Marilyn Monroe: "I Married a Communist"

Congratulations to the “news” fakers who have now discovered that Marilyn Monroe was married to a Communist. But if the “news” fakers would read their own propaganda they would already have known this.

Arthur Miller, a playwright, was married to Marilyn Monroe. The June 22, 1956 “Books” section of the New York Times carried a report headlined, “Arthur Miller Admits Helping Communist-Front Groups in ’40s.” Allen Drury reports, in part, “Arthur Miller, playwright, disclosed today a past filled with Communist-front associations and a future filled with Marilyn Monroe.”

Now, more than 50 years later, Gabrielle Levy of UPI is shocked to report how FBI was suspicious that Marilyn Monroe might be a commie.

This Arthur Miller wrote a play dealing with the Salem witchcraft episode of the Cotton Mather times. Like the erroneous history in the new Steven Spielberg “Lincoln” movie, so too “The Crucible”, Miller’s Salem witchcraft play, is high-octane hogwash.

In the DVD I have of “The Crucible” (1996) there is an interview of Miller and Daniel Day-Lewis, who performed in the Twentieth Century Fox version of “The Crucible.” (Mr. Day-Lewis, a talented actor, also is “Old Abe” in the new “Lincoln” movie.) Arthur Miller’s erroneous “history” of the Salem witchcraft situation blames it all on some mischievous teenage girls. But, Arthur Miller added in the 1996 interview, these mischievous teenage girls were not villains but heroines who were attacking and subverting the white male power structure! To this, Daniel Day-Lewis sagely nodded as if to say, “Yes, it is so.”

Well if you can’t trust a Communist to explain to you the Salem witchcraft episode, then who can you trust?

But the true story of the Salem witchcraft episode – the non-Communist version – is contained in my book, In Praise of Cotton Mather (2011, published by Contrary to wishy-washy nonsense, in fact the “Indians” (Native Americans) greeted the Pilgrims with volleys of deadly arrows. It was afterwards confessed by these Indians “that upon the arrival of the English in these parts, the Indians employed their sorcerors, whom they call pow-wows, like Balaam, to curse them, and let loose their demons upon them, to shipwreck them, to distract them, to poison them, or any way to ruin them. All the noted pow-wows in the country spent three days together in diabolical conjurations, to obtain the assistance of the devils against the settlement of these our English…”

New England was under psychic demonic attack! This was much more than a few bitchy teens subverting the white male power structure! In 1688, “surly” Indians began to be seen on the outskirts of Massachusetts settlements. There were “Indian wars.” After a defeat at Falmouth (in southern Maine) in September 1689, the Wabanakis (a Maine tribe) retreated “into the howling Desarts” and only a “few sculkin Roges (skulking rogues)” were sometimes seen.

This was the turbulent backdrop for the Salem witchcraft episode. There began to be “Remarkable Providences,” such as unusual weather, earthquakes, strange apparitions, and diabolical possessions. It seemed as if the Devil had descended upon the New Englanders! The situation was in a snarl: it was hard to separate fact from fiction. The Honorable Judges had a private room for Jehoshaphat’s Exclamation, “We know not what to do!”

In those troubled times, one man, Cotton Mather, stood firm against the tide.


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