Death Walks Grinning

Verily the lust for comfort murders the passion of the soul, and then walks
grinning in the funeral. That is from The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran.

Death walks grinning in the parade. This year, 2018, marks 50 years since the assassination, on April 4, 1968, of Martin Luther King, Jr. There will be speeches, memorials, and other activities. Just pay no attention to the elephant in the living room: the conspiracy behind the murder of Dr. King.

Robert Byron Watson maintained that on March 28, 1968, exactly 1 week before the assassination, he overheard a conversation concerning a plot to kill Dr. King in Memphis on April 4, 1968 in Magellan’s Art Gallery in Atlanta, Ga. Watson, then 14, worked at the gallery after school. He identified those involved in the discussion as Harold Eugene Purcell and Jerry Adams, co-owners of the gallery, as well as their associates, Lawrence Meier and Bayne S. Culley. Several other persons were also present. According to Watson, Jerry Adams emphasized that the date and time of the assassination attempt would be “exactly 1 week from then and about the same time of day.” Adams further said he had just learned King would be in Memphis. Purcell allegedly made reference to “framing a jailbird,” as in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. [1]

Was it the Eggs & Sausages Man who actually shot MLK? Dr. William Pepper claimed, in an interview on Watching the Hawks, that the real killer – be he the Eggs & Sausages Man or otherwise – was still alive as of June 2016. [2] Does he walk grinning in the parade?

The ironically-named Dr. Pepper wrote a book several years ago which few people bothered reading: Orders To Kill. An updated version of the book, retitled, The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., was published in March 2016. The “national security” state decided around 1968 that MLK had to go because he had turned against the Vietnam War. This perspective is supported in a book by Tavis Smiley: Death of a King: The Real Story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Final Year.

New York Times bestselling author and award-winning broadcaster Tavis Smiley recounts the final 365 days of King’s life, revealing the minister’s trials and tribulations — denunciations by the press, rejection from the president, dismissal by the country’s black middle class and militants, assaults on his character, ideology, and political tactics, to name a few… [3]

And isn’t it ironic how Tavis Smiley, after having published his brave book, now himself has come under attack, caught up in the umbrella of sexual inuendoes?

——- Sources ——-
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[2] “The Plot to Kill Martin Luther King Jr.”, Watching the Hawks (RT Network), June 21, 2016.
[3] “Death of a King”, book description at Amazon.


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The Eggs & Sausages Man

A drug and gold smuggling ring was allegedly using the Magellan Art Gallery as its operational base. Drugs were being smuggled out of Southeast Asia in hollowed-out teak logs.

Robert Byron Watson, an employee at the Magellan Art Gallery, overheard certain individuals discussing the upcoming assassination of Martin Luther King.

Former Georgia congressman Larry McDonald, head of a private intelligence
organization called Western Goals, was allegedly part of the smuggling ring. Larry McDonald is perhaps best known for having gone down on the Korean Airlines flight 007 which went down under mysterious circumstances over the Soviet Union in September of 1983.

The drug and gold smuggling ring was involved at the operational level in the assassination of Martin Luther King.

In the drug and gold smuggling ring were the hands-on individuals, the hurt-ya kind of guys who were involved in killing Dr. King, according to Robert Byron Watson and other independent investigations. Among these hurt-ya people was a fellow who used the name Herman Jackson.

James Earl Ray, the patsy for the King assassination, agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a large portion of the rights to a book offered by a fellow named William Bradford Huie.

Later, when Ray reversed his guilty plea and began to spill the beans about what
really happened, Ray said that he had been trafficked around by a mysterious individual that he met called Raoul. And Raoul, he identified, interestingly enough, as being part of a smuggling ring.

Raoul was the individual who told James Earl Ray where to go and what to do and appears to have basically been his intelligence handler.

The actual shooter in the Martin Luther King assassination appears to have been an individual who has become known in the literature as “the Eggs and Sausages man.” Near the rooming house from which James Earl Ray supposedly fired the shot that killed Martin Luther King, there was a cafe called Jowers’ Cafe. It was run by a fellow named Lloyd Jowers. For some time prior to the assassination of Martin Luther King, an individual who had previously not been a regular at Jowers’ Cafe began showing up there, and he always ordered eggs and sausages. He became known as a result as the “eggs and sausages man” and has gone down in history as such.

One day this strange individual came in and sat down and placed his usual order, namely eggs and sausages. He finished his order, paid his tab, and then went outside. And shortly after he went outside, the patrons of Jowers’ Cafe heard an enormous explosion like the report of a high-powered rifle.

Later, the “eggs and sausages man” was picked up by police because the members of the clientele of Jowers’ Cafe id’d this individual as the “eggs and sausages man.” He never, however, was booked. The individual in question, the “eggs and sausages man,” made one call to a party or parties unknown and was released by the Memphis police without any questioning whatsoever.

(From a lecture circa 1991 by Dave Emory, “The Assassinations Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X”.)


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Fire and Fury of Harry Potter

How do you sell your book? It helps if the mainstream “news” emblazons it in the sky, sounds the trumpets, and goes into orgasms. Such was the case with the Harry Potter books: teens across the land rushed like lemmings to purchase the macabre item.

A new macabre item, Fire and Fury, by Michael Wolff, has once more aroused the lemmings, at least in Washington, DC. Reports show them all flocking to bookstores there, eager to buy a copy. Will they make it to the store in time, before it is sold out? No matter. An e-book edition is available on Amazon. It is however a tad expensive for an e-book: $14.99.

In this macabre tale, a Howard Hughes figure, in the White House, hides in his bed behind locked doors, munching on cheeseburgers and out-of-touch with reality. Fire and Fury brings to mind a “must have” book from an earlier time: a supposed autobiography of Howard Hughes, by Clifford Irving.

Does President Donald Trump read books? This question has been asked. Anyone though who follows the president’s daily tweets knows that he will occasionally recommend certain books, most recently a biography of Andrew Jackson.

Must I read this confounded Fire and Fury book? The “news” will not stop banging the drums about it until someone dispassionately examines it. And who is there anywhere who can be dispassionate about Donald Trump? Are there any such persons left?

I have written a new book. Unfortunately the “news” is not banging the drum about it. In Listen, O Sahib!, a man walks into a café in Barcelona, sits at a table, and begins telling a complete stranger an amazing story. Why is the American FBI, with agents in Barcelona, so interested in this man and his amazing story? What about the young woman who manages the café? How has she come to know about the man, and might the two be lovers? And where do a fanatic mathematician and an old priest fit in? From the second coming of Caliph Hakim, to the reclusive Druze of Lebanon; from the Knights Templar to the Freemasons; from the Alumbrados to the Illuminati – with side trips to the calculus and the Catalan independence movement – the first encounter between the man and the stranger in the café leads down a path which has many twists and turns.

Now I ask you: Can Fire and Fury top that? And my fiction-based-on-fact story is just $5.00, compared with Wolff’s $14.99! Both books are fiction-based-on-fact, but for some reason the “news” is not banging the drum about mine.


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Strange Case Of Sloppy Steve

It is a “really boring and untruthful book,” tweeted President Donald Trump late in the evening of January 5, 2018. The author, Michael Wolff, “used Sloppy Steve Bannon.”

The book in question, Fire and Fury, has been emblazened in the sky, with chariots and pyrotechnics, by mainstream “news” for the past two days.

At Trump’s twitter feed, the president included a link which showed excerpts of initial reviews:

  • “He gets basic details wrong.” (Maggie Haberman, The New York Times)
  • “… may not be super reliable…” (Charlie May, Salon)
  • “Sloppy” (Alisyn Camerota, CNN)
  • “The author… says he can’t be sure if parts of it are true…” (Business Insider)

What about the cheeseburger incidents? Author Michael Wolff alleges that there are three televisions in Trump’s bedroom, the president preferred to be in bed by 6:30 pm, and he eats cheeseburgers in bed. [1]

Eating cheeseburgers in bed! Can this be true?

It is the strange case of “Sloppy Steve.” Steve Bannon, once closely associated with Donald Trump, for some inexplicable reason has now turned Brutus to Trump as Julius Caesar. Author Michael Wolff seems to be only the cover for what are Bannon’s seething innuendoes.

Geraldo Rivera, attorney, author, reporter and talk show host, is seething also, about what he considers to be slander by Sloppy Steve, masquerading as Michael Wolff. “That infuriates me,” stated Rivera, “because I have known Donald Trump for forty years. And I heard a commentator on MSNBC yesterday say, as a scientific, medical fact that there is no doubt but that the president emotionally and intellectually has deteriorated from his days at Celebrity Apprentice. Not only have I known Donald Trump for four decades, I was on the last episode of Celebrity Apprentice with him every single day. And I spent an hour with him coming back from Puerto Rico on Air Force One having a one-to-one conversation. It is a slander! It is low-down and dirty! It is absolutely false! This man [Donald Trump] is as lucid and as intelligent and as intellectually in charge of himself as he has ever been.” [2]

Ah yes, Geraldo, but what about the eating of the cheeseburgers in bed?

It was only last week that the “big story” was about revolt in Iran. Notice though how that has been replaced by the strange case of Sloppy Steve. What will be next? The excitement builds.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Three TVs, a phone and a cheeseburger: tell-all book reveals Donald’s bedtime”, by Jamiles Lartey. Guardian (UK, online), January 5, 2018.
[2] “Geraldo: Criticism of Trump’s mental fitness is infuriating”, Fox News, January 5, 2018.


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I Ran, You Ran, We All Ran to Iran

A new president, a new strategy: The old president, Barack Obama, wanted to hear all sides in the Middle East; the new president, Donald Trump, favors Saudi Arabia, fierce enemy of Iran.

Saudi Arabia has the oil we want. So does Iran, but not as much. So Saudi Arabia is our friend, and Iran is not (in this perspective).

“Is it just a coincidence that the biggest protests since 2009 have hit Iran shortly after a secret agreement was revealed between Washington, Tel Aviv, and Riyadh to destabilize Iran?”, asks former congressperson Ron Paul. [1]

Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump had a plan, and we were going to hear about it. Something soon would come up about dealing with Iran. [1] And Lo! While America was hibernating from record cold and distracted by New Years, “spontaneous protests” erupted in Iran.

“It seems pretty obvious,” stated Daniel McAdams, co-host of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, on January 2, 2018, “that the CIA’s or the U.S. government’s (or both) fingerprints are on this.” [1]

Can this be true? That the “spontaneous protests” in Iran have been organized by the Hidden Hand? Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Iranian supreme leader, blamed “enemies” of Iran on Tuesday for the unrest in that nation. “In recent events, enemies of Iran have allied & used the various means they possess, including money, weapons, politics & intelligence services, to trouble the Islamic Republic,” he wrote, in English, at his Twitter account. [2]

“This all sets the stage for the false flag thing,” warned Ron Paul. “Something big can happen, we don’t know who did it or what, but who’s in control of the message? The media and our government.” [1]

“Did you ever realize, Daniel,” laughed Ron Paul, “that the media and the government might be in collusion against the American people?” [1]

“That’s true,” agreed Daniel McAdams, “and the media of course is the… CNN is doing its job, ‘this is a different kind of protest.’ They’re very much pushing it. The neo-cons, if you go on Twitter, you almost have a diabetic attack, because the neo-cons are so full of sweetness and happiness about this Iran event.” [1]

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Iran Protests…CIA Fingerprints?”, RonPaulLibertyReport. YouTube, January 2, 2018.
[2] “Iran’s Supreme Leader Blames ‘Enemies’ for Deadly Protests”, by Michael Wolgelenter and David D. Kirkpatrick. The New York Times (online), January 2, 2018.


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Winter Misery In the Heartland

According to the local newspaper, The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting a harsher than normal winter in 2018. The previous winter of 2017 had been milder than usual, and now is the comeuppance. That the below-normal temperatures average out in time was my hopeful thought of yesterday. Now that hope is dashed as I realize the averaging-out is unlikely to occur during this winter.

Precipitation for the Midwest during this winter is predicted by The Farmers’ Almanac to be at or above normal. That means snow, besides the bitter cold. Look for three snowstorms in the heartland this January, and the biggest snowstorm of all in mid-February. [1]

Even though the 2017 winter was mild, various editorial and other cartoons share a unifying theme: 2017 was horrible, they all agree. Once again we see the “news” echo chamber which wants you to associate Donald Trump’s first year as president with woe and misery. Really though, was 2017 so entirely bad?

Look for an upsurge in cabin fever incidents this winter, if harsh weather prevails. “Cabin fever” is when the rotten cold wet weather inclines you to remain isolated at home, in your “cabin.” In the confining space, tensions with others therein can increase. Already, several possible cabin fever related incidents are being reported:

  • Locally, within the past week, a man is reported to have gone berserk and murdered his mother, with whom he was living.
  • In Long Branch, New Jersey, a 16-year-old male is reported to have murdered his father, his mother, and his sister very late on December 31, 2017. [2]
  • In Colorado, thirty-seven-year-old Matthew Riehl is reported to have been acting bizarre not long before he allegedly ambushed several law enforcement officers, killing one and wounding four others. [3]

What role might cabin fever, brought on by harsh sub-zero temperatures, have played in these tragedies?

Beware of cabin fever and the walls closing in on you. With sufficient winter weather gear, you can briefly invade the outdoors and challenge its insolence. Excess cooped-up energy can be dissipated by long walks, with planned warm-up stops along the way, at places like stores and libraries. Do not be conquered by the deadly winter of 2018, but rather be bold and defy it!

——- Sources ——-
[1] “2018 Look Ahead: Time Will Tell”, by Jeff D’Alessio. The Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, January 1, 2018. Page A-1.
[2] “Four Dead Following Shooting Inside Long Branch Home”, by Chris Swendeman. Office of the Monmouth County Prosecutor, January 1, 2018.
[3] “Colorado shooting: Details emerge about suspect Matthew Riehl”, CBS/AP, January 1, 2018.


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Cabin Fever Attacks USA

Gloomy, sub-zero temperatures have attacked the northern half of the United States. Here in east central Illinois, the temperature is 10 degrees below zero, and a profound lethargy fills the air. Seeing the thermometer, many Illinoisans have said, “I quit,” and gone back to bed. Even the newsfakers here have gone strangely silent: normally a cacophony of their blather fills the airwaves; now, all there are are reruns.

Was it cabin fever which finally caused Matthew Riehl, an Iraq war veteran and a lawyer, to ambush law enforcement officers at the Copper Canyon Apartment complex in Highlands Ranch, Colorado? It had been bitter cold. A domestic disturbance erupted. Officers responded. And now one of them, Officer Zackari Parrish, lies dead, after being fatally wounded on December 31, 2017. [1]

Happy New Year, Officer Parrish – except he will not be here with us in 2018.

Blissfully unaware of the shiverings of half the nation, President Donald Trump enjoys the lazy sunshine in Florida. By now he has been inoculated against all criticism, after a year’s worth of absurd accusations have been hurled against him. The president now has a Teflon coating, and even honest criticism is automatically ascribed to lunatics.

In a tweet dated December 31, 2017, President Trump bemoans that Iran “has now closed down the Internet so that peaceful demonstrators cannot communicate.” And you, Brutus? (Et tu, Brute?) YouTube videos, including some of my own, are being summarily censored with little recourse available to the originators right here in the USA!

Ronald Reagan was Teflon President #1. The Teflon President #2 tweets, in part, that the people of Iran are “fed up” with the regime’s “squandering of the nation’s wealth to fund terrorism abroad.” Et tu, Brute? Squandering of the nation’s wealth to fund wars abroad? [2]

A message of hope to the many who have seen the temperature and given up: These things average out: Below normal temperatures now mean above normal temperatures later. In the meantime, beware of cabin fever, caused by enforced isolation due to the cold.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Gunman ambushed deputies in deadly Douglas County shooting; 1 deputy dead, 6 people wounded”, by Tom McGhee, Kevin Simpson, and Larry Ryckman. The Denver Post (online), December 31, 2017.
[2] “Upheaval In Iran”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, December 31, 2017.


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