Syria, Another Fine Mess

Laurel and Hardy dance to “Another Fine Mess”

“This is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into,” says Oliver Hardy to Stan Laurel. Oliver Hardy is the U.S. military, and Stan Laurel is the U.S. State Department. Hillary Clinton (Stan Laurel), in a laugh riot, became Secretary of State as consolation prize after she lost a bitter nomination contest to Barack Obama. Hillary imagined she was a “son of the desert” and various “Arab Springs” ensued. But Hillary’s State Department plan bogged down in Syria.

President Barack Obama drew a line in the sand: “Cross this line of chemical weapons, and that’s it!” It is like in the Bible, when the Almighty tells Adam and Eve, “Do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Of course, you know what will obviously happen next. Adam and Eve ate an apple from the tree. And of course the obviousity is there as well when the Almighty Obama tells Dr. Bashar al-Assad not to use chemical weapons. If this were a story you could see it coming.

So the claim began to be made that the Syrian government under Dr. al-Assad had used chemical weapons. Notably, the first to claim this was Israel: “Assad did eat of the tree of chemical weapons,” that nation was first to allege. They went running to the Almighty, the U.S. government under Barack Obama, to make the charge.

But how do we pay for sending anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to the “cute, cuddly dissidents” battling the legitimate Assad government? Answer: You take the money out of the food stamp program.

So millions of Americans already living on the edge, and having to feed themselves on about $200 per month, are about to find the cupboard is bare. “Where did the food go?” they will wonder. Someone might reply, “We sold your food to buy missiles for mercenaries paid for by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. They thank you for your food donation, which they sold for missiles. Now they can continue trying to overthrow the Assad government. When that happens, don’t be surprised if the ‘cute, cuddly dissidents’ begin a massacre of Christians in Syria.”

Meanwhile, in a small cosmopolitan city in the American Midwest, haughty geese are walking around like they own the place. These geese are gradually disrupting traffic flow, thereby impeding business in Illinois. (Background: British-Canadian Geese Plot, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of June 10, 2013.)

The Obama Administration’s announcement it would be providing weapons for the “cute, cuddly dissidents” in Syria, besides coinciding with food stamp cutbacks, also coincides with release of a new Superman movie. We know that the Batman movies connect with mass shootings and tragic deaths. What do the Superman movies pre-announce? It all ties together: cuts in food stamps, arms to “rebels” (mercenaries) in Syria, and a new Superman movie.

“This is another fine mess you have gotten us into.” Hillary Clinton has waltzed away from the State Department, and is now playing the role of “wise elder.” John Kerry, the new Secretary of State, can just say, “Hey, I didn’t do it. Hillary did it,” when the escalation of U.S. military involvement in Syria creeps onward to the Final Battle of Armageddon in the region where the borders of Lebanon, Syria and Israel intersect.


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Editor of Conspiracy Nation, later renamed Melchizedek Communique. Close associate of the late Sherman H. Skolnick. Jack of all trades, master of none. Sagittarius, with Sagittarius rising. I'm not a bum, I'm a philosopher.
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