Our Friend, The Ether (Part 15)

Anti-gravity lifter

The earth, a material body travelling through space, is constantly passing through The Ether. The Ether, extremely rarefied yet also dense, contains both positive and negative electric potential. These electric charges are deposited on atoms. It is the motion of matter through the stationary Ether which constantly provides electric energy. The gravitational force, in turn, is induced when the planets are oscillated by electrical currents. (Background: Our Friend, The Ether (Part 14), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of November 7, 2013.)

Could it truly be that the gravity force and the electro-magnetic force are somehow connected? Albert Einstein had sought to find some connection between the two fields via a “unified field theory.” (Background: Our Friend, The Ether (Part 10), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of October 30, 2013.)

Something called “anti-gravity lifters” appear to show a tenuous link between electricity and gravity. A Google YouTube search on “anti-gravity lifter” returns videos of amateur experimenters successfully duplicating early experiments of Thomas Townsend Brown (1905 – 1985). (One such amateur video can hopefully be viewed above, top.) The “Biefeld–Brown Effect” is named after Brown and his collaborator, Paul Alfred Biefeld (1867 – 1943). The Biefeld-Brown Effect “has become something of a cause célèbre in the UFO community…” The book, The Philadelphia Experiment, devotes an entire chapter to a retelling of Brown’s early work with the effect, implying he had discovered some new electrogravity effect being used by UFOs. [1]

A high voltage is sent through a capacitor, an electronic component which can store and release a charge. The capacitor possibly generates mysterious fields that interact with Earth’s pull. In 1952, in an experiment “famous in antigravity lore”, before an audience of scientists and military officials, Brown achieved impressive results. [2]

But when Brown founded the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, he began to be perceived as a UFO “kook” and got the cold shoulder from the scientific establishment. [2]

Nonetheless, in 1956, a European aviation magazine, INTERAVIA, published a sensational article which defended a connection between electro-magnetism and gravity. “Electro-gravitics research,” stated the article, “seeking the source of gravity and its control, has reached a stage where profound implications for the entire human race begin to emerge.” [3]

A localized gravitic field used as a ponderomotive force had been created in the laboratory. Disc airfoils of 3-feet in diameter had been “run in a fifty-foot diameter air course under a charge of 150 kilovolts, with results so impressive as to be highly classified.” [3]

According to INTERAVIA, Brown at that time was postulating a relationship between electricity and gravity similar to the relationship between electricity and magnetism. [3]

About two months later, in a follow-up to the INTERAVIA article, nuclear physicist Lucien Gerardine described how the force might be created at the atomic level, with no limitations on the accelerations possible. The limiting factor of the heat barrier would be eliminated thereby permitting “very high” maximum speed. [4]

Gravitational attraction might be due to an interaction between electricized particles, theorized Gerardine. [4]

Men from Mars, or the same as a disinformation disguise for earthly research continuing in the realm of a “secret physics” unknown to the public? Be that as it may, The Ether may be the background which ultimately ties together gravity and electro-magnetism.

——- Sources ——-
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