Satanic Panic (Part 16)


The Waverly Drive/La Bianca murders do not get the attention the Cielo Drive/Tate murders get. Leno La Bianca was a wealthy supermarket president. His wife Rosemary possessed a considerable fortune. It may have been a “cover crime”, to distract and confuse motive for the Sharon Tate murders. The Son of Sam murders contain random killings meant to hide motive for some of the slayings. [1]

The Charles Manson “family” murders had far deeper motives than originally believed. “Manson,” said one of Maury Terry’s informants, “was a puppet.” [1]

Pic Dawson, occasional boyfriend of Mama Cass Elliot, was believed by British police to be involved in a major drug-smuggling operation. “Pic” was “the jet-setting son” of a U.S. State Department official. State Department is joined at the hip to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Gary Webb, an American investigative journalist working for the San Jose Mercury News, examined the origins of the crack cocaine trade in Los Angeles and claimed that members of the anti-communist Contra rebels in Nicaragua had played a major role in creating the trade, using cocaine profits to finance their fight against the government in Nicaragua. He also stated that the Contras may have acted with the knowledge and protection of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). [1][2][3]

If he was a CIA,
Selling dope and making hay…
(“Ballad of John Sinclair”, John and Yoko Lennon)

Webb died by “suicide” on December 10, 2004. He was found dead with two gunshot wounds to the head. [3]

At the crime scene for the Tate murders, someone wrote “Pig” in blood on the wall. Except it may have been “Pic”, as in Pic Dawson. [4]

Actor Dennis Hopper stated that the folks at Cielo Drive were into kinky sex and made videos of same. Three days prior to the August 9, 1969 carnage at Cielo (meaning “Heaven” in Spanish), a “happening” was held: twenty-five people were invited to attend a mass whipping of a drug dealer who had sold bad dope. [1]

The true motive, said Charles Manson, had to remain secret else a major scandal would erupt. Involved in the investigation were the FBI, Israeli intelligence, and the California Beverage Control Board. [1]

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Satanic Panic (Part 15)

Cotton Club Murders (1990) News Report

The skeins of the Son of Sam case unwind into multiple leads. “Big time Hollywood and big time cocaine,” says the video hopefully viewable above. Reporter Maury Terry began his investigations with a lowly pawn, David Berkowitz, and slowly the threads unwound throughout the United States.

But how much is real, and how much is fanciful? Terry, in his book, The Ultimate Evil, begins on solid ground. David Berkowitz was part of a gang. But then, as Terry expands, the threads become byzantine:

Roman Polanski directed a film, “Rosemary’s Baby”, released in 1968. “The film follows a young, pregnant wife in Manhattan who comes to suspect that her elderly neighbors are members of a Satanic cult, and are grooming her in order to use her baby for their rituals.” [1]

Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones was a guest at the 1968 wedding in London of Polanski and Sharon Tate. [2] A year earlier, the Stones had released an album: “Their Satanic Majesties Request”. Who were the “satanic majesties”? Author and lecturer David Icke has claimed the British royals are shape-shifting reptilians.

In Hollywood, film producer Robert Evans, Polanski, and Tate were friendly with John Phillips of The Mamas and Papas. Later, Phillips liked to visit his friend Richards at home. Phillips also liked to visit Polanski and Tate at 10050 Cielo Drive, site of what became a Charles Manson “family” mass murder. [2]

But this is circumstantial and doesn’t prove anything. Still, Phillips did have a “passing acquaintance” with Charlie-boy Manson. Introductions were handled by Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys. [2]

Who was “R.R.”? He had a mansion on Long Island and was allegedly a kingpin of the satanists. R.R. was nicknamed Roy Rogers, and he was paired by the gang with “Dale Evans”. Dale Evans, in Maury Terry’s estimation, was Robert Evans, the Hollywood film producer. He was working on a movie, “The Cotton Club” (finally released in 1984). Evans needed financial backing and “Roy Rogers”, identified by Terry as Roy Radin, had Hollywood ambitions. The TV show “Welcome Back, Kotter” was tangentially involved: A girlfriend of the sweathogs, Melonie Haller, attended a dinner party at Roy Radin’s mansion. “The day after the party, Haller was discovered on a commuter train to Manhattan, unconscious and bloodied. She claimed to have been beaten and raped during the party at Radin’s home, and further alleged that the crimes had been filmed by Radin and/or others in attendance.” [2][3]

Radin was warned not to go to Los Angeles. But he went anyway, to work on a movie deal with “Dale Evans” (Robert Evans). On a Friday the 13th, guarding Radin was actor Demond Wilson, son of Fred Sanford on the hit TV show, “Sanford & Son”. But Wilson, tailing Radin’s limousine, was cut off in traffic and separated from his charge. Thereafter occurred the Cotton Club Murder of May 13, 1983. [2][4]

Make of it what you will. Some of it seems circumstantial to me, but who knows?

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Satanic Panic (Part 14)

Echoes In The Darkness Trailer

The lurid tale of the murder of Pennsylvania’s Upper Merion Area High School English teacher Susan Reinert and her two children in 1979 was told in a book by Joseph Wambaugh, Echoes in the Darkness, later a made-for-TV movie. [1]

The Susan Reinert case interested David Berkowitz, aka Son of Sam. He requested that a particular news clipping be sent to police officers investigating deeper circumstances of the Son of Sam slayings of 1976 – 1977. That clipping reported the FBI was looking into clues pointing to Reinert’s murder as part of a satanic ritual. [2]

The Susan Reinert killing may have been videotaped, suspected the FBI. In other words, it may have been a snuff film, a genre of video that at least purports to show scenes of actual homicide. [2]

A snuff movie of the Stacy Moskowitz shooting of July 31, 1977 seems also to have been made. The camera is thought to have been inside a VW mini-bus at the scene, which drove off immediately afterwards. [2]

Word on the prison grapevine was that a Halloween murder was in the works. A coded letter from “Vinny” (pseudonym) to reporter Maury Terry said “Sissy Spacek” (nickname) was marked for death. Sometime on the night of October 30-31, 1981, Ronald Sisman and his girlfriend, Elizabeth Platzman, were attacked at his home. Ron and Elizabeth were brutally beaten and then shot in the back of their heads. [2][3]

Ronald Sisman, according to “Vinny”, had been present at the Stacy Moskowitz slaying and had either filmed the murder or assisted the cameraman. Sisman, said “Vinny”, was about to “go down” on drug-dealing charges and was working out a deal where, in exchange for leniency, he would hand over a copy of the Stacy Moskowitz snuff film. The satanists got wind of this and, since they needed a Halloween sacrifice victim anyway, Sisman was selected. [2]

What satanic sacrifice might now be planned for June 23, 2022, Saint John’s Eve, an occult night of significance?

The satanists really wanted to hurry up and bring on Armageddon. For this reason, they greatly admired Adolph Hitler, who had vastly increased the mayhem. The satanists even treasured Nazi insignia, tattooed on or worn on their bodies. [2] Who else does this? Answer: Ukrainian neo-Nazi Azov soldiers. What is the sense of pouring weapons into Ukraine? Answer: To increase the mayhem and hurry up and bring on Armageddon.

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Satanic Panic (Part 13)

Serpico spoof

In the annals of the NYPD, many are the woeful tales. An area of Manhattan used to be called Satan’s Circus. There, “vice ruled, sin flourished, and depravity danced in every doorway.” [1]

Later, David Berkowitz met a son of Sam (Carr) and went down a dangerous path leading to depravity. [2]

In NYC’s Satan’s Circus times (circa 1900), new recruits to the NYPD took a solemn oath of omerta (silence). [3] Later, NYPD Detective Frank Serpico defied the “Blue Wall of Silence” when, in 1967, he reported credible evidence of widespread police corruption, to no effect. [4] Later, Xaviera Hollander, known as “the happy hooker”, testified before the Knapp Commission about police corruption in NYC. She had been “put on the pad” (under protection) by dishonest cop William R. Phillips. Hollander subsequently was arrested by NYPD in 1971; they were shocked – shocked! – to discover she was a prostitute. Hollander was forced to leave the United States. [5]

Also putting people “on the pad” was police lieutenant Charles Becker, renowned leader of NYC’s Special Squad. Denizens of Satan’s Circus would pay graft and be put on a “hands off” list. But Becker was no murderer. Nonetheless he “took the fall” for the murder of big-time gambler Herman Rosenthal on July 16, 1912. The kangaroo court of Becker’s first trial is covered in Mike Dash’s book, Satan’s Circus. After a second trial, Becker was hideously fried in the electric chair at Sing Sing prison. [1][3]

It was ultimately NYC politics which determined Becker had to “take the fall”. So too, in the “Son of Sam” case, David Berkowitz served as scapegoat in order that Mayor Abraham Beame, up for re-election, could triumphantly announce, “Case Closed”. [6]

Berkowitz was no choir boy; he really was involved in the series of slayings which shook NYC in 1976-1977. However he was not a “lone nut”, as portrayed. Other Sons of Sam were involved. [7]

Other sons of Sam were acknowledged by Queens District Attorney John Santucci, one of the good guys, who revealed on September 26, 1981, during a TV interview, “I believe David Berkowitz did not act alone.” Earlier that year, NYC radio talk show hostess Candy Jones had taken an interest in the conspiracy angle. Appearing on her show was investigative reporter Maury Terry. [7]

Candy Jones herself is a matter of interest. She “controversially claimed to be a victim of Project MKULTRA, the CIA mind-control program, in the 1960s.” [8] The minds of certain people can be manipulated and controlled for evil purposes, reads the blurb for Donald Bain’s book, The CIA’s Control of Candy Jones. “The CIA attempted to suppress the book, as did one of the doctors, a physician to the stars, who spearheaded the intelligence agency’s mind control experimentation.” [9]

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Satanic Panic (Part 12)

Angel Heart (1987) – I Know Who I Am! Scene (10/10) | Movieclips

In the Cotton Mather times, in New England, a raven from the top of a tree very articulately and unaccountably cried out, “Read the Third of Colossians and the Fifteenth!” [1]

The Devil, exhibiting himself ordinarily as a small black man, had decoyed a fearful knot of proud, froward (ornery), ignorant, envious and malicious creatures, to lift themselves in his horrid service. [2]

David Berkowitz, aka Son of Sam, chanced to meet one of the sons of Sam Carr. (About “Sam”, Veronica Leuken, purported mediumistic channel for Mother Mary, revealed on November 21, 1977 that “the man you call ‘Sam’ is satan in a human body.”) Berkowitz meets a son of Sam (Carr) then goes down a dangerous path leading to depravity. [3][4]

Lucifer (Louis Cyphre, in “Angel Heart”), defeated and expelled from heaven, at first arrives in hell then, in John Milton’s telling, crosses the abyss and arrives on earth. [5] “Sam” is purportedly a 6,000 year-old-man. [4] Young Earth creationism (YEC) is a form of creationism which holds as a central tenet that the Earth and its lifeforms were created in their present forms by supernatural acts of the God of Abraham between approximately 6,000 and 10,000 years ago. [6] “Sam” 6,000 years old, like Lucifer, if you can believe it.

Some members of the cult, said Berkowitz, were not exactly physical beings but more like shape-shifters. Berkowitz also, in a shockingly sexist moment, said, “Many housewives need new vibrators.” [3]

A key to the satanic murder of Arlis Perry at Stanford might be found at Mary College in North Dakota. [3] Now known as The University of Mary, it is a Benedictine university near Bismarck, North Dakota. [7] (Arlis Perry was from Bismarck.) Mary College did not know about nor authorize late-night satanic ceremonies taking place on its grounds. Only the coincidence of Veronica Leuken channeling Mother Mary and battling against satan, while secret satanic ceremonies at Mary College were conducted, is noted.

Arlis Perry was murdered on the fifth anniversary of Charles Manson’s arrest. October 12 was also the birthday anniversary of Aleister Crowley, a controversial occultist. “Arlis Perry’s death occurred during a period when elements of the Manson crowd were very active.” [3] Less than a year after Perry was murdered, Manson “family” member Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme pointed a .45 caliber pistol at then-President Gerald Ford. Lucky for Ford, there was no round in the chamber. (Fromme said she had deliberately ejected the round from her weapon’s chamber before leaving home that morning.) Fromme was immediately restrained by Secret Service agent Larry Buendorf. [8]

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Satanic Panic (Part 11)

Fantasia(1940) – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, First Part

David Berkowitz, aka Son of Sam, was playing with fire and he got burned. Foolish persons had revived ancient magical practices and repackaged them as satanism.

In the Ancient Church there was doctrinal knowledge and there was factual knowledge. Doctrinal knowledge had regard to love to God and charity towards the neighbor, whereas factual knowledge had to do with the correspondences of the natural world with the spiritual world, and with the representations of spiritual and heavenly realities within natural and earthly ones. [1]

“As above, so below”, or, as we say in the Lord’s Prayer, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

In Egypt, mainly factual knowledge, the Law of Correspondences, was handed down from one generation to another. The actual magic practiced by the Egyptians had its origin in the same knowledge; for they were acquainted with the correspondences of the natural world with the spiritual, and at a later time, after the Church among them had come to an end, they misused these in magical practices. [1]

Egypt became addicted to magical practices, wrote Emanuel Swedenborg, somewhere in his massive Arcana Coelestia. This caused the downfall of that once mighty land.

In Maury Terry’s probe into the deeper circumstances of the Son of Sam panic of 1976-1977, frequent mention of animal sacrifices occurs. For some reason, the satanist network behind David Berkowitz favored blood sacrifice of German Shepherd dogs. [2] The blood spilled at these ceremonies released powerful forces. The foolish satanists were like Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice: they did not know enough and could not control what was unleashed.

After his capture, Berkowitz experienced remorse for his acts while in prison. Yet he dared not plainly tell what he knew. If he did that, the satanic network would not just kill him but also his stepfather and family members. And so, Berkowitz opted to reveal secrets in riddle form. No connection had been made by the authorities between the New York slayings and the macabre murder of Arlis Perry. Yet Berkowitz urged the Santa Clara police to re-examine every detail. [2]

The satanic network was much larger than people realized, Berkowitz insisted. It included even professional persons such as doctors and lawyers. It could hunt down and eliminate anyone with ease. In this, they were not unlike an earlier Masonic panic which had happened in the Millard Fillmore times. Back then, William Morgan, a Freemason, had signed a book contract in which he promised to reveal the inner secrets of Masonry. Before the book could be published, Morgan was mysteriously abducted and disappeared from the face of the earth. “No less an authority than John Quincy Adams, at one time President of the United States, claimed that Morgan had been murdered, and in a gruesome manner.” Morgan was said to have suffered the Masonic penalty of having his throat cut from ear to ear, his tongue plucked out by the roots, and burial “in the rough sands of the sea, a cable’s length from shore, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours.” [3]

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Satanic Panic (Part 10)

40 years later, satanic reference still tied to murder | Stanford Cold Case

October 12, 1974: Arlis Perry ritualistically murdered inside Stanford Memorial Church, within the grounds of Stanford University in California. [1]

Circa June 2018: Newly advanced DNA evidence points to Stephen Crawford, a former Stanford police officer, as the murderer. Crawford commits suicide as police arrive at his residence. [1]

June 14, 2022: Ersjdamoo does a search on “DNA evidence questioned”. Among items found, an article from The Atlantic magazine: “The False Promise of DNA Testing”. Acting on a tip from a whistle-blower, KHOU 11 obtained dozens of DNA profiles processed by a Houston lab and sent them to independent experts for analysis. The results were terrifying: It appeared that Houston police technicians were routinely misinterpreting even the most basic samples. [2]

Science is only as good as the scientist.

David Berkowitz, one of the Sons of Sam gang, mentioned the Perry murder in a few letters, suggesting that he heard details of the crime from “Manson II,” the alleged culprit. “Arlis Perry, hunted, stalked and slain. Followed to California” and “Stanford Univ.”, wrote Berkowitz. [3]

Was “Manson II” Reeve Rockman? [4]

Circa September 1979: The Son of Sam case secretly re-opened by the NYPD. [4]

October 12, 1979: Gannett newspapers headline: “NYC Police Reopen Son of Sam Probe”. It becomes public knowledge it is no longer “Case Closed”. [4]

Many good cops of NYPD never believed Berkowitz was just a “lone nut”. They, along with reporter Maury Terry, kept digging to see what they could find. Among the good cops was Detective Henry “Hank” P. Cinotti. He protected Veronica Leuken, the Seer of Bayside, by listing her as a Confidential Informant (CI). [4]

Circa February 1978 John Wheat Carr, son of Sam Carr, was found dead at his girlfriend’s apartment in Minot, North Dakota of an apparent suicide. However he was probably murdered. On October 4, 1979, Michael Carr, another son of Sam Carr, traveling about 75 mph, drove his car into a streetlight stanchion and died. [4]

There are Scientology connections, as well as Process Church connections. There are possible homosexual connections: a professor knowledgeable on the occult perceived a sadomasochistic group with “strong undertones of latent homosexuality.” [4]

Meanwhile, NYC’s Mayor Ed Koch was sleeping like Rip Van Winkle. [4]

The Son of Sam conspiracy was stretching from coast to coast! [4]

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Satanic Panic (Part 9)

“Son of Sam” speaks in rare TV interview: “That was not me”

The smiley face murder theory (also known as the smiley face murders, smiley face killings, and smiley face gang) is a theory advanced by retired New York City detectives Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte, as well as Dr. Lee Gilbertson, a criminal justice professor and gang expert at St. Cloud State University. It alleges that a number of young men found dead in bodies of water across several Midwestern American states from the late 1990s to the 2010s did not accidentally drown, as concluded by law enforcement agencies, but were victims of a serial killer or killers. The term “smiley face” became connected to the alleged murders when it was made public that the police had discovered graffiti depicting a smiley face near locations where they think the killer dumped the bodies in at least a dozen of the cases. [1]

If smiley faces are outlawed, then only outlaws will have smiley faces.

This mention of smiley face killers is apropos of the previous blog entry, where mention was made of a book, The True Story of the ‘Smiley Face Killers.’ : Who are The ‘Smiley Face Killers’? An investigation, by Steph Young. [2]

Wearing an eerie smile when arrested on August 10, 1977 was David Berkowitz, aka the “Son of Sam”. Veronica Leuken, purported mediumistic channel for Mother Mary, revealed on November 21, 1977 that “the man you call ‘Sam’ is satan in a human body. He has powers beyond what most human beings could understand.” [2] Notice that Mother Mary seems to be telling us to beware not of Son of Sam (Berkowitz) but of Sam itself. An anonymous letter left at the scene of the Valentina Suriana/Alexander Esau slayings of April 16, 1977, known as the Borrelli letter, tells us that “Father Sam” beats his “family”, loves to drink blood, and commands his “sons” to “Go out and kill.” [3]

“Sam” is satan in a human body, Veronica Leuken/Mother Mary revealed. And Maury Terry’s book, The Ultimate Evil, has “Sam” as a 6,000 year-old-man. Some Christians interpret the Bible literally; they believe Adam and Eve were created about 6,000 years ago. And present with Adam and Eve in the Garden was Sam, disguised as a serpent.

Sam Carr was Berkowitz’s neighbor in Yonkers, N.Y., who was the owner of the infamous dog “possessed by demons” who instructed Berkowitz to murder. Berkowitz even named Sam Carr as the Sam he referred to in his notorious letters to the police and the media. We know that two of Sam Carr’s “natural” sons, John Wheat Carr and Michael Carr, died violent deaths within about a year of Berkowitz’s arrest, on August 10, 1977. Yet it is strange that I can find nothing about whatever became of Sam Carr. Did he just slither away? Did he shape-shift? Is he still out there?

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Satanic Panic (Part 8)

Our Lady of the Roses Shrine in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

“My children,” revealed Veronica Leuken, channel for Mother Mary, on November 21, 1977, “in the man you call ‘Sam’ is satan in a human body. He has powers beyond what most human beings could understand.” [1]

“While investigating a series of child murders in Staten Island allegedly carried out by Andre Rand, the documentarians found that in 1987 Veronica Lueken sent an anonymous letter to the parents of one of the victims alleging that Rand was abducting children to sacrifice in Satanic black masses.” [2]

Staten Island was the key, in a lead pursued by investigative journalist Maury Terry. Steve Dunleavy, reporter for The New York Post, had been getting phone calls from an anonymous woman who claimed she had the inside dope. But who was she? Dunleavy asked Maury Terry to try and track down the story. How Terry managed to do this forms an amazing chapter in his book, The Ultimate Evil. The mysterious woman turned out to be Veronica Leuken!

We have encountered Veronica Leuken before, here in the pages of Ersjdamoo’s Blog. For example, in the July 25, 2021 blog entry, “The Two Pauls”, was reported how Leuken revealed, on September 27, 1975, that plastic surgeons had created an imposter Pope Paul VI! Thereafter, in Europe, it began to be noticed how “Paul VI’s” face, nose, and ears had changed shape. [3]

Many are the possible leads which cross my desk, here at the Ersjdamoo Headquarters:

  • The Son of Zodiac: How the Zodiac and Son of Sam Serial Murders Were Meant to Usher in the Coming of Satan, by Jack Myers, Amazon kindly informed me in an e-mail. This same Jack Myers also wrote, The Symbology of the Ultimate Evil, whose description reads, in part, “… the symbols evident in the Zodiac, Manson, Son of Sam murders, and other crimes point directly to the Process Church of the Final Judgement as well as a secretive death cult known as the Four Pi Movement.”
  • But in that same Amazon e-mail of recommended books was found, The Myth of the Zodiac Killer: A Literary Investigation by Thomas Henry Horan, whose description reads, in part, “According to the actual police department files and evidence from the original murder cases, there was no ‘Zodiac Killer,’ only some phony letters to the SF Chronicle claiming credit for some unrelated murders, followed by an exploitative book full of falsehoods by Robert Graysmith (real name: Robert Smith, Jr).”
  • I had never heard of “Smiley Face Killers”, yet there it was in the Amazon e-mail: The True Story of the ‘Smiley Face Killers.’ : Who are The ‘Smiley Face Killers’? An investigation, by Steph Young, whose description reads, in part, “As we delve into these cases, who is this sinister group of killers called ‘The Smiley Face Killers’? What is ‘The Smiley Face Murder Theory.’ A breed of Serial Killers you have never met before. Well-organised, very successful, and never seen…”

The case of the Smiley Face Killers brings to mind the sinister clown sightings of 2013 – 2016. Reported NPR at the time, “Reports are emerging from multiple states of alarming interactions with people in clown clothing,” reported Merrit Kennedy. [4]

——- Sources ——-
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Satanic Panic (Part 7)

Old Croton Aqueduct Trail – Yonkers, NY – Devil’s Cave

“Dear Mr. Jimmy Breslin”, the letter began. “Hello from the gutters of N.Y.C. which are filled with dog manure, vomit, stale wine, urine, and blood.” [1]

During the Sons of Sam time (1976 – 1977), local kids called the old Croton aqueduct “the gutter”. (See video hopefully viewable above.)

“Hello from the gutters of N.Y.C”, began the letter to New York Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin. That letter, mailed on May 30, 1977, was filled with clues; for example, “Keep ’em digging, drive on, think positive, get off your butts, knock on coffins, etc.” This clue was deciphered by author Maury Terry before the arrest of David Berkowitz; its meaning: “Look for me home… North Avenue… Head right… Get off Ash… Knock on Pine.” (Background: “Satanic Panic (Part 5)”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, June 11, 2022. )

“Also in this letter, the killer left some names to ‘help you along’. These were: The Duke of Death, The Wicked King Wicker, The Twenty Two Disciples of Hell and John Wheaties. Part of these clues led journalist Maury Terry to believe the letters were not all sent by David Berkowitz, and instead by the Carr brothers, as part of a cult.” [1]

The Carr brothers, John Wheat Carr and Michael Carr, were the sons of Sam Carr, whom Berkowitz believed was a 6,000-year-old man who communicated with “Berk” via a dog. A “Goetic Circle of Black Evocations and Pacts” was found by Larry Siegel, an associate of Maury Terry. The symbol bore an uncanny resemblance to a graphic included in the Breslin letter. “On the outer perimeter of the circle, there were several words written at intervals around the circumference. One was ‘Berkaial’ and another was ‘Amasarac.'” [2]

“Berkaial”, as in “Berk”, nickname of David Berkowitz. And “Amasarac” spelled backwards yields Car-a-sam-a, i.e., Sam Carr. [2]

The cult operated from “the gutter”: Untermyer Park (also known as Untermyer Gardens). “Years after he was captured in 1977, David Berkowitz claimed that he hadn’t acted alone, pinpointing Untermyer Park as the site of frequent gatherings of the Satanic cult of which he was a member.” [3] The path of the old Croton Aqueduct passes between the rear of the Sam Carr home and Berkowitz’s apartment on Pine. “Behind the Carr home, the aqueduct path cut through a wooded area. A mile to the north, it traveled through the lower reaches of Untermyer Park…” In that location, secret tunnels allowed entrance to the Underworld below. [2]

——- Sources ——-
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