Jesuits and the Illuminati

The Alumbrados (Illuminated) was a term used to loosely describe practitioners of a mystical form of Christianity in Spain during the 15th-16th centuries. They were firmly repressed and became some of the early victims of the Spanish Inquisition.

The Jesuits, “God’s Marines”, began in 1534 when the Spaniard Ignatius de Loyola and six other young men, including St. Francis Xavier, vowed obedience to the Pope.

Note the coincidence of location (Spain) and time (16th century) for the births of the Alumbrados (Illuminated Ones) and the Jesuits.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the new “Pope Francis,” says his designation symbolizes Francis of Assisi. But some have wondered if it really symbolizes Francis Xavier, a founding member of the Jesuits.

In 1773, Pope Clement XIV annulled and extinguished the Jesuits. These “abolished” Jesuits fled to the hinterlands of Prussia and Russia and licked their wounds for awhile. (Background: “The Pope and Abraham Lincoln”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of March 15, 2013)

Bavaria is in the southeast of Germany. “Prussia” basically amounts to Germany. Some of the exiled Jesuits bided their time in Bavaria, after Pope Clement XIV had annulled the “God’s Marines” secretive order.

One of these Bavarian exiles was Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit priest. In 1776, in Bavaria, Weishaupt founded the Illuminati.

1773: Jesuits banned. 1776: Illuminati founded in Bavaria by Jesuit priest.

Adam Weishaupt, among other things, wanted to destroy the Catholic Church.

In 1814, simultaneously with the calling of the Congress of Vienna, Austria, Pope Pius VIIth restored the Jesuits.

In 1822, a “Secret Treaty of Verona” was entered into by “high contracting parties of the former Congress of Vienna, Austria.” The “Secret Treaty of Verona was placed in their [the Jesuits] keeping.” (McCarty, Burke. The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.)

In 1865, following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, John Surratt, alleged conspirator in the Lincoln assassination, eluded pursuing authorities thanks to help from a Catholic “rat line,” prototype for a later Vatican “rat line” which helped prominent Nazis escape justice. (Background: “‘Rat Line’ For John Surratt”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry for March 19, 2013)

At the close of the Mayan calendar baktun cycle, in December 2012, an ailing Pope Benedict XVI decides to retire. The stunning news is not publicly announced until later, in February 2013. Lightning from God struck St. Peter’s Basilica on Feb. 11 – the same day Pope Benedict XVI resigned.

It had been God’s plan, no doubt, that the goodly Peter Turkson (“Peter the Roman”), a Cardinal from Ghana, was to be the next Pope. But suppose a coup d’etat took place, and the Illuminati (Jesuits) stacked the deck so one of their own, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, would become Pope. Suppose the lightning which struck St. Peter’s Basilica on Feb. 11, 2013 was a sign of God’s severe displeasure at the coup d’etat. If so, this would explain the disagreement as to St. Malachy’s prophecy, with some saying Pope Benedict XVI was the final pope and some saying there would be one more, “Peter the Roman.” Cardinal Peter Turkson, in a way, would be the final pope: The True Pope in Exile. Pope Benedict XVI, in another way, would be the final pope: The Pope Emeritus. And on the Throne of St. Peter would sit the Illuminati (Jesuit) pope: Pope Francis.


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3 Responses to Jesuits and the Illuminati

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  2. Maris-grace says:

    I agree with u

  3. ihatenexus2013 says:

    There are two ‘teams’ in the NWO.

    The perpetrators of the ‘evil Illuminati’ myth are the Islamacist Muslims.

    The same people who conquered ancient Israel and destroyed the Temple of Solomon,
    which was built by Freemasons. A temple destroyed by those who invaded Israel
    and took the Hebrews as their slaves.

    When the defenders of Jerusalem, including the Knights Templar arrived, Saladin
    defeated them at the Battle of Hatinn and ordered their execution. Non Muslims have
    been routinely executed by Islamacists ever since.

    Modern Muslims are raised to hate Jews, ‘freemasons’, Templars, crusaders, Christians,
    and other alleged agents of “the Illuminati” which ‘oppresses’ them.

    Muslim conspiracy trolls see freemasons as the modern Knights Templar or
    ‘crusaders’, the enemy infidel oppressors of Islam, worldwide.

    They believe they are the victims of thousands of years of victimisation by the
    ‘evil’ NWO of Jews, freemasons, the UN and Christian crusaders.

    The Western ‘conspiracy industry’ media, like Nexus magazine make a fortune from the
    professional victimhood of the Muslims as the targets of an ancient war between good
    and evil. The Islamic radicals think they are the victims, when, in fact, they are the
    perpetrators of the same evil they imagine is being used against them.

    The ‘evil’ Illuminati is a myth perpetrated by modern day Saladins eager to slaughter
    the ‘enemies of Islam’ until there are no Christians, Jews or freemasons left.

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