Syria Is “Under the Dome”

It is strange how the unfolding “Under the Dome” episodes parallel the unfolding Syrian situation. The sense of crisis intensifies, and you may well soon wish you lived “under the dome.”

A group I have sometimes sneered at, the Lyndon LaRouche organization, nonetheless at least now has a sense of the immense crisis which could be coalescing. Lyndon LaRouche is now warning of “thermonuclear danger” if King Barack Obama is allowed to continue with his singular edict against Syria. “Any U.S. attack on Syria has the potential to trigger a larger war, which could lead to a thermonuclear war and extinction.” You would only be safe if you lived “under the dome.”

Roger Boyes, the diplomatic editor of the Times of London and a foreign correspondent for the past 35 years, has expressed similar apprehensions. “The direction of events in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Iran should keep us awake at night. History is taking a dangerous turn,” he writes. It is “The Guns of August” part 2. In 1914 the Guns of August were the prelude to the First World War. Now, 99 years later, the Guns of August (NOW!) may one day also signify the prelude to a Middle East war in 2013. (“Fears of a Larger War in the Middle East”, by Nick Schifrin. Newsmakers, ca. Aug. 27, 2013)

Israel, which believes itself to be protected by an “iron dome”, may before too long learn otherwise.

Syria is now “under the dome” of world attention. King Barack Obama has taken advantage of a time when the U.S. Congress is not in session to decide, in their absence, that he is allowed to fill the void of an absent Congress. Only Congress can declare war, says the U.S. Constitution. But what if the Congress is not in session? Does the U.S. President inherit the war power in such a case? (Background: Obama “Prorogues” the Congress, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of August 27, 2013.)

The Week magazine, in its issue dated August 30, 2013, had not yet caught up with the sudden events. Their cover features the Egypt situation, and the aftermath of the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood in the land of the Pharaohs. Nonetheless, The Week includes a minor item: “Poison Gas Alleged”: Experts said the alleged full moon gas attacks of August 21, 2013 and the widely shown videos of the victims “could have been caused by concentrated tear gas or by firebombs that sucked all the oxygen out of the area.”

Also paralleling the “Guns of August” theme is the British extravaganza TV series, “Downtown Abbey.” Their tale begins with the 1912 Titanic sinking (financial crash of 2008-2009) and moves on to a “Guns of August” backdrop.

King Barack Obama stands alone, except for French backing, in his edict against Syria. France once had Syria as a colony, so their interest is understandable. No one else is supporting his Highness Obama, except for maybe Israel, seeking to massively destabilize her Arab neighbors. Who else besides Israel would have the power to force King Obama forward, despite international law as well as the U.S. Constitution?


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