Prince Charles Predicts Utter Doom

Cats Funny: Prince Of Wails: Cat Organ Cracks Up Charles

Britain’s fancy Prince Charles has predicted utter doom. On or about May 15, 2008 the notable fancy lad warned that the world had 18 months to stop “climate change” disaster. “We will end up seeing more drought and starvation on a grand scale. Weather patterns will become even more terrifying and there will be less and less rainfall,” he said. (“Prince Charles: Eighteen months to stop climate change disaster”, by Andrew Pierce. Telegraph (UK), May 15, 2008)

So that means that 18 months later, circa November 2009, the doom has struck! It is already too late!

The crackpot prince is also believed to be behind a British-Canadian Geese Plot. In the Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of June 10, 2013 it was reported how mean-tempered Canadian geese had begun disrupting traffic flows in a small, cosmopolitan city in the American Midwest. It was speculated this geese infestation was meant to impede driving and thereby reduce carbon emissions. Now, consequent to the Ersjdamoo’s Blog Geese Plot alert, aroused citizens have begun taking things into their own hands. A letter to the editor in the local newspaper here reveals a “geese round-up” took place subsequent to the Ersjdamoo’s Blog report. Men with nets are reported to have captured many of the ornery creatures and sent them packing back to Prince Charles and his pipe dreams. (“Geese round-up was disturbing to see”, Letters to the Editor, Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, June 21, 2013)

A scary thought is that the kooky Prince could well be the next King of England! The reptilian life force of the Queen Mum – Elizabeth II – is fading. The Globe, a weekly tabloid newspaper, had been reporting Prince Charles was to be bypassed for the throne in favor of his son, William. But at this point, things are uncertain.

The life force of Nelson Mandela, adulated icon of the press, also is fading. But according to an article in Britain’s Telegraph newspaper, Nelson Mandela is believed to have held senior rank in the South African Communist Party, or SACP. Expect the mainstream “news” media to go way overboard when Mandela dies. Expect gushing stories and tributes to Mandela to overwhelm you to the point of puking when the adulated icon expires. Baton down the hatches for about a week. The so-called “news” will be giving out massive doses of deification to the suspected Communist.

Meanwhile, someone truly great – Ray Manzarek, keyboard player for The Doors – passed away on May 20, 2013 at the age of 74. Unlike pending Nelson Mandela surfeit coverage, the “news” coverage about Manzarek’s death was minimal. If Manzarek had been a Communist, however, the “news” would have gone overboard on the subject.


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