Nixon Turned Tables on Eastern Establishment

Early in 1969 the newly inaugurated President Richard Nixon arranged a hot date for his daughter Tricia. Nixon sent a White House jet to Georgia to pick up young “Dubya” Bush, son of George Herbert Walker Bush, later U.S. president from 1989 – 1993.

Nixon seemed to be interested in cementing ties via a strategic marriage with the Bush family. The Bush family belonged to the Eastern Establishment faction of the Republican Party, called the “traders” and also the “yankees.” The other Republican Party faction were the nouveau riche from the American Southwest, including Texas. This faction was called the “cowboys” and the “warriors.”

The Eastern Establishment was “old money.” The Southwestern upstarts were “new money.”

As Richard Nixon climbed higher in the political sphere, he grew to resent the easy self-assurance and polished wealth of his Eastern Establishment handlers. That resentment was born around the time when he ran for president against John F. Kennedy, who never had to struggle for money as did Nixon. From there it grew to embrace even the Eastern Establishment faction of his own party.

Nixon had a “seething resentment” of John F. Kennedy. JFK had never had to grovel for money as had Richard Nixon. Nixon felt more comfortable with the Southwestern “cowboy” faction. When he became president in 1969, Nixon began to disregard what the State Department had to say. Suddenly Nixon had become reluctant to allow “the striped-pants faggots on Foggy Bottom” to boss him around! He was now the U.S. president and no longer had to grovel, Nixon believed. And that meant also that the Yalies at CIA could now just kiss his behind.

Nixon’s turning away from the Eastern Establishment faction and more toward the Southwestern “cowboy” faction soon expressed itself against George Herbert Walker Bush. Perhaps the hot date between young “Dubya” Bush and Nixon’s daughter Tricia did not turn out so well. At any rate, Nixon figuratively got his revenge against those snooty rich kids in the form of George Herbert Walker Bush, known as “Poppy” Bush for short. “Poppy” was snubbed for a Treasury Department appointment. Then “Poppy” had to come crawling, hat in hand, and beg Nixon for a job as U.N. ambassador.

NIXON: “Say, ‘Arf-arf!’, Poppy.”

POPPY BUSH: “Arf-arf!”

NIXON: “Good doggy. Okay, you can be the U.N. ambassador.”

Outwardly, Poppy Bush behaved like a good little doggy. But inwardly he and others of the Eastern Establishment seethed against this commoner Nixon and his new presumptuous manners.

(Acknowledgement to, Family of Secrets, by Russ Baker. New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2009)


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