Our Friend, The Ether (Part 33)

Back To The Future Part I Original Theatrical Trailer

After the second of the experiments the USS Eldridge had returned. But where was Duncan Bielek? Al Bielek told the Navy his brother had jumped overboard and disappeared. Duncan had gone “back to the future.” Besides Duncan, about 5 other sailors were “missing.” These, like Duncan, had jumped overboard. The experience of the strange electro-magnetic fields had become too much for them. They were desperate to get away from it. (Background: Our Friend, The Ether (Part 32), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of December 3, 2013.)

At the start of the second experiment, Al and Duncan Bielek were below deck, in the control room set up for the USS Eldridge. As they switched on the equipment, at first everything functioned in the expected manner. After about 30 seconds, Al and Duncan realized something was not quite right. There were huge banks of electron tubes. Field coils of the two alternators were driven by banks of “6L6” tubes, first introduced by RCA in 1936. They had to be modulated in a special way, plus the normal drive signals, to make the alternator do what it was supposed to do. Plus modulating the output signal required a lot of amplifiers. It took 300 “6L6” tubes to drive each one of the coils on each alternator. There were five field coils on each alternator. So there were 10 field coils and 300 tubes for each alternator, that’s 3,000 “6L6” tubes – which is a lot of “6L6” tubes. And a lot of heat. These tubes filled both the control room and an adjacent room. These tubes started to dim, get bright, dim, get bright… Al and Duncan were startled by this. Then they noticed what looked like high voltage arc-overs in the control room – and there was no high voltage equipment in the control room! (There was elsewhere, but not there.) Arcing and jumping of high voltage electricity seemed to be occurring in the control room. This, says Al Bielek, was not high voltage energy as we know it but was “etheric energy” that was arcing over because of the stress of the hyperspace field. This had all begun in about 30-40 seconds after the equipment had been turned on.

Al and Duncan Bielek decided something must be wrong. Should they turn off the equipment? Al and Duncan decided to turn it off. They went to turn off the AC controls and all the AC power drives and everything else, but nothing could be turned off! All the control handles, knobs, etc. were frozen. At that point they knew something had gone very wrong. So Al and Duncan left the control room and went on deck. The sailors on deck were not yet seriously affected, but were moving around in a strange, haphazard and nervous manner. This was about 2 to 3 minutes into the experiment. Al and Duncan had no idea that the USS Eldridge had already gone into hyperspace. The only thing noticed was, you could not see the horizon nor the adjacent land. All you could see from onboard the ship was a grey fog which was just a little bit beyond the railing of the ship. On deck, you could see quite clearly, but not beyond.

Al and Duncan decided, “There’s nothing we can do here. Let’s get out. We’ll jump overboard and swim ashore.” It was about a half mile to shore and both were excellent swimmers. So Al and Duncan jumped overboard. And that is the point where things got very strange.

“We did not hit the water. There was no water. We just fell, as if we were falling down an elevator shaft with no bottom.” After awhile, Al and Duncan came out of the hazy area they were falling through, into a brightly lit area with what appeared to be fluffy clouds and open sky. They moved through this, as if they were flying, for a period of time, then suddenly blanked out. When Al and Duncan regained consciousness, they were in a hospital in the year 2137 A.D.! The feeling of terror was gone, but the two wondered where they were and what was going on. They looked around in stunned disarrangement. Al Bielek attributes his and Duncan’s arrival in 2137 to a “higher power.”

Al and Duncan were in 2137 A.D. for six weeks. From there, Al went on to 2749 A.D. Al Bielek stayed in 2749 A.D. for 2 years. In 2749, Al Bielek had an interesting experience with “the wingmakers” and with the artificial intelligence computer system which ran the planet, city by city. (There was no such control out in the boondocks.) The total world population was about 500 million. There were very exotic, and very large cities. While he was in 2749, Al Bielek became a tour guide along with a friend he met there. Al had no experience as a tour guide but his friend broke him in. There were abundant employment opportunities. Nobody was paid money, it was a sort of credit system. There were no stocks, no banks, no world governments, no standing armies. Some of the cities were floating cities (like the floating island of Laputa, see Our Friend, The Ether (Part 13), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of November 6, 2013) with anti-gravity systems.

At a certain point in 2749 A.D., Al Bielek started asking too many questions, like “If this artificial intelligence system is running each city, it didn’t create itself: Who built it?” At that point Al was introduced to “the wingmakers.” Al Bielek was told he had to leave. He didn’t want to go back, but the “synthetic intelligence computer” insisted he had to. “There’s a mess you have to straighten out in the past.” What mess? The computer wouldn’t say. When Bielek had arrived in 2749, his memories prior to that were erased. It was like he had always been in 2749. After awhile though Bielek had realized he didn’t exactly belong there. Something was strange, something was wrong. Bielek asked his tour guide friend, “Do I know you from somewhere else?” His friend answered no, but that was a lie. His tour guide friend was Bill Cody, who had died due to the “Philadelphia Experiment.” Cody had wound up in the 28th century.

(For info on my source for Al Bielek’s information, see “Our Friend, The Ether (Part 26)”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of November 27, 2013. https://ersjdamoo.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/our-friend-the-ether-part-26/)


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