Baron Trump In the Silver City

“The people will tell thee”, Don Fum keeps advising readers of his fifteenth-century manuscript. Baron Trump (full name, Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian von Troomp) uses the manuscript as a guide to lead him to the World Within a World. And the people do tell Baron Trump the vicinity of the Giants’ Well, gateway to the secret world, high up in Russia’s Northern Ural Mountains. He climbs the foothills, and with the assistance of Yuliana, an old woman, “half witch perhaps,” who knows an herb for every ailment, he reaches the Giants’ Well. (Background: Baron Trump Journeys to Russia, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 13, 2017.)

Says Yuliana to Baron Trump: “Thou art not what thou seemst. I never saw the like of thee before.” [1] Is Yuliana perceiving a time traveler, a visitor to 1893 from the future? John G. Trump, paternal uncle of Donald Trump, reviewed and analyzed the papers of Nikola Tesla when Tesla died in a New York City hotel in 1943. [2]

Baron Trump and his faithful dog Bulger pass through the Quarries of the Demons in the Northern Urals. At the Giants’ Well they descend down, down into the depths. They then pass through the Funnel of Polyphemus (named after the giant son of Poseidon and Thoosa in Greek mythology) and enter the World Within a World. [1]

In this secret world, Baron Trump and Bulger eventually arrive at a silver city, home of the Soodopsies, also called the Formifolk. The Formifolk lead Trump and Bulger through a beautiful passage, the walls and floors of which are made of pure silver. [1]

Silver! Ingersoll Lockwood’s book, Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, published in 1893, echoes the populist silver sentiments of the time. It was the time of the Silver Tongued Orator of the Platte River, William Jennings Bryan, who, in 1896, delivered his famous “Cross of Gold” speech at the Democrat Convention in Chicago:

You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns; you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold.

Also echoing the “Free Silver” sentiments were Fran Striker’s later Lone Ranger stories. The Ranger had inherited a silver mine from his father, who was from the “Free Silver” times. The Ranger calls his horse, “Silver,” and uses silver bullets. [3]

Arrayed against the forces of Free Silver were supporters of the gold standard. They “followed the yellow brick road,” like Dorothy and Toto in L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz stories, which emerged around 1900. “Oz” is the abbreviation for Ounce. Dorothy and Toto followed the yellow brick road and where did it lead? To the “wizard”, who turned out to be not as he seemed.

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Baron Trump Journeys to Russia

In Castle Trump (alias Trump Tower), Baron Trump perused a fifteenth-century manuscript from the pen of the learned Spaniard, Don Constantino Bartolomeo Strepholofidgeguaneriusfum, commonly known among scholars as Don Fum. He prepared to embark on a journey, seeking Don Fum’s “World Within a World.” (Background: Trump’s Underground Journey, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 12, 2017.)

In Ingersoll Lockwood’s prescient book from 1893, Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, we find that the Trumps were originally French Huguenot – De la Trompe – and had taken refuge in Holland circa 1685, consequent to the Edict of Nantes. “Some years later, upon the invitation of the Elector of Brandenburg, Niklas Van der Troomp became a subject of that prince, and purchased a large estate in the province of Pomerania, again changing his name to Von Troomp.” [1]

It is known that President Donald Trump’s paternal uncle, John G. Trump, reviewed and analyzed the papers of Dr. Nikola Tesla when Dr. Tesla died in a New York City hotel in 1943. [2] Some theorize that from Tesla’s papers the Trump family gained knowledge of time travel and that this might explain the uncanny parallels between Ingersoll Lockwood’s book and the real Donald Trump.

Lockwood gives the Trump family motto as, Per Ardua ad Astra, which he translates as “the pathway to glory is strewn with pitfalls and dangers.” This could be more concisely rendered as, “No guts, no glory.” A literal translation of Per Ardua ad Astra would be, Through adversity, towards the stars.

In chapter two of Lockwood’s book, it is told that Don Fum’s manuscript pinpoints the portals to the World Within a World as being situated somewhere in northern Russia. Over and over Don Fum advises the reader, “The people will tell thee” as to the exact location of the portals. The people will tell thee. And sure enough, as Baron Trump and his faithful dog Bulger journey northward in Russia, the people do tell him. The Giant’s Well in the Northern Ural Mountains is to where they all point.

The people will tell thee. The parallel here is that Donald Trump is often called a “populist”, which means a person who claims to represent the interests, views, or tastes of the common people. [3]

Amplified cortical electrical activity is evident in Donald Trump. And in chapter two of Lockwood’s book we are again told how Baron Trump’s mind is very active: “… my mind possessed the extraordinary power of working out automatically any task assigned to it by me,” Baron Trump relates, “provided it was not suddenly thrown off its track by some ridiculous interruption.” And so too with President Trump, who is always being distracted by fake news and its ridiculous interruptions.

Onward traveled Baron Trump, from St. Petersburg to Onega Bay, to Archangel. From there Trump and Bulger journeyed onward, ever north, up the River Dwina as far as Solvitchegodsk, and then further, to the picturesque village of Ilitch on the Ilitch. He was by now at the foothills of the Northern Ural Mountains.

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Trump’s Underground Journey

In the 1890s, two of the most popular stories of Ingersoll Lockwood were illustrated for children and focused on a strange character that was said to be fictional who went by the name of Baron Trump. (Background: Eerie Trump Book, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, August 3, 2017.)

A reprint of Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey is available from

Was author Ingersoll Lockwood somehow “tuned in” to the future via his subconscious? Ersjdamoo is investigating Underground Journey, looking for clues.

In chapter one we find that the brain of Baron Trump is “very active.” This amplified cortical electrical activity is evidenced by the frequent tweets from President Donald Trump. The president tweeted yesterday about fake news, NBC, and “challenge their License.” But since when do you need a license to report news, even if you are a newsfaker?

It is told in chapter one that Baron Trump had been reading “a fifteenth-century manuscript from the pen of a no less celebrated thinker and philosopher than the learned Spaniard, Don Constantino Bartolomeo Strepholofidgeguaneriusfum, commonly known among scholars as Don Fum, entitled ‘A World within a World.'”

“Well, little baron,” asked his father, “what thinkest thou of Don Fum’s World within a World?”

Baron Trump replies that he thinks Don Fum must be correct, that such a world must exist.

A World Within a World. On September 26, 2017, the amplified cortical electrical activity of President Trump resulted in a tweet in which he praised the National Security Council (NSC). The invisible government, lately being called the Deep State, is “generally thought to be under the direct control of the National Security Council.” But, in fact, many of its major decisions “are handled by a small directorate, the name of which is only whispered.” This is the “54/12 Group”, also known as the “Special Group.” Even the U.S. Vice-President, “by law a member of the National Security Council” does not participate in the discussions of the Special Group. (Background: Trump Praises National Security Council, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, September 27, 2017.)

A World Within a World. Mention of the “54/12 Group” is found in a book from 1964, The Invisible Government, by David Wise and Thomas B. Ross. Mention of this “Special Group” is reiterated in a book from 1969, The Hollow Earth, by Dr. Raymond Bernard: “The Special Group was created early in the Eisenhower years under the secret order 54/12.” [1]

In chapter one of Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, Trump decides to be guided by the motto of his family: Per Ardua ad Astra (the pathway to glory is strewn with pitfalls and dangers). He and his faithful dog Bulger prepare to embark, in search of Don Fum’s world within a world.

——- Sources ——-
[1] The Hollow Earth, by Dr. Raymond Bernard. New York: University Books, 1969.


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Crucial Timeline In Vegas Shooting

The timeline can tell a lot. In the O.J. Simpson case of the mid-1990s, the timeline was reconstructed in Donald Freed’s book, Killing Time. Albert Einstein once said, “Anything that measures the passage of time is a clock.” In the O.J. Simpson case, telephone time logs, burning candles, and the barking of dogs all served as clocks by which a timeline for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman could be reconstructed. This timeline was the “killing time”, during which O.J. Simpson supposedly committed the deed. [1] (Simpson was found not guilty by a jury.)

The Las Vegas police have released a new timeline for the deadly incident of October 1, 2017, in which alleged lone gunman Stephen Paddock “went postal” and murdered 58 people. Security officer Jesus Campos, they now say, was shot by Paddock before he began raining terror onto the Vegas crowd. This raises the question, Why were police so slow to respond? Security guard Campos, wounded by Paddock, must have radioed in what had happened to him. An active shooter in a fancy Vegas hotel, and yet police slow to respond? Not known at this point is the exact timeline for how long it took between Campos being shot and Las Vegas police arriving on the hotel floor. [2]

What is the Philippine connection? “Hostess” Marilou Danley arrived from the Philippines and suddenly needed a wheelchair: Was this just “good optics” or has she abruptly developed a health problem? In the Bojinka Plot of 1995, money was laundered through various Manila women, several of whom were bar hostesses. In the olden times, these “hostesses” used to be called “b-girls”: they weren’t quite hookers, but then again they weren’t exactly not hookers. They were somewhere in-between. (Background: ISIS Behind Las Vegas Carnage, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 8, 2017.)

On May 3, 2015, in Garland, Texas, two men attacked police officers with gunfire at the entrance to an exhibit featuring cartoon images of Muhammad. [3] Now, the FBI is being sued by a victim of the 2015 ISIS-inspired attack. The lawsuit alleges that the Bureau may have been complicit in the terrorist incident by not acting upon early warning signs. [4] The FBI was “slow to respond”, just as Las Vegas police apparently were slow to respond to the shooting of Campos.

Within the past few days, Julian Assange has come out and warned the public of “terror plots created by the FBI”, an apparent reference to the Las Vegas shooting and the ongoing mysteries surrounding 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, of whom no motive has yet been attained. [5] Elsewhere, a Filipino doctor has been accused by U.S. authorities of plotting attacks in New York City, including in concert venues and Times Square. [6]

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ISIS Behind Las Vegas Carnage

Within 48 hours of the horrific Las Vegas attack of October 1, 2017, “the authorities” assured us that ISIS was not involved.

“The authorities” assured us it was not ISIS, even though they soon concluded the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock, was a man of mystery about whom little could be known.

“The authorities” assured us it was not ISIS, even though ISIS quickly confessed to the crime.

Where did Stephen Paddock get all that money? We are told he had a lucky gambling year in which he won $5 million. How might ISIS have “laundered” payoff money to Paddock? It might have been disguised as a gambling bonanza.

What is the Philippine connection? The Philippines is governed as a unitary state with the exception of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), which is largely free from the national government. Islam is the second largest religion in the Philippines. [1]

“Philippines ‘breeding ground for terrorists,’ says Filipino suspect in NY plot”, headlines one web site. Filipino doctor Russel Salic told others involved in a foiled New York terror plot that terror laws in the Philippines are “not strict”. [2]

Associated with Paddock’s “secret life” was Marilou Danley, a “high roller hostess”. She flew in from the Philippines to be questioned by investigators. Danley has “lawyered up”. She arrived from the Philippines in a wheel chair for some reason. Why does Danley suddenly need a wheel chair?

Wali Khan Amin Shah, an Afghan, was the financier of the Bojinka Plot. That was a large-scale, three-phase attack planned by Islamists Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed for January 1995. They planned to assassinate Pope John Paul II, blow up 11 airliners in flight from Asia to the United States, and crash a plane into the headquarters of the CIA in Fairfax County, Virginia. The Bojinka Plot was funded by laundering money through various Manila women, several of whom were bar hostesses. [3]

What is the Philippine connection? Terry Lynn Nichols is an American who was convicted of being an accomplice in the Oklahoma City bombing(s) of April 19, 1995. In 1990, Nichols had married a 17-year-old woman, Marife Torres, from the Philippines. Nichols and Torres frequently visited the Philippines. Nichols sometimes traveled to the Philippines alone, while she remained in Kansas. Nichols and Torres divorced after his arrest. Marife returned to the Philippines. [4]

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Secret Life Of Stephen Paddock

Stephen Paddock, alleged lone gunman in the October 1st Las Vegas sniper mayhem, lived a “secret life”, stated Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of Clark County, Nevada. [1]

Associated with Paddock’s “secret life” was Marilou Danley, a “high roller hostess” at the Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa in Reno, Nevada, where Paddock frequently gambled. [2]

Overheard: Paddock sneering at “hostess” Danley at a local Starbucks, “I’m paying for your drink, just like I’m paying for you.” [3]

“Hostess” Marilou Danley flew in from the Philippines to be questioned by investigators. The Philippines was home to the Bojinka Plot, foiled by the Philippine police. “Bojinka” (loud bang) was the code name given by Islamic terrorists to a 1995 plot to simultaneously bomb eleven U.S. jumbo jets and crash a plane into CIA headquarters. [4]

But Islamic terrorists ISIS had nothing to do with the October 1st Las Vegas incident, we are told. (Except ISIS has claimed responsibility.)

As for “hostess” Danley, Newsweek HAD reported that she used two Social Security numbers and was married to two men at the same time. However Newsweek later retracted the story. [5]

Part of the secret life of Stephen Paddock may involve visitors during his stay at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas. Britain’s Mirror newspaper (online) reports “two mysteries involving a mobile found charger and a hotel key card.” One of Paddock’s key cards was used to enter his suite after his car had left the garage for a period of time. And the charger doesn’t match any of the phones belonging to Paddock. [6]

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Mystery Of Stephen Paddock

WILD information is circulating on Internet about the mystery of Stephen Paddock, the alleged Las Vegas sniper of October 1, 2017. The mystery about his girl friend, Marilou Danley, also surrounds the scene, however she has quickly “lawyered up” and the initial PR about her has been sympathetic.

But what’s the DEAL on Marilou Danley? Rush Limbaugh has reported she is a native of the Philippines, an Australian citizen, has TWO social security numbers, and is or was married to TWO people at the same time.

How does an Australian citizen get even ONE social security number, let alone TWO?

As for Stephen Paddock, the former mail carrier who seemingly “went postal” on October 1st, there are more questions than answers about him. “That was the first surprise for investigators: that a 64-year-old man, an apparently wealthy retiree, a former postal worker, IRS agent and government auditor, would commit mass murder. He doesn’t fit the mass shooter profile,” reported NPR. [1]

A “former” CIA employee, Robert Steele, is making the rounds of Internet ad hoc “news” sites claiming dramatically he can see NO BLOOD POOLS in photos of victims of the Las Vegas carnage. His web site,, offers two such photos. But the photos are long-range, not close-ups, so that might explain why Steele sees no blood pools.

Steele infers dramatically from the supposed NO BLOOD POOLS that no one was really killed by Paddock! He also brings in September 10th postings from the Dark Web (which Steele calls the Deep Web) from which he draws further dramatic conclusions. Here are two excerpts from the Dark Web/Deep Web screenshot included by Steele at his web site:

Sun 10 Sep 2017
it’s called the “high incident project” they want to make the American public think that places with extremely high security aren’t safe…

Earlier that day had been posted

Sun 10 Sep 2017
…i’ll let you in on a little secret if you live in las vegas or henderson stay inside tomorrow…

What is the REAL answer to the mystery of Stephen Paddock (AND Marilou Danley)? Beware of “former” CIA agents, prima donna YouTubers, and even the mainstream “news” outfits. Turn to the Trump twitter feed for answers… unless now Trump has been silenced on this subject.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Las Vegas Shooter’s Life Comes Into Focus, But Not His Motive”, by Howard Berkes et al. NPR Morning Edition, October 6, 2017.


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