Mexico Conquered By the Devil!

Mexico had been conquered by the Devil, of that there can be no doubt. But was this Devil a pagan god of the Aztecs, or was IT a psychological projection of Catholic Friars?

Spanish-Arabian history is a mine from which historians have drawn enchanting tales and transferred them to American soil, claimed Robert Anderson Wilson, a Philadelphia lawyer, in 1859. (A New History of the Conquest of Mexico, by Robert Anderson Wilson. Philadelphia: James Challen & Son, 1859)

“[Bartolomé de] Las Casas, and most monkish historians of the New World, have laid great stress upon the probable Jewish origin of the North American [‘Indian’] races; and where they have not taken this ground, they have assumed them to be descendants of the captive Ten Tribes [i.e., the Lost Tribes of Israel].” (Wilson, op. cit.)

Edward King, Viscount Kingsborough, an Irish antiquarian, sought to prove that the indigenous peoples of the Americas were a Lost Tribe of Israel. Lord Kingsborough, asserts Wilson, devoted “nearly the whole of one ponderous volume to a digest of the absurd reasoning of [the] monkish authors in favor of this improbable hypothesis.”

Why couldn’t the American “Indians” have had their own “Adam and Eve”? Answer: The diktats of the commissars of Darwinian evolution forbid such considerations. They have issued a ruling: “It began in Africa.” But in fact it was the apes who descended from us, and not the other way around. Immense ages ago, we were ethereal beings. In time, we became enmeshed with matter, the “coats of skin.” As Wilson puts it, “Mankind was not created for the eastern continent alone…”

The Devil, the children of Israel, and the Jews “are the staple of all Spanish historians of the Aztecs.” Some of the Spanish historians cited by Wilson include Fray (“Friar”) Juan de Torquemada, author of Monarchia Indiana (“Indian Monarchies”); Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas, author of General History of the Deeds of the Castilians on the Islands and Mainland of the Ocean Sea Known As the West Indies, (better known in Spanish as Décadas); and Friar Bernardino de Sahagún, author of Historia general de las cosas de la Nueva España (General History of the Things of New Spain). For these monkish chroniclers, the Devil constitutes “the foundation and key” of their tales of the conquest of Mexico, says Wilson.

“Before the time of Cortez, the staple thread is the wonderful working of the Devil. Then the miracle of the conquest – in which the Devil clearly performed the principal part – succeeds, though his acts are wrongfully ascribed to the Virgin and the saints. Excepting in the interested testimony of [Hernando] Cortez, the adventures of the Devil have exactly the same high authority as that which endorses the Spanish history of the conquest!” (Wilson, op. cit.)


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