Lt. Colonel: "Most Dangerous Time Since JFK Assassination"

Lt. Colonel (Retired) Roy Potter

Above (hopefully) is a video clip put out by someone who apparently is Lt. Colonel (Retired) Roy Potter. The You-Tube video is entitled “A retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Army weighs in on Boston.” If you can’t view it by clicking above, you can do a search on that title.

The date for the video is given as April 17, 2013. That was the day the mainstream “news” media seemed to have gone haywire, describing suspects of various types in custody and about to be revealed. Yesterday, April 19, 2013, in “Elvis Impersonator Nabbed in Terror Attack”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog theorized the “news” presenters were cyborgs that had had a “division by zero” error and had gone into an endless loop. But Lt. Colonel Potter offers a different explanation for what had seemed to be a “cyborg meltdown”.

The following is an abbreviated, partial transcript of Lt. Colonel Potter’s video:


“I’m going to tell you right now, this is the most dangerous time in American history since the Kennedy assassination.”

“Right now, you are seeing something happen where there are elements of our government that are at odds with each other. And we’re at a very dangerous crossroads. There are factions in the government that are ready to try and seize power. And it’s going to get very, very ugly.”

“You’ll notice that gold took a big dip. The Federal Reserve did that, attacked the gold by dropping a whole bunch of paper, gold certificates (or however they do their trading) to lower the price, to make it look like a bunch of gold had been dropped on the market – when actually it hadn’t.”

“Remember, Texas and some other States demanded their gold back from the Federal Reserve.” The Lt. Col. suggests this bringing down of the gold price was to influence negatively the wish of various States to get their gold back. This action by the “Federal” Reserve “was an action against State governments” to communicate to them they would not get their gold back.

The gold situation, according to the Lt. Col., “is part of what’s going on with this Boston Marathon bombing thing. This WAS in fact a false flag.”

The Lt. Col. credits Paul Joseph Watson, frequently seen on the Alex Jones “” web site, with doing an excellent job of scanning videos of the Boston attack. “He and his team scoured these pictures and found the ‘black ops’ people that were there.” This discovery caused the government’s denial of there having been a bomb drill in progress to lose credibility. “The government denied there was a drill. A drill is always a cover-up for a false flag. The reason being that if the operatives get caught, if their patsy gets caught, they can say, ‘It’s just part of a drill. It’s not for real.'”

“This is a very critical time, because there’s another possibility to this Boston thing, and it goes back to what I was saying at the very beginning. There are forces at odds with each other in the government. We saw that play out with Petraeus and the CIA. We saw it with the relief of general officers, about a dozen of them now who have butted up against the White House. So there are things happening.”

The Lt. Col. fears some sort of coup d’etat is being mounted up to. “There is a war going on inside our government and it’s going to spill out into the general population.”

“They’re trying to cover their tracks. What was the reason for the Boston Marathon bombing? Was it to cover up, divert our attention? For instance, divert our attention away from the fact that Bush and Obama are being indicted by a bi-partisan committee for war crimes? And that this was coming out? Was it to divert our attention from the dollar problem? Or was it an act against one part of the government by another?”


“The key to all of this was today, when this information on this black operation, this drill-in-progress which was denied by all sorts of government people, came out, and the pictures of the operatives came out, and the patsy, and all of these other things, okay? The FBI and the police were just about to bring this right-wing suspect out, and take him to a judge at the Boston court house. The media got a hold of it and stated that they had made an arrest. But at the same time our information came out on the black ops, with the pictures and the videos and the operatives and all that. And the government said, ‘Oh my gosh! They’ve got us!’ So they shut down the information on the suspect, they turned around their story and said, No, they didn’t arrest anybody. The Boston court house was closed!? Because they said there was a danger there!? The ‘danger’ was they were going to get revealed! And so you’ve seen this backtrack today [April 17th] on, ‘Oh, we’ve got the suspect… Now we don’t.’ It was going to be a right-wing extremist helped by Al-Qaeda. That’s exactly how this thing was going to play out. And they got caught in the middle of it.”

The Lt. Colonel warns that the conspiracy theorist-types “who are bringing this information out are endangering their lives. Bottom line: People who are bringing this information out are putting their lives on the line to show you what’s happening and how dangerous of a situation it is.”


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