Privateers, Then and Now

Great Britain had, covertly, assisted in the birth of the CSS Alabama, a Rebel warship which never docked in a Confederate port and whose mission was designated a “commerce raider” for the Confederate States of America. (Background: “CSS Alabama, Terror of the Seas”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of April 7, 2013)

On March 12, 1863, Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy under President Abraham Lincoln, entered into his private diary, “Talked over the subject of Rebel privateers building in England. Said to the President and Mr. Seward I thought England should be frankly informed that our countrymen would not be restrained from active operations if Great Britain persisted in making war on our commerce under Confederate colors.”

If England could be supplying ships which were turned into privateers by the Confederates, then why couldn’t the Union covertly do likewise? The March 17, 1863 diary entry of Gideon Welles noted Cabinet discussion on “Letters of marque.” (“Licensed piracy”, according to some.) “Seward has no knowledge on the subject, nor any conception of the effect of letting loose these depredators under government sanction. There is such a general feeling against the English, who are conniving with and aiding the Rebels, that privateering [“licensed piracy”] is becoming popular with the Administration and country.”

“These notions in regard to privateers and letters of marque, though crude, erroneous, and fraught with evil, have been maturing for some time, and I [Gideon Welles] do not mistake in placing much of the mischief to the State Department, which would be irresponsible for Navy transgressions.” (Gideon Welles Diary, March 17, 1863)

The mischief was being stirred up by the State Department, thought Gideon Welles. And so too was mischief stirred up in the Middle East by the Hillary Clinton State Department, as reported by Ersjdamoo’s Blog on February 13, 2012, “Iran-Contra in Syria”. The seemingly spontaneous uprisings of the “Arab Spring” had more than a little to do with the naïveté of Hillary Clinton, the “consolation prize” Secretary of State.

Lord of War had been selling weapons to Iran. The money from those weapons sales was meant to fund a secret war backed, in spite of the Boland Amendment, in Nicaragua. (Gideon Welles in his time also wondered about who would pay the “bounties” (money) offered to the proposed Union privateers. – March 17, 1863 Welles diary entry.)

Reported, but not emphasized nearly so much as constant Newtown gun control alarms, is “UN panel: Libyan weapons are spreading at an alarming rate to new areas and fueling conflicts” (Associated Press, April 9, 2013).

You remember Libya. That was where an “Arab Spring” ousted Muammar Gaddafi and replaced him with chaos. Now “Libyan weapons” are traveling from there to other places, including Syria. These weapons are “increasing the arsenals of armed groups and terrorists, a U.N. panel said.” (AP, op. cit.)

And in Syria, who is getting these weapons? Not the legitimate government of Dr. Bashar al-Assad but Al-Qaeda! A report from Associated Press published in the April 10, 2013 issue of the local newspaper (Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette) says that a branch of Al-Qaeda has joined ranks with some of the “cute, cuddly dissidents” striving to oust Bashar al-Assad, the Abraham Lincoln of Syria.

Al-Qaeda’s branch in Iraq has allied with “Jabhat al-Nusra” and calls itself “The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.” (“Rebel group joins up with Iraqi al-Qaida”, AP, circa April 10, 2013)

Way to go, Hillary Clinton State Department! First you help bring chaos to Libya. Then you side with the “cute, cuddly dissidents” in Syria. And now Al-Qaeda, their partners, are being massively armed via Libya.

Then, when and if the reinvigorated Al-Qaeda attacks here in the United States, it will be time for “further measures” – proctology exams at the airport! Bend over, America, while the doctor shines a light into your rectum!


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