Our Friend, The Ether (Part 29)

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment (Part 2)

Some of the equipment used in the “Philadelphia Experiment” was not yet publicly available in 1943. (What they build for the military is always ahead of what the civilian sector gets.) (Background: Our Friend, The Ether (Part 28), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of November 29, 2013.)

“Who were the manufacturers of some of this equipment?” asked the interviewer. Al Bielek (a.k.a. Ed Cameron) explained that since originally it had been a Nikola Tesla project, Tesla leaned heavily toward Westinghouse for choosing generators, motors and etc. Tesla had had a good relationship with George Westinghouse during his early career. Tesla later helped save his friend Westinghouse from J.P. Morgan. Tesla would have nothing to do with GE (General Electric) because GE was always backing Thomas Edison, a rival of Tesla. Tesla had had bitter experiences with Edison in his younger days. So GE was out of the picture as a potential supplier for the “Philadelphia Experiment.” By the time Tesla left the project, John von Neumann was not about to suddenly “switch horses” and turn to GE. By that point Westinghouse was already supplying excellent equipment for the project. As far as the radio transmitters were concerned, Federal Telephone (later FTR, Federal Telephone and Radio) supplied those. Winding coils were built directly by the Navy. The antenna system could have been built by either the Navy or Federal Telephone.

By 1943, quite a lot of people were involved with the project, both at the IAS (Institute of Advanced Study) and at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The project had the highest priority possible.


The DE-173 (either the official version or a shadow duplicate used only for the experiment) was taken out to sea for a “shake-down cruise”, to make sure it didn’t leak, etc. This “shake-down cruise” involved a standard crew, not the specially selected crew later used in the experiment. An Oscar Schneider (Captain, USN, image above) was the medical officer in charge of handling and treating any side-effects. Schneider had originally been in the German Navy. He had been a U-boat commander and was captured by the French about 1940, turned over to the Allied Third Army, and then special negotiations took place. The U.S. Navy wanted Schneider and brought him in, making him a medical officer for cover. The German Navy had been running their own invisibility program, testing the idea on submarines to see if they could shield them so we couldn’t detect their U-boats. During the early phase of the German tests, there was a liaison between certain U.S. government officials and the German Navy. The liaison used to travel to Montauk Point and meet with U.S. officials. He would come there via a German U-boat, wait offshore, and be brought in by boat. There would be an exchange of information, then the liaison would go back to Germany. Al Bielek was one of those authorized and ordered to give the liaison an exchange of information. These secret exchanges at Montauk were halted by late 1941. Decades later, Bielek acquired Oscar Schneider’s notebooks. The notebooks detailed highly technical mathematical ideas. Schneider seemed indeed to have been involved with the German invisibility experiments. This likely explains why the U.S. Navy jumped at the chance to get Schneider after he had been captured in 1940.

(Phil Schneider, the son of Oscar Schneider, was found dead in his  apartment on January 17, 1996 after an apparent “suicide”. A year before his death, Phil Schneider had appeared in a series of lectures dealing with bizarre topics. Phil claimed to have had seventeen years of experience involved with black projects. “Throughout his lecture tours across America, Phil stated that his father Oscar was involved with both the Philadelphia Experiment, and Operations Crossroads. Oscar had been a Captain in the Navy, and served as a medical doctor. He also stated that his father made a death-bed confession indicating that he was a U-boat Captain in Germany during World War II.” [1])

The control panel inside the USS Eldridge was operated by Al and Duncan Bielek. There were two panels, a primary panel and a secondary one which controlled some of the settings on the auxiliary equipment. These were in a specially appropriated room, serving as the control room. The “zero time reference generator”, a “strange piece of equipment” was also in the control room. The “zero time reference generator” (ZTRG) had been designed by Nikola Tesla in the 1920s. The ZTRG established a link to the zero-time reference at the center of the galaxy. It had been conceived as part of a navigational system for airplane routes. “How do you design a master oscillator and a master frequency control system so that all of the systems around the world will all be operating in total unison and totally synchronized?” This problem had been the embryo for the ZTRG. Today, phase-locked oscillator systems can be done by satellite. But in the late 1920s there was no way to do this which would synchronize systems all over the planet. For the “Philadelphia Experiment”, the ZTRG provided the reference so that were the USS Eldridge to move forward in space-time, it would have a reference enabling it to come back to its original starting point. After the USS Eldridge did go into hyperspace, the ZTRG was responsible for helping it get back. Without the ZTRG, those onboard the USS Eldridge would not know where to go back. Without the ZTRG, the ship could have reappeared in any time, place, or dimension. (The ZTRG is also involved with a later “Montauk Project” involving time travel.) The two electrical generators  in the control room were somehow synchronized so they would be in exact phase relationship to each other, so that the five coils in each would produce the appropriate frequencies totally phase-locked to each other. This ensured no drifting between the two sets of coils. There was a lot of hardware all tied together below deck in the control room. [2]

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Phil Schneider’s incredible ET claims”, Posted by: Michael Schratt June 1, 2011. http://www.openminds.tv/phil-schneiders-incredible-et-claims/
[2] For info on my source for Al Bielek’s information, see “Our Friend, The Ether (Part 26)”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of November 27, 2013. https://ersjdamoo.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/our-friend-the-ether-part-26/


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