2013 Equals 1937

2013 equals 1937. Does it also equal 1865?

In the November 22, 2012 Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry, it was stated, “Like in 1937, so too in 2013? An economic downturn in the midst of the Great Recession/Depression? History does not repeat itself – but it rhymes, someone (possibly Mark Twain) once said.”

Then, in The Week magazine of November 30, 2012 an article by Amity Shlaes from Bloomberg.com, “Headed for another 1937,” was summarized. 1937 saw a “depression within the Depression.” Parallels between then and 2013 “are striking.”

Also in The Week magazine of November 30, 2012, on page 36 (“The bottom line”) is reported how “major U.S. companies are reducing their spending at the fastest pace since the recession.” The Week magazine ties this in with concerns about the “fiscal cliff.”

What is this “fiscal cliff” endless drumbeat, and why is it tied in to the Mayan calendar “end date” of December 21, 2012?

Syndicated columnist Clarence Page notices the “coincidence” of the Steven Spielberg “Lincoln” movie and secession petitions suddenly being delivered to the doorstep of President Barack Obama. Aye, Clarence, but there is much more to the tale.

In the November 7, 2012 Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry the “coincidence” of this Lincoln movie was expounded upon. In 2008, comparisons between Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln were routinely being made. Then immediately following Barack Obama’s Lincolnesque re-election on November 6, 2012, a celebratory aura naturally surrounded the release of the “Lincoln” movie. But how could the forces behind this “Lincoln” movie have achieved such fortuitous timing? (Answer: Everything Is Under Control, as Robert Anton Wilson liked to say.)

You may say, “Oh, relax. This ‘Lincoln’ movie is going away.” Au contraire: The misleading Spielberg epic is already ordained for Oscar territory. Next stop, mandatory viewing in the classroom, a la Al Gore’s “Earth In the Balance.”

The new “Lincoln” movie couldn’t be more wrong in its central point of Abraham Lincoln supposedly moving heaven and earth to get the 13th amendment passed by the U.S. Congress. The true history of early 1865 is carefully explained by Otto Eisenschiml in his book, Why Was Lincoln Murdered? And guess what? That book premiered in 1937, which equals 2013 and also possibly 1865.


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