No Pardon For the Turkey

Each year at about this time, it has become customary for the U.S. president to pardon a turkey, thus saving it from a grisly fate. However this year, Wall Streeters are pressuring the White House not to pardon the turkey. The Wall Streeters feel this would be bad symbolism at this time, due to average Americans about to be put on the chopping block with the “austerity measures.”

Said one Wall Streeter, “With everyday turkeys – er, Americans – about to be sacrificed, we feel it would be especially unjust to pardon a mere bird.”

The Wall Streeter was alluding in his comment to “fiscal cliff” measures to be snuck past the American people while they are distracted by Christmas and New Years.

Already, in one small city in Illinois, the fire department there will no longer respond if you are having a stroke, chest pains, convulsions, poisoning overdose, or other problems. This is one early example of what “austerity measures” might mean for us all.

But “the books must be balanced,” insist the Wall Streeters. When they received “Bankers’ Bailout” a couple years ago, those billions of dollars had to come from somewhere. Now, “the piper must be paid” declare the well-heeled denizens of high finance. And so, to balance the books, billions of dollars must be squeezed out somehow from the common people of the USA.

Although some humble souls are quietly suggesting the Wall Streeters could be themselves paying back, through higher taxes, the “Bankers’ Bailout” billions they had received, this would be contrary to an enshrined economic rule of the Wall Streeters: “Only the little people pay taxes.” (Leona Helmsley)

As Sherman H. Skolnick used to say, “The ultra rich pay no taxes!” It was true then, and it is true now. Hence, no pardon for the turkeys. The “austerity measures” have been deemed the way to go, in order that the books might be balanced. And the Wall Streeters are urging that this year, in accord with the symbolism involved, the official Thanksgiving turkey ought not to be pardoned.

The ball is now in President Barack Obama’s court. Will he dare to risk the fury of the Wall Streeters by pardoning the turkey anyway? Or will he knuckle under to the demands of the fat cats? Here is the first battle, phase one in the “fiscal cliff” imbroglio.


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