Johnny Cash Demands Truth

The Gospel of Nicodemus is usually called “apocryphal,” meaning it is not officially part of “the canon.” But according to Annie Besant, no one knows exactly who originally decided what is in “the canon” and what is “apocryphal.” The following passage from The Gospel of Nicodemus does not seem “apocryphal” to me:

11 Pilate saith to him, What is truth?

12 Jesus said, Truth is from heaven.

13 Pilate said, Therefore truth is not on earth.

14 Jesus said to Pilate, Believe that truth is on earth among those, who when they have the power of judgment, are governed by truth, and form right judgment. (Gospel of Nicodemus 3: 11-14)

Johnny Cash had a hit song in the mid-1970s called, “What Is Truth?” For some reason, that song has been censored out of the Johnny Cash “Greatest Hits” compilations. (“And it didn’t really matter if the truth was there, it was the cut of his clothes and the length of his hair!”)

You might say that this particular Johnny Cash song has been deemed “apocryphal” and is not “in the canon.”

In this present critical time phase between 12/12/12 and 12/21/12, let us recall these words from Johnny Cash: “You’d better help that voice of youth find, ‘What is Truth?'”

The truth was hugely subverted during the so-called “Watergate” episode of the early 1970s. George Herbert Walker Bush, nicknamed “Poppy” Bush, was centrally placed as a non-descript grey man in the midst of the plot-within-a-plot. Playing the role of editor and journalist were, respectively, Ben Bradlee and Bob Woodward, brought in from Naval Intelligence. Carl Bernstein, not “in the loop,” ruefully realized later, in 1977, that the CIA had penetrated the newsrooms. All this is explained more fully in recent Ersjdamoo’s Blog entries.

The CIA now routinely uses its infiltration of the “news” organizations for recurrent “mighty Wurlitzer” propaganda attacks on the American public. In April 2012, a rare creature, an honest reporter, tried to tell the truth about the relentless propaganda barrage carpet-bombing in favor of U.S. intervention in Syria. In an interview entitled, “US media manipulate Syria unrest,” Lizzie Phelan claimed there has been a “media war” ongoing whose purpose is to defame the Syrian government and help bring it down. This was detailed in the April 13, 2012 Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry.

The departure of Susan Rice from consideration as Secretary of State is a major blow to the Hillary Clinton faction of the White House. That faction puts so-called “feminism” considerations above all else in its foreign policy decisions. Shrewd Islamic plotters were able to utilize this “feminist” favoring weakness as leverage to manipulate Hillary Clinton and her allies. That has been a key factor in the so-called “Arab Spring.” But now, with Susan Rice withdrawing from consideration, it looks like John Kerry will be the new Secretary of State. And Kerry, if he indeed becomes the new Secretary of State, is likely to move away from the Hillary Clinton policy of “feminism first.”

But can John Kerry undo the damage caused by the Hillary Clinton State Department in time? In this critical 12/12/12 – 12/21/12 time phase, a “red line” has already been drawn. A toe has gone over that “red line” with questionable “scud missile” allegations. First they draw the “red line,” then inevitably someone steps over it! Is it “Gulf of Tonkin” time again? Don’t depend on the “news” to tell the youth what is truth.


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