Mayan Calendar Considerations

Paul Joseph Watson, who I respect, considers the Mayan Calendar prognostications to have fizzled. Yet the Winter Solstice also each year seems to have fizzled. The return of the Sun? Where is it? But then, around February, some may begin to notice a change: “Is it my imagination, or are the days getting longer?”

Around the close of the Mayan baktun cycle, in December 2012, occurred the Sandy Hook incident. A major eruption happened coincident to this, encapsulated in the appearance by Alex Jones on the Piers Morgan TV program. It seemed as if, like the Oscar Pistorius eruption, this issue would be with us forever.

And yet Oscar Pistorius has been granted bail and his trial will not occur until at least June of this year. So how can the “news” fakers make an O.J. Simpson out of it at this point? The BBC all week devoted lead coverage to the Pistorius case, as if nothing else had been happening. But how will BBC’s “World Briefing” galvanize the frog’s legs now, since nothing much will be happening until at least June? And how will the two-months-old Sandy Hook continue to be galvanized? Move over, Sandy Hook. The “sequester” budget cuts have grabbed the stage.

It had all seemed cut-and-dried. But then Pope Benedict XVI surprisingly announced his retirement. This did not happen right at the close of the Mayan baktun cycle in December 2012. But maybe Pope Benedict made his decision at that time.

President Barack Obama remains in the batter’s cage, swinging his bat. When will he step up to the plate? A new Pope, “Peter the Roman” might be the substitute batter. Millions of twenty-somethings have no hope of employment. They risk becoming a “lost generation.” An army of youth sits idle, waiting perhaps for some “Messiah” to appear. Into this vacuum of despair will enter the Catholic Church. “Peter the Roman” (unlike Barack Obama) will hammer on this issue: Where are the jobs?

Increasingly irrelevant, Barack Obama will say, “Hey, look at me! ‘Assault weapon’ danger! Gay marriage!” But there is a new kid on the block, and he will speak to what people really care about.

All this begins to emerge two months after the close of the Mayan baktun cycle. And Lo! After decades of puzzling over the Abraham Lincoln assassination, light has begun to dawn. Back in the 1970s I had read The Lincoln Conspiracy, by David Balsiger and Charles E. Sellier, Jr. That book awoke me to the Lincoln assassination being an unsolved puzzle. For the late Sherman H. Skolnick, the answer seemed to boil down to cotton speculation. Yet still I did not feel this was the answer. Then, around the close of the Mayan baktun cycle, I was re-reading Otto Eisenschiml’s book, Why Was Lincoln Murdered? At that time an answer which satisfies me appeared. Abraham Lincoln was killed at the behest of the “Radical” Abolitionist faction of his own Party! “That [Andrew] Johnson was maligned by his enemies because he was seeking honestly to carry out the conciliatory and wise policy of Lincoln is now generally understood, but even now few realise how intensely Lincoln was hated by the Radicals at the time of his death,” writes one reviewer of The Tragic Era, by Claude G. Bowers.

Got that? The “Radical” Abolitionists hated Abraham Lincoln. At the City Point meeting of late March 1865, Abraham Lincoln “gave secret orders to his military leaders for what Lloyd Lewis called ‘one of the most cunning examples of the double-cross that the whole range of American politics, before or after him, could show.’ These orders were, in short, to grant to the opponents at the proper time a truce that embraced a formula for peace on the basis of the situation as it had existed before the outbreak of the war.” (Background: Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of December 4, 2012)

Union General William T. Sherman had attended the City Point meeting. When Sherman signed the truce with Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston later, on April 17, 1865, he followed the instructions given by President Lincoln at City Point: the people of the late Confederacy were guaranteed their rights of person and of property. When Sherman’s truce agreement reached Washington, DC on April 21, Edwin Stanton of the “Radical” faction threw a fit against General Sherman and had the armistice disapproved. (Source: Why Was Lincoln Murdered?, by Otto Eisenschiml.)

This Sunday, February 24th, it seems likely to me that the hugely inaccurate Steven Spielberg “Lincoln” movie will get the “Best Picture” award. Notice how that movie also is inextricably tied into the close of the Mayan baktun cycle. Consider Spielberg’s “Lincoln” to be a last gasp of the old cycle. The Truth now, like the returning Sun, begins to dawn.


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Editor of Conspiracy Nation, later renamed Melchizedek Communique. Close associate of the late Sherman H. Skolnick. Jack of all trades, master of none. Sagittarius, with Sagittarius rising. I'm not a bum, I'm a philosopher.
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