Doom of the Guanches

In 1891, in various newspapers, reports appeared about the Canary Islands and the Guanches. For example, the Bismarck Daily Tribune of December 26, 1891 reported on the Guanches, the “Old Inhabitants of the Canary Islands.” Elsewhere, the Davenport Tribune on September 29, 1891 reported on “The Giants of Canaries.”

Frequently cited as their source in the sudden flurry of Guanches reports was something called “the Cornhill Magazine.” The Cornhill Magazine was a Victorian magazine and literary journal named after Cornhill Street in London. It was extant from 1859 through 1975.

Because an article from Cornhill Magazine had been so frequently cited in the flurry of 1891 newspaper reports, on a chance I went to Google, then to the “Google Books,” and entered “Cornhill Magazine Guanches.” At the top of the list returned was “The Cornhill magazine: Volume 64 – Page 52.” This was available as a free download.

My pdf copy of same downloaded via Google has “Vol. XVII” with the number “64” written beneath. Date is July to December 1891. The specific article, “A Forgotten Race,” is listed as page 38 (but starts at page 51 for my pdf viewer, due to extra blank pages in the file).

“The Guanches, the inhabitants of the Canary Islands, are said to have been the remnants of the ancient race who 10,000 years ago peopled the drowned continent of Atlantis,” says Cornhill Magazine. There is disagreement over the language of the Guanches. Some say it resembles that of the Berbers of the Atlas range of mountains, and hence that the Canary Islands were once continuous with the Atlas range of mountains, before the “great flood” sank most of Atlantis beneath the waves.

“The Guanches were, it is supposed, but the mountain shepherds of a submerged world.” (Cornhill Magazine, op. cit.)

The arctic ice is melting. About that there is little, if any, dispute. The controversy is whether the ice melting is caused by the burning of fossil fuels. I myself think the Strategic Defense Initiative, called “Star Wars,” begun in the 1980s is causing the arctic ice to melt. Now suppose that around December 21, 2012 the displacement of ice in the arctic causes the earth to tilt on its axis. Did something like this once cause the “great flood” and the “sinking” of Atlantis? Some of the ancient Atlanteans scrambled to the mountains of the Atlas range. On the Canary Islands these survivors over time degenerated into relative savagery. The same could conceivably happen to us! Effects of Strategic Defense Initiative (“Star Wars”) cause arctic ice to melt away until the earth tilts on its axis. Government emergency agencies are not surprisingly useless and the few survivors make do as best they can. The years pass. One day, descendants of ourselves are discovered in a remote region. “Who were these people?” wonder the anthropologists. The archaeologists keep digging up old Pepsi and Coca-Cola cans. Learned papers appear: “Long ago, there were ‘Cola Wars.’ These battles between the Pepsi and Coca-Cola gods intensified, until there was mutual destruction and the civilization perished,” will say the future academics.

And thus we can see how the ancient doom of the Guanches could conceivably happen to us as well!


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