washington Post, by Deborah Davis.

The book, released in 1979, had an initial printing of 25,000 copies. But it was quickly recalled from the bookstores and the entire print run was shredded. [1]

Big shot Washington Post executive editor Benjamin C. Bradlee was involved in the suppression of Deborah Davis’s book. He whined that there were 39 errors where his name appeared. [2]

But the real reason the book was banned may have been because it contained references to Mary Pinchot Meyer. [1]

Mary Pinchot Meyer was married to Cord Meyer. I cannot find that Katharine Meyer Graham, great heroine of the upcoming movie, The Post, was related to Cord Meyer, though that common name MEYER is tantalizing. Cord Meyer was a top-level CIA man, who worked under former OSS man Frank Wisner and was the “principal operative” of Operation Mockingbird, a plan to secretly influence domestic and foreign media. [3] In her banned book, Katharine the Great: Katharine Graham and The Washington Post, Deborah Davis claimed that “By the early 1950s, [Frank] Wisner had implemented his plan and ‘owned’ respected members of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS, and other communications vehicles, plus stringers, four to six hundred in all…” [4]

Notice that Newsweek is in the above Operation Mockingbird list. Philip Graham, husband of Katharine the Not-So-Great, purchased Newsweek for the Washington Post Company. Years later, Newsweek was one of those who issued dire warnings about the movie JFK, months before it had even been released.

As for Mary Pinchot Meyer, wife of Cord Meyer, she and her husband were friends with Richard Bissell, James Jesus Angleton, Ben Bradlee, Antoinette Pinchot Bradlee (wife of Ben Bradlee), and Katharine Graham. [4] It was like one big happy family between the CIA and The Washington Post.

Another friend of Mary Pinchot Meyer was President John F. Kennedy. More than that, she was “romantically linked” to JFK. “Her 1964 murder remains both unsolved and controversial.” [3]

Friendly advice for those going to see the movie, The Post: Wear eye goggles to keep the soap suds out of your eyes.

As for the banned Deborah Davis book, it was republished in 1987 by National Press Inc., and again in 1991, this time by Sheridan Square Press. But Katharine the Great: Katharine Graham and The Washington Post is out-of-print and prices for used copies are rather high. [2]

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Beware “The Post”

Months before the movie JFK was released in 1991, Newsweek ran a cover story: “Why Oliver Stone’s New Movie Can’t Be Trusted.”

When JFK was being released, Oliver Stone recalled, “[T]here was so much being written that was destroying the credibility of the movie before it was made, and it’s wrong. When Dan Rather editorializes against you on ‘CBS Evening News,’ you know you have a problem.” [1]

In a similar vein, Ersjdamoo’s Blog now warns that Steven Spielberg’s latest film, The Post (with a U.S. release tentatively scheduled for December 22, 2017), cannot be trusted.

Reportedly, The Post depicts journalists from The Washington Post and The New York Times who published the leaked documents of the Pentagon Papers regarding the involvement of the United States’ government during the Vietnam War. This source gives a limited release date of December 13, 2017 and wide release on January 12, 2018. [2]

The plot of The Post, as described in the Wikipedia entry of November 13, 2017:

A cover-up that spanned four U.S. Presidents pushed the country’s first female newspaper publisher of The Washington Post, Kay Graham ([Meryl] Streep) and its hard-driving editor, Ben Bradlee ([Tom] Hanks) to join an unprecedented battle between journalist and government in publishing the Pentagon Papers. [2]

  • First female newspaper publisher: Subtext, first female president;
  • The Washington Post: Subtext, Hooray for The Washington Post;
  • Unprecedented battle between journalist and government: Subtext, President Donald Trump versus mainstream news;
  • Pentagon Papers: Subtext, not CIA Papers.

It boils down to a Pentagon Papers Propaganda Plot. The gist of the fable is that heroic newspapers, especially the New York Times and Washington Post, fought to release important Pentagon Papers revelations to the public. But according to the late Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, the Pentagon Papers were disinformation concocted by the CIA to divert blame for the Vietnam War away from itself and deflect it onto the military. [3]

In his book, The Secret Team, Prouty tells us how the “Government and other special interests have paid writers huge amounts to write about this subject as they want it done, not truthfully. Thus our history is seriously warped and biased by such work.” [4]

Prouty continues that “[a] good example of this is the work of Les Gelb and his Pentagon associates on the official version of the purloined ‘Pentagon Papers.’ That very title is the biggest cover story (no pun intended) of them all; so very few of those papers were really of Pentagon origin.”

The so-called “Pentagon Papers” were delivered to the New York Times and other newspapers in mid-June, 1971, by Daniel Ellsberg. They tended to shift blame away from the true instigator of the Vietnam fiasco, the CIA, and onto the military. Now gullible Americans are about to be soft-soaped by Steven Spielberg’s latest movie, The Post, and the newsfakers are about to appear as shining heroes.

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