The Pope and "Young America"

Is this man Peter the Roman?

“Historian Yonatan Eyal argues that the 1840s and 1850s were the heyday of the faction of young Democrats that called itself ‘Young America.’ Led by Stephen Douglas, James K. Polk and Franklin Pierce, and New York financier August Belmont, this faction broke with the agrarian and strict constructionist orthodoxies of the past and embraced commerce, technology, regulation, reform, and internationalism.” (“Young America movement”, Wikipedia, Feb. 17, 2013)

It was the Millard Fillmore times. Our Millard was decidedly not with the “Young America” gang. Fillmore was aligned with the “Know Nothings,” wary of foreign (and especially Catholic) intervention in these United States.

Albert Pike, notorious Master Mason, employed George Mazzini, leader of Italian Grand Orient Freemasonry. Mazzini sent lieutenant Adriano Lemmi and the Hungarian Masonic Magyar Louis Kossuth to the U.S. where they formed “Young America” lodges. (Daniel, John. Scarlet and the Beast (Vol. 1). Tyler, TX: JKI Publishing, 1995)

Author Charles Higham describes the “Young America” movement as akin to the later “Hitler Youth.” (Higham, Charles. Murdering Mr. Lincoln. Beverly Hills: New Millenium Press, 2004)

Currently, in Europe, youth unemployment threatens political stability. The unemployment situation is also bad in the United States. An army of youth sits idle, waiting perhaps for some “Messiah” to appear. (Barack Obama is the previous, now-fading “Messiah” for many of the unemployed youth.)

Into this vacuum of despair has entered the Catholic Church, according to an article in the March 2013 issue of The Trumpet magazine. (“A Job for Europe’s Youth”, by Ron Fraser) The Vatican has launched a “Year of Faith.” The European youth especially “are responding in droves to the pope’s appeals.”

Ah, but perhaps a younger man would be a more charismatic figure with which to charm the vast army of unemployed youth. And perhaps if he were black, this might symbolize real change. At this critical time, Pope Benedict XVI amazingly decides to retire. It has been noticed how one Peter Turkson (“Peter the Roman”?), a Cardinal from Ghana, looms as the possible next Pope, in the February 13, 2013 Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry.

By July of 2013 we will surely know who the next Pope is. In that month, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a “World Youth Day” will be celebrated by Catholic youth. Inspiring figure for the assemblage will be the new, younger, more vital Pope.

President Barack Obama could be the inspiring figure for the millions of idle youth. But instead he focuses on relatively piddly issues, like so-called “assault weapons” and gay marriage. Is Obama afraid to step up to the plate on the real issue of jobs? The President’s powerful voice is not heard so much on that. And so, into the vacuum of leadership will likely step the Roman Catholic Church and its new Pope.


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