In the Bosom of The Ether

Ancient and medieval natural philosophers posited four basic elements: earth, air, fire, and water. We moderns tend to smile and say, “How quaint.” But think again. For “earth,” substitute “solid”; for “air” substitute “gas”; for “fire” substitute “heat”; for “water” substitute “liquid.” Their four basic elements thus become, solid, gas, heat, and liquid.

The old-timers posited a fifth basic element as well: The Ether, also spelled Aether. Until Albert Einstein proposed his special and general theories of relativity, The Ether was an essential part of scientific theories. (Background: Ether Abandoned, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of September 30, 2013.)

Einstein later regretted abandoning The Ether. The Ether, for its part, just sneers at the “scientists” and says it is they who are “relative.” (Background: Jesus Is The Ether, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of October 1, 2013.)

Ripple effects occurred consequent to Einstein’s theories of relativity. The money became “relative,” not grounded by gold or silver but having value relative to other currencies. (See Postmodernism came to the fore: the Truth was (supposedly) relative.

When realities collapse, someone must invent a new fantasy. What will it be? Will it be a re-invention of an old fantasy? Or will the next fantasy really be new?

Respected science author Isaac Asimov notes, regarding scientific zeitgeists dominant in different eras, “In science, it is not all-important to be Right (it may even be that there is no way of ever determining what is Right); it is merely necessary to be right enough for the times…” (Understanding Physics, Vol. III, ch. 1, footnote)

Einstein’s reality leads to chaos, with only the hole in the doughnut remaining. A new fantasy, The Ether, is both a re-invention of an old fantasy and a new fantasy as well (since Einstein eventually proposed a New Ether.)

“The name Aether suggests a far more subtle or penetrating and ultra-material kind of substance. Newton employs the term for the medium which fills space – not only space which appears to be empty, but space also which appears to be full… now I [Sir Oliver Lodge] am able to advocate a view of the Ether which makes it not only uniformly present and all-pervading, but also massive and substantial beyond conception…” (The Ether of Space, Kessinger Reprints.


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