Our Friend, The Ether (Part 31)

Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – The Philadelphia Experiment

The first manned test of the USS Eldridge had been done on July 20th, 1943. The ship disappeared as foreseen, and the experiment was powered down. After the first test, some of the crew were ill. The illness affected those who had been on the deck, not those below deck. (Background: Our Friend, The Ether (Part 30), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of December 1, 2013.)

By August 9, 1943, before the second test, everyone was getting a “queasy feeling” that something was very wrong. Most of the test crew were very uneasy. On August 12th, the ship went back to its first test site or very close to it. For this test there were three ships observing: the small carrier, a Coast Guard vessel, and the merchant ship SS Andrew Furuseth. The test took place on August 13, 1943. (Other sources say it was August 12, 1943. [1])

By August 12th the test crew had become used to their “queasy feeling” and figured, “Well, this is it. Whatever happens, happens.” (Although they still didn’t understand why they were basically uneasy.) There had been a sudden change of plans on August 12th. Captain Harrison, in the process of observing the first test on July 20th, had noticed a water line much larger than the ship. (A water line meaning this was where the ship apparently stopped and then there was an extra space there you couldn’t understand.) There was no ship there, but the hole in the outline of the ship was much larger than the ship itself. And Captain Harrison could not see, looking through his binoculars from the deck of the carrier, where the water was down at the bottom. So to speak, there should have been a bottom level where you could see the water. Instead, a sort of “black hole” was there. Harrison was concerned: Was the Eldridge actually riding in water you couldn’t see, or was it floating on air? So Harrison on August 12th added special seismometers and other measuring devices to the Eldridge. A submarine was added to circle the “black hole” and see, was it really a hole or what? But for whatever reason, at the last moment, they cancelled all of those extra tests.

“How many were on the ship?”, asked the interviewer. “About 35 people,” replied Al Bielek (a.k.a. Ed Cameron). Straws had been drawn among the total selected group to determine who would be on the first test and who on the second test. “Wild Bill” Cody was part of the second test. Other names could not be recalled by Al Bielek during the interview. Bielek blames in part “brainwashing” done on him for his inability to remember more names. Also, the test subjects had been temporarily assigned to the experiment so Bielek had no long term relationship with them. The later crew assigned to the USS Eldridge were not the people involved in the “Philadelphia Experiment.”

The second test began at “10-hundred hours” (10 AM). Onboard the Furuseth, one of the three observer ships, was “Carlos Miguel Allende” (real name Dr. Carl Allen). Carl Allen had a Ph.D. in physics, and was an officer in the Navy. It was Carl Allen’s glossolalia notes on the “VARO Edition” of The Case for the UFO (by Morris K. Jessup) which helped cause his name to become noteworthy in the “Philadelphia Experiment” case.

The second test proceeded, with only radar invisibility being sought this time. For about 70 seconds, observers could see the Eldridge through a “greenish haze,” but it could not be seen on radar. Then, unexpectedly, there was “a blinding flash of light” and the ship disappeared along with even the waterline – where the ship had been was now only water, with no hull outlined in the water. The disappeared ship caused panic amongst the observers. They tried to reach the ship by radio but could not. About 4 hours later, the Eldridge returned to the same spot. The observers noticed some strange changes. Part of the antenna system used to establish a rotating electro-magnetic field was missing. There was pandemonium on the deck of the USS Eldridge. It appeared to the observers that there was superficial damage to the ship at some locations. Radio contact could not be established, so a boarding party was sent out. The boarding party of about 4 people carried portable 2-way radios. “They boarded the ship, they wandered around, and the first thing they see is two sailors buried in the steel deck, their bodies intermingled with the steel of the deck, dying or dead.” Two more sailors were found upright in a bulkhead, also essentially dead. A fifth man on deck was still alive, with only his hand buried in a bulkhead. This man was left in that position until they got the USS Eldridge back to the Navy Yard and medical officers came aboard, removed his hand, and later gave him an artificial hand. Other sailors who had been on deck for the experiment were fading in and out of visibility, disappearing and then coming back like human mirages. Other of the deck sailors were wandering around mumbling and making noises like they were totally insane. Those sailors were checked out by the medical people and sent off to “the funny farms.” Those sailors who had been below deck were all right, with the exception of one man. That man developed a strange condition, an invisible arm. There was nothing wrong with the arm, except it was invisible. What they finally decided to do was to wrap the invisible arm in a bandage and say he had been injured. From what Al Bielek knows, they never found a way to make the man’s arm visible. [2]

——- Sources ——-
[1] http://www.phils.com.au/philadelphia.htm
[2] For info on my source for Al Bielek’s information, see “Our Friend, The Ether (Part 26)”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of November 27, 2013. https://ersjdamoo.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/our-friend-the-ether-part-26/


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