Davenport Stele Is "Rosetta Stone"?


It was thought the Metcalf Stone might be a “Rosetta Stone” for carved inscriptions found in North and Central America. Just as the original Rosetta Stone had been the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs, some way to decode ancient writing in the Americas was hoped for. A similar hope is attached to the Davenport Stele, unearthed in 1877 at Davenport, Iowa.

One hundred years later, circa 1977, Harvard’s Dr. Barry Fell was claiming Egyptian and Libyan explorers had sailed up the Mississippi River and left the written stone tablet, the Davenport Stele. But University of Iowa archaeologist Marshall McKusick disagreed, and said the whole thing was a hoax. (“Iowa’s ‘Egyptian’ tablet: The real thing or a hoax?”, by Otto Knauth. Des Moines Register (Des Moines, Iowa), February 20, 1977)

We have encountered these ubiquitous evil hoaxers before here at Ersjdamoo’s Blog. They had been lurking in the background of the case of the Silver Lake Sea Serpent. The hideous trail of these omnipresent hoaxers had been found too in the case of the Cardiff Giant.

The cackling crazed hoaxers are also claimed by some to be the true cause of Bigfoot sightings and strange crop circles. Perhaps it is the high unemployment which causes such hoaxers to lash out at society in a twisted way.

Marshall McKusick of the University of Iowa claimed that Davenport Stele hoaxers had been members of the Davenport Academy of Science who had buried fake stone tablets “on the old Cook farm.” They wanted to trick one of their members and then ridicule him. But the machinations of the evil hoaxers backfired when the Smithsonian Institution got involved. McKusick reportedly documented the shocking plot in a 1970 book, The Davenport Conspiracy. (Knauth, op. cit.)

Dr. Barry Fell allowed that two of the three stone tablets had indeed been probable fakes. “But the third, which he refers to as the Davenport Calendar Stele, definitely is not, he says.” Fell had also reportedly written a book on the subject, America B.C. (Ibid.)

According to Fell, the Davenport Stele contains a “trilingual text” in the Egyptian, Iberian-Punic, and Libyan languages. “This stele, long condemned as a meaningless forgery, is in fact one of the most important steles ever discovered,” wrote Fell. (Ibid.)

Dr. Fell surmised that the Davenport Stele dates back to the Twenty-second, or Libyan, Dynasty of the Egyptian empire, “a period of overseas exploration.” (Ibid.)

Investigating other unusual archaeological finds that had been too-quickly labeled frauds and tucked away into obscurity, Fell determined that almost all were, in fact, genuine. How can the scientists have been so wrong? Fell corroborates my own description of some scientists as “easy chair seers.” Said Barry Fell, “It is much easier to cry fraud at something out of the ordinary than to investigate it. Americans are throwing away 2,000 years of their history that way.” (Ibid.)

And where is the controversial Davenport Stele today? As of 1977 at least it was in the possession of the “Putnam Museum.” Joseph Cartwright, the Museum Director “steadfastly refused access to the tablets.” (Ibid.)


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