Secrets of the NSA

Much has been in the “news” lately about the NSA (National Security Agency) due to controversy over the Edward Snowden leaks. But what exactly is the NSA? Many scratch their heads and say, “NSA? NSA?” A good bet is that many confuse NSA with NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. And how does NSA differ from the NSC, the National Security Council? A poll done might return interesting results, like one-fifth of Americans confuse NSA with NASA.

Still, so as not to appear like dummies, we immediately voice opinions on the Edward Snowden situation. An “NSA for Dummies” book is needed. Until then, second best would be books written by James Bamford. In Bamford’s book, Body of Secrets, a crash course on NSA is provided. What exactly is the NSA? According to Bamford, in 1977, “the major English-speaking nations of the world were joined in a highly secret agreement to eavesdrop on the rest of the world, friend as well as foe.” This secret league includes Australia, New Zealand, and the British fancy lads.

This secret league of snoopers, formed in 1977, “would develop into a unique supranational body, complete with its own laws, oaths, and language, all hidden from public view,” according to Bamford.

This thing, since 1977, has been supranational. That means it presumes to be above what is known simply as the NSA, with headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland. These people are multinational cyberspies. Someone within the secret English-speaking league, called by Bamford “UKUSA”, takes a special “indoctrination oath.” UKUSA secret league disguised as NSA is therefore a sort of Masonic entity at this point.

Edward Snowden was employed by “Booz Allen” (whatever that is). Booz Allen worked for NSA, itself a cover for the UKUSA secret league. So where did Snowden fit within the Masonic hierarchy of “NSA”? Did Snowden take one of the special “indoctrination oaths” mentioned by Bamford?

In order to weld the members of UKUSA secret league “into a virtual nation,” writes Bamford, a massive computer network having the code-name “Platform” was built. This “Platform” tied together the separate computer systems of New Zealand, Australia, Britain and the United States. A special software program called “Echelon” was piggy-backed onto the “Platform” to allow the elimination of “formal borders” between members of the UKUSA secret league. Now everyone belonging to the secret league could “dip their electronic ladles into the vast cauldron of intercepts and select what they liked.”

Whatever this Masonic entity hears via incredible electronic devices is shared amongst its member nations. But President Barack Obama says, “Hey, all countries spy on each other.” And they do, at least by monitoring radio waves. But placing “bugs” (hidden devices) inside foreign embassies might have crossed a line. For example, at the start of the First World War pilots from Germany and France used to wave happily to each other when their paths crossed in the sky. But then, one day, someone carried a pistol with him on the plane. As the other pilot waved happily, he took a shot at him. A line of honor had been crossed. Before too long, pistols were replaced with machine guns on those early planes.


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