"Lost Tribes" and the Fancy Lads


Our boots were muddy. Our feet were sore. We had about had it. And then came along the fancy lads. “Ho ho! See how fancy we are! See how we compare to you!” they cried.

So of course we in our muddy boots and with sore feet can’t help but sneer at and ridicule these fancy lads. The “fancy lads” are, in other words, the British aristocracy and their minions, wanna-bees, fashion apes and hangers-on.

One day we were trudging through the mud when along came one of them fancy critters, high and dry on a polo pony. This was in 2007, when things looked especially bleak. Riding the polo pony and wearing fancy paraphernalia, this particular critter was none other than Prince Charles, “Mr. Fancy” himself!

“What ho, chaps!” he cheerioed our group of sad sacks. His boots were polished to a high shine, contrasted with our own sorry footwear. “I must be dashing off!” tally-hoed Prince Charles. “But before I go, let me advise you that the world faces a series of natural disasters within 18 months unless a £15 billion action plan is agreed to save the world’s rain forests.”

That was in 2007, when the fancy Prince Charles told us that. Did this mean no new boots for us, we wondered, so that the fancy prince could get his 15 billion pounds sterling!? We had no chance to ask. The prince’s polo pony kicked a big glob of mud in my face as it dashed  off.

Now, however, I have found that the British fancy lads might be descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel! A report from the Galveston Daily News, dated April 19, 1891, traces the Tribe of Dan to Ireland, to Scotland, and thence to the British throne. (“From Israel To Judah”, Page 23, Galveston Daily News (Galveston, Texas), April 19, 1891)

In the previous blog entry, the path of the Lost Tribes had been traced from Parthia, to Scythia, to the Saxons, and then finally to Britain (B’rith-ain). The Galveston newspaper (op. cit.) supports this theory, but shows a separate path taken by the prophet Jeremiah.

The Tuatha Dé Danann are a legendary people who came to Ireland. The Galveston Daily News (op. cit.), reprinting a story from The Jewish Messenger, claims the “Tuatha Dé Danann” were actually the Tribe of Dan. The prophet Jeremiah, reportedly, arranged for a Hebrew princess to marry a king of Ireland, “whose direct descendant is her most gracious majesty Queen Victoria [image at top].”

The story of the Danaides has them earlier arriving at Argos, a city in Greece. “The learned ethnologist Dr. Latham, in his Ethnology of Europe, page 159, states that in his opinion the eponymus of the Argive [Argos] Danai was no other than that of the Israelitish tribe of Dan.” (Galveston Daily News (op. cit.))

Later, circa 770 B.C., the Tuatha Dé Danann (Tribe of Dan) settled the north of Ireland. (Ibid.)

The prophet Jeremiah had with him the two daughters of Zedekiah. They went into Egypt after the Babylonian captivity of the Jews (Judah, distinct from Israel). “We have a mention of his [Jeremiah’s] return to Judea, and there history ceases.” The context of this is circa 588 B.C. (Ibid.)

“Irish history has it that about 580 B.C. a great prophet by the name of Ollam Foln [Ollam, Hebrew for ‘holder of secrets’; Foln, Celtic for ‘revealer’] arrived at the court of Eochind, king of the Tuatha de Danan, having with him a beautiful princess from the east by the name of Tea Tophi.” They carried with them “a remarkable stone” and a “standard” which was “a rampant lion.” This “rampant lion” became the standard of Britain! (Ibid.)

As for the “remarkable stone,” it was later carried to Scotland and “placed ultimately in Scone abbey, where it remained until carried into England by Edward I, and fixed finally beneath the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey.” This “Stone of Scone” is commonly called “Jacob’s pillow,” the stone on which Jacob once laid his head and dreamed of the ladder on which angels ascended and descended. (Ibid.)


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