News Fakers Manipulate Syrian News


A rare creature, an honest reporter, has been found. Lizzie Phelan (image hopefully shown) is a freelance journalist who has covered events in Libya and Syria. In an interview entitled, “US media manipulate Syria unrest,” Ms. Phelan claims there has been a “media war” ongoing whose purpose is to defame the Syrian government and help bring it down. You can try this link, to view the video (about 8 minutes long). If the link has expired, you can do a search on “Lizzie Phelan media manipulate Syria”.

In the United States, we have been under a relentless propaganda attack regarding Syria. Like a Mike Wallace “gotcha” interview, coverage has been severely slanted. This is “absolutely a media war that is taking place against Syria and I’ve said before that if it wasn’t for the media’s role in manipulating events, fabricating events and just turning out pure war propaganda then this crisis would have been effectively over before it would have started,” Phelan charges.

Which came first, the crisis in Syria, or the “news” about it? Armed gangs have been staging an insurrection. They were being secretly paid, until now they are to be openly paid. Fanning the flames have been the “news” fakers, “who have been misguiding their readers or viewers by showing only one side of the story,” asserts Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey via Russia’s Pravda news outlet. Included in Bancroft-Hinchey’s report are gruesome video links. One, which had not yet been pulled as of April 11th, covers mutilation of a corpse by the cute, cuddly “dissidents” in Syria. I personally almost vomited at the gross butchery by persons now openly paid for by what Bancroft-Hinchey labels “the FUKUS Axis” (France, UK, US).

In spite of the war propaganda being pounded into the eyes and ears of Americans, British, and French, the mass marketing of a lopsided perspective isn’t going so well. What Ms. Phelan calls “fabrications and manipulations and attempts to undermine the truth” are being countered by truthful, independent reporters who are providing an alternative point of view. Phelan urges those people and nations attacked by the juggernaut of Western propaganda to continue to develop a sophisticated response to the big bullies of mass marketed “news.”

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