Mystery Woman Identified

A third mystery woman was involved in the puzzle of Petraeus, Ersjdamoo’s Blog reported yesterday. Paula Broadwell, black ops agent, is the one who had an alleged affair with David Petraeus, Director of the CIA. The third party, the mystery woman who reportedly initiated the FBI investigation, is revealed as of late yesterday to be one Jill Kelley (image above, third from left).

This Jill Kelley, heretofore the mystery woman, is the State Department liaison to the military’s Special Operations Command. Hillary Clinton is in charge of Jill Kelley, because Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State. Ms. Clinton ordered Ms. Kelley to stir things up, perhaps. Her complaint to FBI got the ball rolling.

Was it The Night of the Generals? President Barack Obama would not kowtow to Israel. Obama tried instead to be open-minded, to see all sides. Israel bet heavily on their boy, Mitt Romney, to be a Stepin Fetchit for Israel. To help ensure that their boy Romney would be elected, a September Surprise plot was acquiesced to. The U.S. Military-Industrial complex, always favorable to more bombs and munitions, was hot for more war, as usual. They too were not averse to political hanky panky. And so, on September 11, 2012, there was a “terrorist” attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya. It would be like the old Jimmy Carter days, thought the plotters, when the U.S. embassy in Iran was attacked and Jimmy Carter wound up not being re-elected.

But Everything Is Under Control, as the late Robert Anton Wilson liked to say. Already waiting in the wings in the midst of the election season hanky panky was a new Abraham Lincoln movie. Recall the comparisons between Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln being made late in 2008. They were both long and lanky and came from Illinois. They both assumed office in the midst of great crisis. If Barack Obama hadn’t been re-elected, though, the premiere of the “Lincoln” movie (starring Daniel Day-Lewis as old Abe) would not have had a celebratory aura surrounding it.

The new Abraham Lincoln movie opened in Washington, DC right after the election. It is scheduled for general release this Friday, November 16th. According to one movie review, the film centers on the period of the “lame duck” Congress in early 1865, the fourth year of the Civil War. (Eerie music here.) Barack Obama, re-elected like Abraham Lincoln, now too enters the Lincolnian phase of the “lame duck” Congress. This time the drama centers on a tax hike for the very rich, the September Surprise plot in Libya, Hillary Clinton and her relatively hawkish faction, Hillary’s underling Jill Kelley, the ouster of David Petraeus at CIA, and a cast of thousands!


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