Giants of the Canary Islands

The Guanches (‘guan’ = man, ‘che’ = white mountain) of the Canary Islands were a tall, blond blue-eyed race of humans, whose origins are still unknown.

The Guanches have long intrigued the anthropologists, for blond natives are a rarity, especially for a group of islands off the west coast of Africa.

Some say the Guanches are the remnants of the drowned continent of Atlantis. “They are reported to have been strong and handsome, and of extraordinary agility of movement, of remarkable courage and of loyal disposition; but they showed the credulity of children and the simple directness of shepherds.” (“The Giants of Canaries”, Page 3, Davenport Tribune (Davenport, Iowa), Sept. 29, 1891)

So tall were the Guanches, “that the Spaniards speak of them as giants, and their strength and endurance were so great that they were conquered by strategem, but not force. They ran as fast as horses, and could leap over a pole held between two men five or six feet high; they could climb the highest mountains and jump the deepest ravines.” (Ibid.)

Christopher Columbus benefited from intelligence obtained consequent to “the final conquest of the Canary islands in 1483.” (The History of Ancient America, by George Jones. Third Edition. London: Longman, Brown, etc., 1843)

“In the early days of the [Spanish] conquest [of the Canary Islands], before rapine and murder had done their vile work, the Guanches are spoken of as being musical and fond of dancing and singing.” (Davenport Tribune, op. cit.)

“The fundamental error with all writers upon the Aborigines of America is, that they have viewed them as one people.” It is necessary however to separate the Aborigines into two distinct people. (George Jones, op. cit. Emphasis in original.)

The “time is now past when the Western Hemisphere is to be dated from the re-discovery by Columbus. His giant, but over-applauded name, like the ruins of Palenque, is but the lettering of a volume to indicate in the library of the universe that such a work was written – the work itself (i.e. the great continent) has yet to be read, and the historical authors indentified; nor will the well-grounded supposition that the Welch prince, Madoc, colonized in America two centuries before the Genoese; or that the Norwegian landed three centuries anterior to the Welsh, enable us even to unclasp the volume; – to accomplish this, and its translation, an historic Iliad must be cast over a period of more than two thousand annual changes, of nature’s revolving but faithful time-glass!” (Ibid. Emphasis in original.)

An old book, written by an Englishman, George Jones (op. cit.), claims to prove the “Indians” were originally Phoenicians and Israelites, and that the Apostle St. Thomas had Christianized the land.


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