Teddy Roosevelt Did It?


From the handkerchief of Leon Czolgosz emitted gun sounds in the vicinity of President William McKinley, on September 6, 1901, in Buffalo, New York. No fatal bullet was ever retrieved from the body of McKinley, either on September 6th or later, during a 4-hour autopsy after the President finally expired on September 14th. A ballistics test on the .32 caliber Iver-Johnson revolver hidden beneath Czolgosz’s handkerchief could not have been done to match the weapon with the “fatal bullet” since the “fatal bullet” was never found. Between September 6th and about September 13th, McKinley seemed to be doing fine. Then he was visited by the “croaker”, Dr. Charles McBurney, and McKinley’s health soon worsened considerably. So who really caused President McKinley’s death, Leon Czolgosz or “Croaker” McBurney?

Consider this: “Croaker” McBurney was from New York City, home turf of Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy had been New York City police commissioner from 1895 to 1897. And doctors such as McBurney do not receive halos when they enter their profession. Just because McBurney was a doctor does not mean he was a saint.

Leon Czolgosz was immediately arrested on September 6th, and was beaten so severely it was initially thought he would not live to stand trial. Emma Goldman, at least tangentially connected with Czolgosz, claimed the “lone nut” gunman had been given “the third degree” during interrogation. So how valid is the confession of Czolgosz?

The Spanish-American War began during McKinley’s presidency, but the death of McKinley and elevation of Vice President Theodore Roosevelt to chief executive “guaranteed that the outcome of the shift of the United States to the status of world power, would occur along the lines of the desired British geopolitical strategy.” Leon Czolgosz had been just a conveniently arriving pawn. Czolgosz was “Surratt II”.

Sometime between 1901 and 1912, John Schrank had a dream. After Schrank shot but failed to kill Teddy Roosevelt in Milwaukee on October 14, 1912, he explained to the court as follows: “I had a dream several years ago that Mr. McKinley appeared to me, and he told me that Mr. Roosevelt was practically his real murderer, and not this Czolgosz, or whatever his name was. Mr. Roosevelt is practically the man that has been the real murderer of President McKinley, in order to get the Presidency of the United States, because the way things were at that time he was not supposed to be a President; all the leaders did not want him; that’s the reason they gave him the Vice Presidency, which is political suicide; that’s what I am sore about, to think that Mr. McKinley appeared to me in a dream and said, ‘This is my murderer, and nobody else.’” (qtd. in Murdering McKinley, by Eric Rauchway. New York: Hill & Wang, 2003)


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One Response to Teddy Roosevelt Did It?

  1. Ebon Kim says:

    I agree. My analysis has Theodore Roosevelt as part of the motivation behind William McKinley’s assassination. He had the most to gain from it. Everyone already knew how brazen Theodore was, as well as his ambition for power.

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