Bashar Assad, Man of the Year


Syria is “Under the Dome.” The world’s attention is focused on that beleaguered nation. And within Syria, all eyes turn toward Bashar al-Assad, the Abraham Lincoln of Syria. This is the situation in 2013, and therefore Dr. Assad must be Time magazine’s “Man of the Year.”

Of course Time magazine may be too timid and select instead a tame and “politically correct” person for their late December cover. (And the “politically correct” term is now “Person of the Year.”) But in a bold and truthful world, none except Bashar Assad would win the honor.

Dr. Bashar al-Assad had studied medicine. He wanted to be an eye doctor. But then, the hand of fate placed Dr. Assad at the center of the storm, as also it had done before to Abraham Lincoln. In 1994, Bashar’s elder brother Bassel, heir apparent to father Hafez al-Assad, was killed in a car crash. Bashar was promptly called away from his studies at London’s Western Eye Hospital and returned to Syria. There he began training to assume command of Syria.

In the time of Abraham Lincoln, the Confederate “dissidents” merely wanted to be left alone. But mean old Abe Lincoln would not let them. Instead, Lincoln cracked down with the iron fist! He suspended the right of habeas corpus. The “Reb” dissidents were rounded up, subject to martial law. Now, 150 years after the American Civil War, history seems to be repeating itself somewhat in Syria. There, once again, we find the lovable, furry “dissidents” juxtaposed with the iron fist of Dr. Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria. Like Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Assad struggles to preserve his nation. (Background: Abey of Assyria, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of Feb. 1, 2012.)

America had to design a new system of war or, rather a new system of getting itself into war against its selected “rogue state” targets.  It’s no longer enough to go on TV and accuse such and such a country of being a “danger to world peace” or that it “does not have the kind of democracy that we want to see” as Hillary Clinton once said. Something new had to be invented: “The Arab Spring”, which is the code for instigating, triggering and engineering civil strife in target countries which can then be escalated, as necessary, to veritable social war. (Source: “Israel: The missing link in Syria puzzle”, by Adrian Salbuchi. Published in Russia Today (RT) online, August 31, 2013.)

And so the American CIA helped stir up trouble in targeted countries. Tunisia, Libya and Egypt all were destabilized and their governments fell. But Syria was made of tougher stuff. It did not succumb as planned. In January 2012, Hillary Clinton, who had been awarded the post of Secretary of State as a consolation prize after a bitter nomination fight for the 2008 Democratic Party presidential nomination, gave a dire prediction. In January 2012, Ms. Clinton had said that President Bashar Assad of Syria would be “gone” within 3 months. And yet it turns out that it’s Hillary Clinton who is “gone” and Dr. Assad continues on, defying the secret machinations of Washington, DC. (Background: Deadline For Consolation Prize Clinton, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of March 16, 2012.)

This past 10 days a new plot against Syria and Dr. Assad was sprung – The Prorogue Plot. Taking advantage of the U.S. Congress being out of session, a blitzkrieg of propaganda was unleashed and President Barack Obama seized upon the congressional void to assume questionable war powers. Things looked dangerous for the stoic and legitimate government of Syria. However the people of the world seem to be wising up about such warmongering propaganda onslaughts. As of this writing, President Obama has been forced to yield to the U.S. Constitution and seek permission from Congress before he can launch any missiles against Syria. (Background: Obama “Prorogues” the Congress, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of August 27, 2013.)

Clearly Dr. Bashar al-Assad at this point deserves fair-minded biographical coverage. He was chosen by fate to lead Syria during her crucial hour. He has led a thus-far successful resistance against intense Washington/Israel pressure. He has defied the predictions of Hillary Clinton. And now he has seen the thwarting of Barack Obama’s Prorogue Plot. Whether you love him or hate him, Dr. Bashar al-Assad is clearly the 2013 Man of the Year.


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