Feminism Is Dead

On December 28, 1994 Tom Valentine’s guest on his shortwave program, Radio Free America, was Andrea Pearson, editor of a newsletter called “Americans In Exile.” She believed that, under the banner of feminism, Marxism and Socialism were being imposed on the American people.

This was the hard-hearted brand of “feminism” so prevalent in the 1990s, and which still exists. Witness how men are portrayed as worthless goons as compared to women in some comic strips and in TV shows like The Simpsons – Homer Simpson (the husband) is a beer-guzzling oaf. Lisa Simpson, the daughter, is “Little Miss Perfect”, nauseatingly so.

Feminism and the culture that has replaced the American culture that we once had, is a paradigm, stated Andrea Pearson. The men have been sitting ducks for the Feminist attack because men have been so socialized to protect women that they have been lame in the face of the anti-male onslaught.

The hard-hearted Feminism originated in the scribblings of Karl Marx, explained Ms. Pearson. The Marxists “have very strong beliefs about marriage. They believe that marriage is a system imposed by a patriarchal, capitalistic system, by men, onto women. And that it’s something that is used by men, against women, by force.” (Source: Conspiracy Nation — Vol. 3  Num. 66)

Andrea Pearson went so far as to claim that, “the basic premise of feminism is faulty. And that women were never discriminated against in America. And that they actually chose a different role: That they preferred to live in marriages. And they preferred to raise their own children. And they preferred this in an equal relationship before God – although their role was different.”

While I do not entirely agree that women were never discriminated against in America, nonetheless an exaggerated fiction about the oppression of women has been created here. And I agree with Ms. Pearson that Marxism has a lot to do with the so-called Feminism.

Feminism is dead. By that I mean that the hard-hearted Feminism which has an iron clutch upon comics and TV shows like The Simpsons is death itself! So-called Feminism is a dead thing which infects all that it touches. We have goofus Homer Simpson and his wife Marge, who is not yet liberated. Ah, but there is hope in the new, forthcoming woman, Lisa Simpson, a.k.a. “Little Miss Perfect”!

And where is the Feminism in Syria? Bashar al-Assad may not be perfect, but will Al-Qaeda be better, if and when it controls Syria? And yet the pounding propaganda here in the United States has already decided whose side we are on in the Syrian conflict – even before any war has been declared! The government of Bashar al-Assad is tolerant of Christians and is not as repressive of women as would be any hard-line Muslim replacement. And yet we are being propagandized into supporting the anti-feminist side! For this reason also, Feminism is dead.


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Editor of Conspiracy Nation, later renamed Melchizedek Communique. Close associate of the late Sherman H. Skolnick. Jack of all trades, master of none. Sagittarius, with Sagittarius rising. I'm not a bum, I'm a philosopher.
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