Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

The anticipation has been building, and now Ersjdamoo’s Blog announces its winner for Best Picture of 2012. And the winner is… Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.

The Academy is surprised by the choice, since the (ahem) “important pictures” get released late in the year and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter was released in June 2012.

Ersjdamoo’s Blog however has chosen “Vampire Hunter” above the pretentious Steven Spielberg “Lincoln” due to the latter’s attempt to foist off erroneous history upon the viewing public, in contrast to “Vampire Hunter” which is not unduly swelled by its own ego.

In Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, we have, on one level, something the average weary Joe and Jane can sit back and enjoy. Yet at another level, for the highbrow set, the film (directed and co-produced by Timur Bekmambetov, along with Tim Burton) provides a wealth of Jungian intuitions: What were the deeper, occult forces haunting the face of the simple rail splitter?

“History prefers legends to men.” So says official trailer #2 for Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. The “rail splitter” takes on a whole new meaning in this powerful film. The axe wielded by Abe Lincoln, coated with silver, is expertly hefted by the lanky Illinoisan as he avenges the death of his mother, Nancy Hanks.

“History prefers legends to men.” Back in 1962, Dr. Irving Ahlquist bemoaned various myths constantly being attached to the remembrance of Abraham Lincoln. The historian complained about how “the legends continue to grow” and how he was fighting “a losing battle” against them. Myths constantly being attached to Old Abe “do not teach us much about Lincoln,” stated Ahlquist. “But they give us an insight into the American mind.” (“LBSC Historian Attempts to Strip Away Myths”, by Robert Wilcox. Press Telegram, Feb. 12, 1962)

What does it tell us about the American mind in 2012 that a myth about Abraham Lincoln and the 13th Amendment is foisted off in the Steven Spielberg “Lincoln” movie? The movie portrays “log rolling”, i.e., Lincoln moving heaven and earth to secure passage in Congress of the 13th Amendment. And yet, wrote Ida Tarbell, “there is little reliable proof of what he [Abraham Lincoln] did or did not do. Certainly there is nothing to show that he took any part in what may be called the ‘log rolling’ for the measure.” (“In the Footsteps of Abraham Lincoln: XLVIII – After the Emancipation Proclamation”, by Ida Tarbell. Sheboygan Press-Telegram (Sheboygan, WI), Jan. 26, 1924)

Even the very grave of Abraham Lincoln was once under attack for exploitation of his memory. Circa 1876 a plot to steal the body of Old Abe from his tomb and hold it for ransom was discovered. That is why the present site of Lincoln’s remains in Springfield, Illinois has his coffin placed in a steel cage 10 feet deep and encased in concrete in the floor of the tomb.

Yet vampires are always on the prowl. They want to somehow steal the remains of Abraham Lincoln and use them for their own purposes. Such is the case with the Steven Spielberg “Lincoln” movie. And such is why Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, wins Best Picture for 2012.


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