Why Not Dig "Under The Dome"?

Under the Dome – Exclusive Preview

A mini-series based upon a Stephen King novel has begun broadcast on television. In “Under the Dome”, the population of small-town Chester’s Mill suddenly has a giant invisible dome isolating them from the outside world. But my first question is, Why not dig under The Dome? Can’t they just tunnel their way out? Maybe this question is answered in future episodes.

Why did it happen? The local police chief speculates it is some sort of “punishment”? Punishment for what? This is Red-State small town America, resistant to encroachments from the federal government. So for their “sin”, Chester’s Mill gets what they wanted: the federal government cannot get in, due to “The Dome.”

So without the federal government in their lives, how will the people of Chester’s Mill do for themselves? Predictably, things will get “very bad” without the kindly assistance of Washington, DC.

There is also a “global warming” angle. Small town America is skeptical about alleged man-made “climate change.” And now comes the “punishment” for Chester’s Mill: there will be no rain under The Dome. The crops will wither. Should have listened to Prince Charles, folks. (Background: “Prince Charles Predicts Utter Doom”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of June 23, 2013)

Also there is a detention camp aspect. The people of Chester’s Mill are in somebody’s weird idea of a concentration camp. They shouldn’t have resisted the almighty Washington, DC edicts. And now, they are “punished.”

We’ll see how this one turns out. We’ll see if anyone tries just to dig a tunnel under “The Dome.” The Dome when it crashed to earth at Chester’s Mill did not keep going on, down through the earth. So it would seem you could just tunnel out (or in). We’ll see how or if that question is resolved.


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