"Primal Fear" at Sandy Hook?


Adam Lanza, the Ichabod Crane look-alike, had been a “sweet little boy” in second grade at Sandy Hook Elementary School, reported the Associated Press. (“Ex-Sandy Hook teacher: Lanza was sweet little boy”, by Brock Vergakis. AP, Dec. 23, 2012)

But sometime between then and when he departed from Sandy Hook some “cannon ball” had taken off the head of Adam Lanza. Something evidently had happened to Adam Lanza at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, as further explored in the December 25, 2012 Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry. What sort of severe trauma might it have been which could have pushed Lanza to a twisted revenge on December 14, 2012?

In the 1996 movie, Primal Fear (starring Richard Gere and Ed Norton), a severe trauma seems to have pushed altar boy Aaron Stampler (Norton) to an act of revenge: the murder of a Catholic archbishop.

SPOILER ALERT: Details of the story related in Primal Fear given below.

Aaron Stampler (Edward Norton), a young altar boy with a severe stutter, is accused of brutally murdering the beloved Archbishop Rushman (Stanley Anderson).

Martin Vail (Richard Gere), defense attorney for the stuttering altar boy, makes a search of the Archbishop’s apartment and finds a videotape of Stampler being forced to perform in a sexual act with another altar boy and a girl named Linda.

Vail confronts his client with what he has discovered, something Stampler had seemed to repress. Stampler breaks down crying and suddenly transforms into a new persona: a violent sociopath who calls himself “Roy”. “Roy” confesses to the murder of the Archbishop.

There is more to the movie, Primal Fear, than the above. Acknowledgement to the Wikipedia entry.

The stuttering altar boy Aaron Stampler is seen to have suffered a trauma which dislocated his mind, apparently. Did something similar happen to Adam Lanza while he attended the Sandy Hook Elementary School? Did one part of Lanza later become an Ichabod Crane “slithering” meekly down the hallways of his high school, while another part – the headless horseman – lurked within? If so, what finally triggered the headless horseman to emerge on December 14, 2012?


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