Allah’s Garden in Spain

After the Moors had gained control of Spain, “the genius of the Arabs was devoted to the cultivation of the arts of peace, in what, just before, was a turbulent and barbarous kingdom.” Under the wise rulership of the Moors, Spain became “an independent Caliphate, and a seat of learning and refinement, while the rest of Europe was wrapped in the darkness and barbarism of the feudal ages.” (A New History of the Conquest of Mexico, by Robert Anderson Wilson. Philadelphia: James Challen & Son, 1859)

This is indeed true, as I discussed in chapter 7 of my book, Melchizedek Communique (2010, published by Whatever else you think of Islam, know that it “was singularly responsible for preserving the Jewish Christian belief in the unity of God over Christian Trinitarianism [i.e., ‘Trinity God’] and upholding Jesus as the Messiah in its original Jewish sense.” Thomas Cahill was only half correct when he wrote about how the Irish “saved civilization” during the dark ages; Cahill totally missed the contribution of Moorish Spain.

Before the Arab invasion, Spain “was a prey to priests, the hotbed of superstition, notorious for royal debaucheries, mingled with ostentatious display of religious zeal.” Before the Moors, “all was barbarism”; after the final defeat of the Saracens in 1492, the Spanish Inquisition moved in. But in-between was truly a golden time for Spain. “The wise and liberal administration of the first Caliph consolidated the jarring elements of that empire, which the sword of Tarik had won.” Agriculture flourished. Thriving villages arose. And upon this foundation there grew a voluptuous civilization sustained by an enlightened peasantry. (Wilson, op. cit.)

While the surrounding nations “were exhausting their resources in perpetual wars, Spain, by cultivating the arts of peace, under the Saracens, became almost entire a garden, sustaining an immense population, and a beneficial commerce with the whole Arab world.” (Ibid.)


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