Petrified “Giant” Found Near Syracuse


In a letter to the editor dated October 17, 1869 from a correspondent at Onandaga County, New York came details of a supposed giant unearthed in the region. (“A Petrified Giant”, New York Herald newspaper, October 20, 1869, page 15)

The presumed fossil had been found only three feet beneath the surface of the ground. “The giant lies in a very easy and natural position, horizontal, partly on the right side, with the right hand placed on the bowels, the left as though once lying on the hip and afterwards falling off by his back,” described the Onandaga correspondent.

The height of the “giant” was measured at 10 feet 2-and-a-half inches. The correspondent added that, “It has been visited to-day by hundreds from the surrounding county and examined by physicians, and they assert positively that it must have been once a living giant.”

“The veins, eyeballs, muscle, tendons of the heel and cords of the neck are all very fully exhibited.”

The owner of the property upon which the “giant” had been found favored allowing the object to remain in situ until it could be thoroughly examined by scientists.

A subsequent item dated one day later (October 18, 1869) asserts the discovery, now called “Mr. Giant”, is a statue. “During the afternoon of Saturday Dr. J.F. Boynton, a geologist of Syracuse, visited his giantship.” Dr. Boynton “made a most thorough examination.” Then, “after mature deliberation, pronounced it to be a statue of a Caucasian.”

“It is the doctor’s opinion that the statue was carved by the Jesuits or the early inhabitants of the country, and was placed in the slough in which it was found for the purpose of concealing it,” reported the New York Herald on October 20, 1869.

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