JFK Killed Marilyn Monroe?

The FBI has released files which link Marilyn Monroe to the Communists. The commies were sucking money out of the blonde bombshell who had friends with ties to the Communist agenda.

Congratulations to FBI which, 50 years after Ms. Monroe’s suspicious death, has finally allowed some “transparency.” How many years will it be before FBI and the Connecticut State Police remove the stone wall surrounding investigation of the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook incident? That stonewalling of Sandy Hook was the subject of the December 29, 2012 Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry.

An FBI file dated August 16, 1955 reveals Marilyn Monroe had contacted the Soviet embassy about getting a visa to enter the USSR. A memo dated April 27, 1956 describes how “Marilyn Monroe Productions” had been chartered in 1954, with Ms. Monroe as President and one Milton Greene its Vice President and Treasurer. The FBI suspected that money from “Marilyn Monroe Productions” was helping to fund commies in the USA, according to a recent UPI report by Gabrielle Levy.

This all ties in with the marriage of Marilyn Monroe to Arthur Miller, a playwright and admitted Communist, reported upon in the December 30, 2012 Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry.

A memo to “Mr. DeLoach” (Cartha DeLoach) dated July 9, 1963 deals with speculation that Marilyn Monroe had been murdered. The memo, with subject heading, “‘Photoplay’ Article Concerning Marilyn Monroe’s Death”, begins by noting a Walter Winchell column of July 8, 1963 published by the New York Mirror which contained the statement, “Photoplay’s current article on the man who ‘killed’ Marilyn practically names him.”

Who was the mystery man who allegedly killed Marilyn Monroe? The “man is happily married and has children; that you can see him in a crowd and reach out and touch him; that he is a great man, famous, known the world over; that he can be seen on television and in movie theaters; that people look up to him and consider his wife and children lucky; that he is mentioned almost daily in newspapers and magazines; and that he is considered a ‘truly honorable man.'” (DeLoach memo, op. cit.)

This mystery man sounds a lot like President John F. Kennedy, except for maybe how “he” can be seen in movie theaters. But even there, this might mean newsreels, which were typically featured as short subjects preceding the main feature film into the 1960s. (“Newsreel”, Wikipedia, Dec. 30, 2012)

Sam and Chuck Giancana, in their book, Double Cross (New York: Warner Books, 1992), allege that Marilyn Monroe had been exploited by both mobsters and the CIA to compromise world leaders. This would be accomplished, for example, by using surveillance of Monroe’s liaisons with these leaders as material for subsequent blackmail. Monroe’s career was languishing by June of 1962 and she had become increasingly troubled. Her knowledge of CIA-Outfit collaborative efforts coupled with her increasingly severe emotional instability had become a dangerous combination. By July 1962, she had become expendable. When Marilyn Monroe threatened to “blow the lid off the whole damn thing” she became more than “expendable”; she was now a “liability.”

On August 4, 1962, Bobby Kennedy visited Monroe in California, accompanied by a man who may have been a doctor. Mobsters listening in on the meeting say that Monroe became more and more hysterical. Kennedy instructed the man with him to give Monroe a shot to “calm her down”. RFK and his companion then left Monroe sedated in her home. The mob’s assassins then moved in for the kill: sometime before midnight, they entered Marilyn’s home. “She struggled at first, it was said, but already drugged by the injected sedative… their rubber-gloved hands easily forced her nude body to the bed. Calmly… they taped her mouth shut and proceeded to insert a specially ‘doctored’ Nembutal suppository into her anus.” (Double Cross, op. cit.)

“The suppository… prepared by the same Chicago chemist who concocted the numerous chemical potions for the [Fidel] Castro hit, had been a brilliant choice. A lethal dosage of sedatives administered orally, and by force, would have been too risky, causing suspicious bruising during a likely struggle, as well as vomiting…” (Ibid.)


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One Response to JFK Killed Marilyn Monroe?

  1. amscia says:

    The truth re the murder of Marilyn Monroe (MM) will never be revealed because she was killed by mafia as per the contract for a hit with shadow govt. On 4th August ’62 after 8.30 pm Robert Kennedy (RFK) visited MM’s residence to obtain the possession of some important papers required by JFK and bearing the remarks “Not to be copied”. It was RFK’s 2nd visit on that day. It should be noted that RFK was not after MM’s red diary as is generally reported. While hot arguments took place between them, RFK was not successful in obtaining the confidential papers from MM. What were those confidential papers and how MM came to possess them is a mistry. Immediately after RFK left her house at around 10.30 p.m. the mafia boss and MM’s friend Johnny Roselli came to see MM. While MM was taking him to guest cottage the mafia killers also crept into the cottage and killed MM by inserting a poisonous suppository. The suppository was inserted almost 12 inches inside MM resulting in star like discoloration above her colon. (Normal enema may not go beyond 10”) That is the reason why MM’s body was actually found in the guest cottage and not in her bedroom as per the eye witness statement of Mr Norman Jeffries in 1993. MM was killed immediately after RFK left her residence but before her housekeeper Mrs. Murray returned from the neighbor’s house. The idea was to implicate RFK in her murder. However RFK was actually not involved in MM’s murder. MM was killed because she came to know the details of very secret and clandestine deals and projects (including the bizarre JFK murder plan) involving KGB/CIA/FBI fascist group on one hand and the mafias on the other. That is the reason MM was frantically trying to call White House, contact and warn Kennedys about the evil projects/plans of fascist forces. It is a lie to say that she was making calls on account of their so called love affairs. While KGB wanted to kill MM immediately CIA/FBI wanted to wait and watch the situation by bugging her house. The contract for bugging her house was signed by the CIA Counterintelligence chief and surviving victim of Bay of Pig fiasco Mr. James Jesus Angleton. MM wanted to disclose the details of their clandestine deals and evil projects and not her love affairs, the UFO hoax or Castro murder plan in that alleged so called press conference. The decision to kill MM was taken after the failure of mafia setup at Cal Nova just few days before her murder when MM had to confront the mafia bosses. After the failure of Cal Nova setup both MM and Kennedys were aware of impending danger to MM’s life. In fact RFK had even warned MM on that count during his visit on 4th August. However Kennedys were concerned more with their image than MM’s life. MM had already expressed her apprehension of danger to her life from Mafia to Paula Strasburg. Had MM accepted the mafia proposal of bringing down Kennedy administration by disclosing her so called love affairs with Kennedys she would have perhaps become a millionaire and/or received lucrative film contracts in Hollywood. But MM was not disloyal to her country. She was not a hypocrite and she had sincerely said “I don’t want money. I just want to be wonderful.” CIA and FBI (Hoover) unsuccessfully tried to label her communist and gather an evidence that she was a communist spy but miserably failed because actually she was only a sympathizer and not communist. The fascist forces had done a very meticulous planning for killing MM i.e. spreading the rumors of JFK-MM love affairs just few days before and after MM’s murder and setting up and forcing RFK to visit MM’s residence. Both Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen were killed by the same fascist forces and murders were orchestrated by the same CIA fascist James Jesus Angleton. Years after MM’s murder a neighbor friend asked Hoover (FBI) whether MM had committed suicide. Very cool response that she was murdered by Kennedys. Hoover should have said the truth that she was killed by James Jesus Angleton.

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