"Men In Black" Contact Langley


In the Cotton Mather times, the “Men In Black” (MIBs) chose the appearance of “no taller than an ordinary Walking-Staff; hee was not of a Negro, but of a Tawney, or an Indian colour; hee wore an high-crowned Hat, with strait Hair, and had one Cloven-Foot,” as detailed in the December 18, 2012 Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry.

The Titusville Herald (Titusville, PA), of June 17, 1997 carried a report suggesting that both Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon Bonaparte “had been approached by MIB.” (“Men In Black”, by Tom Boyle)

The first newspaper account, wrote Boyle (op. cit.), of a “Men In Black” encounter happened in 1905. A “man dressed in black” had appeared to a young Welsh woman.

That, of course, was the first newspaper account. But there has been an “extraordinary encounter continuum” going on for quite some time. “How long have they been here?” asked FBI Agent Fox Mulder. His deep-cover source replied, “‘They,’ Mr. Mulder, have always been here.” (“X-Files” episode)

A Mr. Albert K. Bender had been a supervisor at “Acme Shear” for 14 years. “During service in the U.S. Air Corps in World War II, he edited an Army newspaper at Langley Field, Va.” (“A.K. Bender Authors Book On Flying Saucer Insight,” by Ruth Husar. Bridgeport Post (Bridgeport, CT), July 11, 1962)

NASA has a “Research Center” at Langley, Virginia. The headquarters of the CIA is also at Langley.

In March 1953, some “creatures” contacted Mr. Bender. “After a telepathic message from three men dressed in black clothes, Mr. Bender was given a metal disk. Following instructions, he switched on the radio, repeated the word, ‘Kazik’ – and was off into Saucerland.” (Husar, op. cit. Emphasis added.)

In subsequent conversation with the Space Brothers, Mr. Bender was told that the Space Brothers “had been on earth since 1945.” But right there is the likelihood of disinformation. As noted in the December 18, 2012 Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry, Cotton Mather had recorded how in his time, “The birds of prey (and indeed the Devils most literally in the shape of great birds! [UFOs?]) were flying about.”

Mather had also described how “brimstone” (sulphur) “was making an hellish and horrid stench in the nostrils.” Albert Bender’s visitations by the MIBs too were always accompanied by the smell of sulphur each time. (Husar, op. cit.)

We enter a strange realm here. You likely have been conditioned to reflexively laugh at such things – the “laugh curtain” alleged by Dr. Stanton Friedman. But there has been “strangeness in the air,” both then and now.


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