Suspect Bush Killed John Lennon

Suspicions have been aroused as to the true behind-the-scenes culprit in the December 8, 1980 slaying of John Lennon, consequent to questions raised by the December 7, 2012 Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry.

Mark David Chapman, the mind-controlled assassin of John Lennon, carried a copy of J.D. Salinger’s book, The Catcher in the Rye, on his person when he fatally shot John Lennon. So too did John Hinckley, Jr. carry a copy of that book when he is supposed to have alone attacked President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981. Only about 100 days separate the murder of John Lennon and the attempted murder of Ronald Reagan.

In a talk given by Lt. Col. “Bo” Gritz in Mesa, Arizona on April 4, 1992, he stated as follows: “Here we’ve got John Hinckley, Jr. Oh, by the way, is John  Hinckley, Jr., just some kind of a ‘weirdo?’ Isn’t it strange that John Hinckley, Sr., is the owner of Vanderbilt Oil? And, of course, George [Herbert Walker] Bush is the owner of Zapata  Oil. Was it a coincidence, then, that John Hinckley, Sr., and George Bush are neighbors for years in Houston, Texas, working together?  Is it any coincidence that John Hinckley, Sr., when you go back through the FEC, the Federal Election Commission, his own record of giving maximum donations every year to Mr. Bush even when he started running for Congress. Well now, does that make his son, John Hinckley, Jr., seem a little bit less of a coincidence?”

Chapman and Hinckley, Jr. both carried Catcher in the Rye in their almost tandem strange murder attempts. Hinckley, Jr. was a neighbor of George Herbert Walker Bush – hereafter referred to as the suspect Bush – himself former CIA Director and vice president to Ronald Reagan. Both the Lennon murder and the Reagan attempted murder happened during a critical transitional time between the Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan presidencies.

Background On The Suspect Bush

A 1963 memo from J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Czar for decades, mentioned a briefing given by “George Bush of the CIA.” The suspect Bush claimed this must have been some “other” George Bush, but it was not. (Source: Family Of Secrets, by Russ Baker. Bloomsbury Press, 2009)

The suspect Bush claims he cannot recall where he was on November 22, 1963, the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated. To refresh memories, the suspect Bush had opened a campaign headquarters in Dallas, Texas in the fall of 1963. As a candidate for statewide office, suspect Bush frequently travelled throughout Texas at the time. Wife “Babs” Bush was “getting her hair done” in Tyler, Texas on November 22, 1963, she says. But flying around freely on a Mr. Joe Zeppa’s plane, it would have been an easy thing for suspect Bush to have been both in Tyler and in Dallas, Texas on that day which the suspect does not remember. Author Russ Baker (op. cit.) documents that Zeppa, “Babs” Bush, and the suspect Bush had spent the night of November 21, 1963 in Dallas and “were in Dallas the next morning: the day that Kennedy was assassinated.”

Other background on the suspect Bush must include the infamous “October Surprise.” Americans held hostage by Iran were mere poker chips to opposing presidential campaigns of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan in 1980. If the Carter gang could grab the “poker chips” before the election, it would boost Jimmy Carter’s re-election prospects. But as it turned out, the “poker chip” hostages were not released until January 20, 1981. Multiple sources allege that the Reagan campaign struck a deal with Iran to delay the release of the hostages in 1980. On October 27, 1980, the suspect Bush reportedly phoned Richard Allen, a Reagan advisor. The suspect was worried about a Jimmy Carter breakthrough on the hostage crisis. Suspect Bush reportedly ordered Richard Allen to focus on the situation. Handwritten notes of Richard Allen reportedly begin, “JBC already made deal. Israelis delivered last wk spare pts. via Amsterdam.” (Baker, op. cit.)

Interrogation Urged

Given the shady background of suspect Bush, as well as the nearly tandem “Catcher in the Rye” signature assassination events pari passu with the Carter/Reagan transition, it is urged that the suspect Bush be brought in for questioning, by the proper authorities, regarding the John Lennon murder.


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