Cyprus Banks and "The City"

Secret “City”

The City of London Corporation, local authority for a square mile of land centered on the Bank of England, has its own constitution. It has its own Lord Mayor, someone different from the regular London mayor. Even the Queen of England, if she decides to visit “The City”, must stop at the boundary and be met by the Lord Mayor before she is allowed entrance. (“A Tale of Two Londons”, by Nicholas Shaxson. Vanity Fair magazine, April 2013)

The official lobbyist for The City of London Corporation (a.k.a. “The City”) has a special title. He is “The Remembrancer” and is permanently installed in Britain’s Parliament. “The City” has special privileges within the United Kingdom. Various governments owe debt to “The City” and so must be submissive. (Shaxson, op. cit.)

What used to be the obvious British empire in the Queen Victoria days has transformed itself into various offshore tax havens, such as Gibraltar, Malta, and Cyprus. (There are many more, including Guernsey, Jersey, and the Cayman Islands.) The world’s “hot money” gets tempted in to the Empire of “The City” via an implicit guarantee: “We won’t steal your money, but we won’t make a fuss if you steal other people’s.” (Shaxson, op. cit.)

Enter Boris Berezovsky. The Russian tycoon, by an interesting coincidence, had fled Russia and landed in London, headquarters of “The City.” Another wealthy Russian, Alexander Litvenenko, also coincidentally landed in “Londonistan”, where “The City” asks no questions. In November 1998, Litvinenko and several other FSB (Russia’s secret service) officers publicly accused their superiors of ordering the assassination of Boris Berezovsky. Later, in “Londonistan”, Litvinenko was killed by a weird radioactive polonium-210 poisoning. Then Boris Berezovsky was found dead on March 23, 2013. It is supposed to have been a suicide, but who really knows? Then, on March 25, 2013, concurrent with the Berezovsky “suicide”, a €10 billion bailout was announced in return for Cyprus agreeing to close its second largest bank, the Cyprus Popular Bank (also known as Laiki Bank), levying all uninsured deposits there, and possibly around 40% of uninsured deposits in the Bank of Cyprus (the Island’s largest commercial bank), many held by wealthy citizens of other countries, significantly Russia. (“2012–2013 Cypriot financial crisis”, Wikipedia, April 2, 2013)

But what does it mean that Cyprus, a City of London Corporation “safe haven” for loot, has had the accounts of wealthy Russian depositors raided by order of the “European Union”? Is this the start of an attack upon the global “safe haven” empire of “The City”? Or is it an attack on wealthy Russians who choose to deal with “The City” rather than with the “European Union”? Perhaps it is a little of both.

And what really is the so-called “European Union”? In his book, The Empire of “The City”, E.C. Knuth explained the “Five Ideologies of Space and Power.” Number 4 on Knuth’s list was “Pan-Germanism,” a “German political control over the European continent.” Adolph Hitler symbolizes the Pan-Germanism, as does the “European Union.”

Allied with the Pan-Germanism had been Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, the German Pope Benedict XVI. Vatican Incorporated had been complicit with the Pan-Germanism, just as before in the time of Pope Pius XII. But Pope Benedict suddenly resigned in February 2013. Was this the sign for the collapse of “Pan-Germanism” (European Union)? The new Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, fits in where with the Pan-Germanic “European Union” plot? All we know so far is that Bergoglio is, like Uriah Heep, “so very humble.”


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