Black Helicopters Are Real

In the 1950s and 1960s, “People who studied UFOs or published books or articles about them, began to report incidents of harassment by strange men, usually traveling in groups of twos or threes. They apparently always dressed in black suits, drove long, sleek black Cadillacs and told the saucer investigators to stop talking about what people were seeing in the skies.” (“Men In Black’, by Tom Boyle. Titusville Herald (Titusville, PA), June 17, 1997)

Besides the black Cadillacs of the Men In Black, at least one instance of “a convoy of shiny black pickup trucks” has been reported. (See the Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of December 18, 2012 for background.)

But what about the black helicopters routinely being noticed in the 1990s? As to the black helicopters, the late Jim Keith covered the subject well in his book, Black Helicopters Over America. “Jim Keith, one of America’s better-known conspiracy writers, has tapped into a growing fear of the federal government of the Militia of Montana sort,” wrote one reviewer at “The implication set forth in this book is that there are mysterious (presumed to be UN) black helicopters out there keeping an eye on the little people with the ultimate goal of rounding us up and putting us in detention camps.”

But these black helicopters which used to be so widely noticed in the 1990s may have been of a more unearthly nature. The July 11, 1994 issue of the For the People News Reporter carried a reprint of an article which first appeared in the Peninsula News, serving Houghton and Keweenaw, Michigan, during the week of June 12, 1994. The article, bearing the headline “Stupak Confirms Presence of ‘Classified’ Black Copters But Others Suspect World Government Conspiracy,” offered two theories on the black helicopters: (1) The world is being taken over, with U.S. cooperation, by a new internationalist regime run by the United Nations and the Trilateral Commission, and (2) similar to theory number 1, but with UFOs and aliens as an additional element.

For the People News Reporter was an outgrowth of Peoples Radio Network, founded by Chuck Harder and his wife Dianne. At its peak in the early-to-mid 1990s, For The People radio show was carried on over 300 radio stations, second only to Rush Limbaugh. While still popular, the Peoples Radio Network declined during the mid-to-late-1990s because of factors such as radio consolidation, where big chains began buying radio stations and replaced programming with “approved” safe hosts. The Peoples Radio Network was also harassed by a meticulous IRS audit in 1994.

However, “back in the day,” Chuck Harder was one of the few who would dare to cover questions about the black helicopters. In an open letter to Mr. Don Weeks, Editor, Peninsula News, Harder admitted that, “Yes, we do get a lot of calls about the ‘black helicopters.’ Here in Florida, for example, several farmers have complained to their members of Congress that unmarked helicopters are buzzing and hovering over livestock barns and causing losses. Other folks want to know why these aircraft are flying in a menacing fashion over their private land.”

“Pictures have arrived in our office from across the USA,” added Harder.

The black helicopters were seen by some as “a symbol and warning sign of an alleged conspiratorial military takeover of the United States, though it has also been associated with men in black and similar conspiracies.”

Parapsychologist John Keel has argued that mystery helicopters (not always black in color) have an origin similar to that of UFOs, ghosts and fairies: events staged by an intelligent non-human entity in order to propagate and reinforce certain erroneous belief systems and as a cover for real phenomena.

Black helicopters have also been reported in the areas where cattle mutilation has occurred. (“Black Helicopters”,

Offered for your consideration: That the black helicopters of the 1990s were shape-shifted vehicles of the Men In Black, who had mutated from black Cadillacs to black helicopters; that the Men In Black are somehow connected to the “Space Brothers” who roamed the skies in Cotton Mather’s time disguised as “birds of prey (and indeed the Devils most literally in the shape of great birds!)” and who now manifest as “flying saucers.”


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