Jesus Is The Ether


Measurement of “motion” once required The Ether, something “defined” to be at “absolute rest.” Otherwise, how could “motion” be measured? It would be “real” compared to what? In “Ether Abandoned!” (Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of September 30, 2013), it was reported how The Ether was summarily dismissed as “no longer necessary.” This decision was later regretted by Albert Einstein. “Most physics students learn from their textbooks that in 1905 Einstein banished the ether from physics as part of the revolution initiated by his special theory of relativity. What they generally do not learn is that in 1916 he reintroduced the concept…” Einstein’s New Ether “differed fundamentally from the ether he had banished.” (“Why Einstein reinvented the ether,” physicsweb review of book, Einstein and the Ether by Ludwik Kostro.

To this, The Ether responds, “The ‘scientists’ are the ones who are in ‘relative motion.’ As for me, I can sit and wait.” (“Ether Abandoned!” op. cit.)

It has been learned that renowned natural philosopher Isaac Newton, author of Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (“The Principia”), equated Jesus Christ with The Ether.

This has been revealed by Michael White in his book, Isaac Newton: The Last Sorcerer. Specifically, White states Newton had proposed “the incorporeal ether which facilitates the phenomenon of gravitation (and perhaps other forces) is actually the body or spiritual form of Jesus Christ.”

In his time, Isaac Newton had been a secret devotee of the so-called “Arius Heresy.” This belief denied the so-called Trinity belief, that Jesus is consubstantial with God the Father. Arianism is eerily similar to Islam, which also denies Trinitarianism. (e.g., “There is no God but God; there is no God but Allah.”) Arius beliefs also intersect with Gnostic beliefs in questioning a material, physical incarnation of Jesus.

To Newton, a repeated basic principle was, “God does nothing by himself which he can do by another.” In Newton’s view, God used The Ether (Jesus) to accomplish certain things.

This Newtonian concept of Jesus as The Ether “described neatly the way in which God could preside over his creation without dirtying his hands by direct contact with the physical world,” writes White (op. cit.)

To the Gnostics, this was paramount: the material world was evil; spirit could not descend into this evil realm; Jesus (to them) could only have been a sort of hologram, not a material being. Jesus could thus be The Ether, more-or-less banished now by “science.”

White (op. cit.) summarizes Newton’s idea: “…the spiritual body of Jesus, the first created, was the facilitator for the creation of the physical universe, provided the means via which the cosmos continued to function mechanically, and acted as a medium via which forces acted at a distance without any visible, tangible, measurable mechanism.”

(A version of the above first appeared at my old Conspiracy Nation web site on June 28 and June 30, 2005.)


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