"Heep" Nixon Schemed for "Agnes"

Richard Nixon had been like Uriah Heep, a character in the Charles Dickens novel, David Copperfield.

“‘When I was quite a young boy,’ said Uriah, ‘I got to know what umbleness did, and I took to it. I ate umble pie with an appetite. I stopped at the umble point of my learning, and says I, “Hard hard!”

But like Uriah Heep, Richard Nixon cast aside the “umbleness” mask once he had attained a high position, for Nixon the office of U.S. president in 1969. Nixon had groveled to the Eastern Establishment faction of the Republican Party as he climbed to power. But once he became president, Nixon did a u-turn. George Herbert Walker Bush, known as “Poppy” Bush, wanted to be U.N. ambassador. To humiliate the Eastern Establishment’s Poppy Bush, Nixon more or less made Bush bark like a dog, as described in the Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of December 9, 2012.

Like Poppy Bush, who had been there, in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated, so too had Richard Nixon been in Dallas on the fateful day. However by the time JFK was assassinated, at 12:30 pm CST, both Bush and Nixon had already departed from Dallas.

Nixon had a deep interest in the whole “Bay of Pigs thing,” which seems to have been his code word for the JFK assassination and ramifications. Once Nixon became president, he ordered John Ehrlichman, the White House counsel, to “instruct” Richard Helms, the CIA Director, to send to the White House the relevant, classified files.

But Richard Helms refused this order from his commander-in-chief! “Those bastards in Langley are holding back something,” fumed Ehrlichman. “They just dig their heels in and say the President can’t have it. Period. Imagine that. The Commander-in-Chief wants to see a document and the spooks say he can’t have it… From the way they’re protecting it, it must be pure dynamite.”

Now no longer so very “umble” as he had been during his climb to power, the Uriah Heep Nixon summoned Richard Helms to the White House. But Helms still refused to let Nixon see the files.

Once the character Uriah Heep had insinuated himself sufficiently into the firm of Wickfield, he cast aside his “umble” mask and even dared to presume to marry the lovely Agnes and gain total control of the Wickfield fortune. The “lovely Agnes,” for Richard Nixon, would have been possession of the secret files on “the Bay of Pigs thing.” Once Nixon possessed this powerful blackmail bargaining chip, he would have total control.

Readers of David Copperfield know what eventually became of Uriah Heep and his schemes. For Richard “Uriah” Nixon, two powerful enemies had been born – the CIA and the Eastern Establishment faction of the Republican Party, code-named respectively “Mr. Micawber” and “Tommy Traddles.”

(Acknowledgement to, Family of Secrets, by Russ Baker. New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2009)


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