Gold Plunge and the Boston Marathon Bombing

This does not count as a theory; it is just speculation. My first “brainstorming” about the shocking twin bombs incident at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013 tentatively connects a plunge in gold prices to the blasts.

The April 2013 Philadelphia Trumpet magazine carried a report, by Robert Morley, that on January 16, 2013 Germany demanded its gold be returned from the United States and France. This amounts to 743 tons of gold which would be leaving the U.S. and France. (“Why Does Germany Want Its Gold Back?”)

Germany and other nations have up to now stored their gold in the United States partly because it facilitates trading. Otherwise the gold traded would have to keep crossing oceans, which is risky. It has been easier just to keep all the gold in one place, and merely transfer it between underground vaults.

But a possibly more salient aspect is that, at the end of World War II, the Allies decided they might prevent Germany from ever again starting trouble by making Deutschland’s gold be stored elsewhere. “Forcing Germany to store its gold overseas was the primary financial mechanism preventing Germany from ever starting another war.” (Morley, op. cit.)

But, warned Morley, Germany is “about to stop playing Mr. Nice Guy…” (Ibid.)

Between January 16th and now, many scores of tons of German gold has already been repatriated. Then, within the past week, gold prices have plummeted 25 percent! “The bear market in gold intensified Monday [April 15th] with frenzied selling knocking the yellow metal down more than 9% and below the key $1,400-per-ounce level.” (“Gold selloff intensifies, price plunges 9.35%”, USA Today, April 15, 2013)

Does Germany feel it is being “stabbed in the back” by the U.S. “Federal” Reserve, which seems to have suddenly, and coincident to the repatriation of German gold, pulled the rug out from beneath the gold market?

So Germany, “stabbed in the back” and no longer “Mr. Nice Guy” sends a message of disgruntlement to the money manipulators lodged in the United States, via bombs at the Boston Marathon? Like I said above, this does not even qualify as a theory at this point. This is only my own ad hoc brainstorming.


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