The Tariff See-Saw (Part 2)

The see-saw goes up (Trump imposes tariffs); the see-saw goes down (Clinton pushes “free trade”). But the Tariff See-Saw has been going on longer than this. (Background: The Tariff See-Saw, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, July 15, 2018.)

Previous to 1839 the “Free Trade” gang had resolved secretly to secede from the U.S. In 1841, Cunning Calhoun sent an emissary, a Mr. Mason of Virginia, to the British government “with a view to securing its powerful aid in his [John C. Calhoun’s] aforesaid unalterable resolve to secede from the Union.” Calhoun sent Mason to secure British aid after President Andrew Jackson cracked down on the “Free Trade” gang in 1832.

In response to Calhoun’s emissary, in 1841 Sir William Napier sent two plans for subduing the United States to the British War Office.

You can see how devious were the ways of the “Free Trade” gang. But meanwhile, after Andrew Jackson’s crackdown, a Compromise Tariff of 1833 went into effect. Some tariffs were lowered and the result was disastrous. By 1840 production had greatly diminished and in many places had practically ceased. The Compromise Tariff had robbed our industries of Protection.

It was then that the Tariff of 1842 came to our rescue. Protection was restored and our industries were revived.

But in 1844 the “Free Trade” James Polk was elected President. Polk made free trader Robert J. Walker his Treasury Secretary and largely through Walker’s efforts the Protective Tariff of 1842 was repealed and the ruinous Free Trade Tariff of 1846 was enacted. This 1846 tariff of “Free Trade” caused a train of business and financial disasters. “Instead of prosperity everywhere in the land, there was misery and ruin.”

When Millard Fillmore became President in 1850 he “frequently called the attention of Congress to the evils produced by this Free Trade, and to the necessity of protecting our manufactures ‘from ruinous competition from abroad.'”

From this and the previous blog entry you can see that the tariff issue has see-sawed in this country for a long time.

(Source: The Great Conspiracy: Its Origin and History, by John A. Logan. New York: A.R. Hart & Co., 1886.)


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The Tariff See-Saw

Results are piling up several months into the Trump administration’s aggressive rollout of tariffs on imported products, reports NPR. “And not all of them are negative.” [1]

In the 1990s, the Clinton administration was proclaiming the glories of free trade (reduced or eliminated tariffs).

It is the tariff see-saw, and it has a long history.

None knew better than the members of the first Congress meeting in New York in 1789 “that the war of the American Revolution chiefly grew out of the efforts of Great Britain to cripple and destroy our Colonial industries to the benefit of the British trader, and that the Independence conquered, was an Industrial as well as Political Independence; and none knew better than they, that the failure of the subsequent political Confederation of States was due mainly to its failure to encourage and protect the budding domestic manufactures of those States.” Hence they passed an Act laying a duty (tariff) on goods, wares and merchandise imported into the United States. [2]

“Under the inspiration of Alexander Hamilton the Tariff of 1790 was enacted at the second session of the same Congress, confirming the previous Act and increasing some of the protective duties thereby imposed.” [2]

The War of 1812-1815 shut the door to foreign imports, threw our people upon their own resources, “and contributed greatly to the encouragement and increase of our home manufactures…” [2]

But then, when the War of 1812 had ended, “the traders of Great Britain determined, even at a temporary loss to themselves, to glut our market with their goods and thus break down forever, as they hoped, our infant manufactures.” [2]

Against this British plot, the American people clamored for Protection and Congress at once passed the Tariff Act of 1816. [2]

The Tariff Act of 1816 has been described as “the practical foundation of the American policy of encouragement of home manufactures…” [2]

The Tariff Acts of 1824 and 1828 followed the great American principle of Protection laid down in the Act of 1816. [2]

Throughout these times of the various tariff Acts, however, there were “Free Traders” lurking about. These “Free Traders” were aligned with a growing secession movement in the South. They “made up for their paucity in numbers by their unscrupulous ingenuity and active zeal.” [2]

To calm down the “Free Trade” gang, the Tariff Act of 1832 was passed which softened the Act of 1828. But the secesh “Free Trade” gang was not easily satisfied. On November 24, 1832, in South Carolina, an “Ordinance of Nullification” was passed locally which defied the Tariff Acts of 1828 and 1832. The people of South Carolina were forbidden to enforce the import duties. If the federal government attempted to intervene, South Carolina would secede from the Union! [2]

With far-sighted leadership, President Andrew Jackson moved quickly. Even before South Carolina had passed its local defiance of the tariff, Jackson had ordered General Winfield Scott to Charleston to look after the safety of the ports of the United States, and had sent to the Collector at the Charleston port “precise instructions as to his duty to resist in all ways any and all attempts made under such Ordinance to defeat the operation of the Tariff laws aforesaid.” [2]

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Russian Indictment Surprise

The release of an indictment against a dozen Russians, alleged officers in the GRU, came as US President Donald Trump was meeting with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle. [1]

It was the New Moon at Windsor Castle, foreseen in the Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of July 11, 2018.

The timing of the indictment, notices the World Socialist Web Site (obviously no friends of Donald Trump), “suggest that its real purposes are of a political rather than a legal character.” [1] The Friday the 13th release came just before Trump was about to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

“The likelihood of any of the Russians named in the indictment standing trial in a US court is nil.” [1] A report by Huffington Post says it is “special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers…” [2] Mueller might as well have indicted Kim Jong Un, for all the good it will do. And he can indict the man on the moon while he’s at it.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “In run-up to Trump-Putin summit, Mueller charges 12 Russian officers with DNC email hack”, by Bill Van Auken. World Socialist Web Site, July 14, 2018.
[2] “Roger Stone Says Mueller Indictment On Russian Hacking ‘Probably’ Refers To Him”, by Marina Fang. Huffington Post, July 13, 2018.


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Calm Before the Storm

It is the calm before the storm today, 7/11, one day before the New Moon of July 12th, which arrives at 2:48 UTC (9:48 pm central time). Going by UTC time the New Moon arrives July 13th (Friday the 13th), but in U.S. time zones it arrives late on July 12th. [1]

On October 5, 2017, in the early evening, President Donald Trump said to guests and reporters, “You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”

“What’s the storm?” asked one reporter.

“Could be the calm before the storm,” Mr. Trump repeated, stretching out the phrase, a sly smile playing across his face. [2]

Trump’s offhand “calm before the storm” remark launched the mysterious “Q” (also called Qanon). Like the Wizard of Oz behind a curtain, Q feigns to know all and see all.

Looking back to October 5, 2017 and on up to now, has there been a “storm” these past 9 months? Maybe there has, but it is all very mysterious, with resignations, Congress members deciding not to seek re-election, and (apparently) sealed indictments.

It has been more than “calm” these past 10-or-so days. It has been dead on the “news” front. The “big story” during this period has been wall-to-wall coverage of some Thai boys trapped in a cave. There has also been President Trump’s nomination of a replacement for retiring Supreme Court Judge Anthony Kennedy – but that has not been “news” so much as it has been newsfakers constantly talking about it.

And so here we are on 7/11, another calm before the storm when the New Moon arrives late on July 12th. At that time, President Trump will be in England, attending “a black-tie business dinner at Blenheim Palace, working meetings with Prime Minister Theresa May at her country home at Chequers, and a tea-time visit with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle.” [3]

The New Moon at Windsor Castle, but we may not get the real details about what went on, unless you want to rely on the mysterious Q.

Today’s word is M-E-R-C-U-R-I-A-L. Mercurial. “Having a volatile or lively character; quick-witted, changeable, animated.” [4] Mercury is “the messenger”, derived from the planet Mercury. Mercury circles the Sun in only 88 days, compared to 365 days for Earth, at an average speed of 105,947 miles (170,505 kilometers) per hour. This is faster than any other planet in the Solar System. [5] The astrological sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Donald Trump, born on June 14th, has Gemini as his sun sign. This indicates that Mr. Trump is mercurial (among other things).

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Before There Was Q

“… no I never heard them singing, before there was Q.”

Before there was Q, there was B. B first appeared in Harper’s Weekly in 1860. Thereafter, in 1862, he felt called upon to reveal all, he says, due to the sorry treatment afforded Sidney E. Morse, Esq.

Sidney E. Morse had vouched for the 1860 Harper’s Weekly article written by B, and Sidney had received flippant and disparaging treatment from the New York Tribune. This shoddy treatment aroused the ire of B, who went on to write the 1862 pamphlet, The present attempt to dissolve the American union: a British aristocratic plot.

The brother of Sidney E. Morse was Samuel F.B. Morse, the telegraphy pioneer. [1] Besides telegraphy, Samuel F.B. Morse was a “conspiracy theorist”, having authored the book, Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States. For these two reasons, I ascertain that B was a nom de plume of Samuel F.B. Morse.

B begins his 1862 pamphlet by pointing out that Britain “has ever taken a most prominent part” in “all that relates to African Slavery.” Every measure of the British government, “whether in favor of slavery or against slavery, has been enacted by her, directly or indirectly, for the promotion of her own material interests, and chiefly to increase or maintain the power of her oligarchy.” [2]

Around 2015, a trove of documents laid bare the names of Britain’s 46,000 slave owners. Previously, British connections to slavery had been “largely airbrushed out of British history…” [3]

Also “airbrushed out of history” had been the extent of New England slave trading. There is something rotten about The Sacred Cod, the carved wooden symbol that adorns the chamber of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Cod fished up offshore New England and rejected by both the local and the European markets was shipped to Barbados, Jamaica, and other British colonies to feed slaves. Native American (“Indian”) slaves were sold in Bermuda or Caribbean colonies in exchange for Africans shipped back to New England. [4]

You can see how “new” England and “old” England were working hand-in-glove.

During the War Of 1812, the “new” England Federalists considered seceding from the Union and forming an alliance with “old” England. The Marats, the Dantons and Robespierres of Massachusetts were in the same pay, and under the same orders, as the Reign Of Terror gang in France, believed Thomas Jefferson. [5]

And now, it is largely these “new” Englanders who are so pious and preaching to the rest of us. Remember, it was the “new” Englanders who claimed to be suddenly shocked – shocked! – about slavery and were acting holier-than-thou towards the South. Now, through their Ivy League bastions of moral judgment, they constantly belittle the rest of us.

Both “old” England and “new” England are associated with sea-going vessels which roam the seven seas. Hence comes their culture of globalism. The “new” England heavily favored Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Her opponent, Donald Trump, was heavily favored by the region associated with late-19th century populism.

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Thomas Jefferson, Conspiracy Theorist

The “hireling scribblers of the English press said little, and knew less,” wrote Thomas Jefferson to the Marquis de Lafayette on February 14, 1815. Long before President Donald Trump discovered fake news, Jefferson was already alluding to it. (Background: Impose Tariff On Justin Bieber, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, July 7, 2018.)

Much of the dreaded conspiracy thinking is found in Jefferson’s letter to Lafayette. There had been a “Hartford Convention” in Connecticut from December 15, 1814 through January 5, 1815. There, New England Federalists considered secession from the Union and alliance with Britain. Establishment historians (a.k.a. Court historians) now doubt that this was so, yet there is much evidence that yes, there indeed was a conspiracy underway to secede. [1] [2]

At this Hartford Convention, wrote Jefferson to Lafayette, the New England Federalists were “playing the same game for disorganization here which they played in your country [France]. The Marats, the Dantons and Robespierres of Massachusetts are in the same pay, under the same orders, and making the same efforts to anarchize us, as their prototypes in France were.” [3]

It had been a conspiracy with Britain and against the Union. Certain “Henry Spy papers” suggested treason by Federalists on the eve of the War of 1812. Revelation of the Henry papers created much excitement throughout the country. “Oh, tut tut,” now say the Court historians, dismissive of “conspiracy theories” in general. [4] Yet original source documents point against the Court historians. See, for example, the letter, marked “Secret and Confidential”, from Lt. General John C. Sherbrooke to the Earl of Bathurst, dated November 20, 1814. [5]

John Henry (not the “steel drivin’ man” but a different John Henry) had arrived in Montreal in 1807 and communicated with one Herman Witsius Ryland regarding an American war with Britain leading to a dissolution of the Union. In 1809, Henry was sent to the United States on an official undercover mission. Between February 14th and May 22nd, 1809, Henry wrote 14 letters to the Canadian Governor which were forwarded to the colonial secretary, Lord Castlereagh. Henry concluded that in the event of war, the Federalist “Junto of Boston” would seek an alliance with Britain before seceding. [6]

The anonymous “B” (ascertained to have been Samuel F.B. Morse) describes John Henry as having been sent by Canada to Boston for the purpose of fomenting disaffection, destroying the Union, and “forming the eastern part thereof into a political connection with Great Britain.” [7]

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Impose Tariff On Justin Bieber

Retaliatory tariffs on yoghurt and whisky have been imposed by Canada. Will President Donald Trump up the ante? If he does, a 25 percent tariff on the products of Canadian singer Justin Bieber is urged.

Tensions with Canada date back at least to The War Of 1812. It is Ersjdamoo’s suspicion that a hidden cause of that war was a desire to grab Canada for the United States. (Background: Time To Grab Canada, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, July 4, 2018.)

During the War Of 1812, there existed what amounted to a total tariff upon all goods potentially coming into the U.S. from Europe. This virtual tariff was caused by a British naval blockade against us. What was the result of this form of ultimate tariff? At the end of the war, President James Madison addressed the U.S. Congress and stated:

But there is no subject that can enter with greater force and merit into the deliberations of Congress than a consideration of the means to preserve and promote the manufactures which have sprung into existence and attained an unparalled maturity throughout the United States during the period of the European wars. [1]

Britain was preoccupied with its fight against Napoleon Bonaparte. It was the perfect time, with Britain distracted, to annex Canada to these United States. Due to the Napoleonic wars and the British blockade, manufactures (factories) sprang into existence right here in the USA. Was James Madison saying, in effect, Who needs Europe? The war had demonstrated we ourselves could manufacture needed products.

And who needs China? What Thomas Jefferson scorned as a “hireling press” in his letter to the Marquis de Lafayette dated February 14, 1815 [2], is now called “fake news” by President Donald Trump. The hireling press is cranking out anti-tariff “news” 24/7, consequent to an emerging trade war with China. The hireling press, running dog lackeys for their globalist masters, can only paint one side of the picture. It never mentions the other side: manufactures which will have sprung into existence and attained an unparalled maturity throughout the United States.

——- Sources ——-
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