Our Friend, The Ether (Part 35)

The Hutchison Effect – Science Channel Documentary

During at least one of the experiments done on the USS Eldridge in 1943, some witnesses reported seeing a “greenish fog” surrounding the ship. (Background: Our Friend, The Ether (Part 8), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of October 25, 2013.)

A strange fog also seemed to envelop young pilot Bruce Gernon’s plane in December 1970. After taking off from an airstrip on Andros Island in the Bahamas, Gernon soon entered a “lenticular cloud.” He ascended thousands of feet, but could not escape the cloud. He descended almost to the ocean’s surface, but still the cloud surrounded him. [1]

Then, Gernon saw a “tunnel” in the cloud, with blue sky beyond. He flew into it, expecting to exit in three minutes. Instead, he passed through the tunnel in twenty seconds, and during that time experienced several seconds of weightlessness. [1]

When he escaped the cloud, the blue sky was gone, replaced with a gray fog that seemed to spread out for miles and miles. None of his electronic equipment worked. Even the compass rotated slowly around and around. [1]

After awhile, the plane’s radio again functioned. Gernon figured at that point he must be near Bimini, eighty miles from Miami. Instead he was amazed to discover he was flying over Miami Beach. Somehow it was as if 30 minutes had vanished from Gernon’s flight. After he landed, Gernon discovered something else. “He had too much gas left over. It was as if he’d leap-frogged ahead in time and space.” [1]

It would appear that pilot Bruce Gernon had undergone his own miniaturized version of the “Philadelphia Experiment.” There was the strange fog, the missing time, the seeming teleportation from one location to another.

Gernon had been flying in the bizarre, vaguely-defined region nicknamed “the Bermuda Triangle.” In this region, unusual incidents such as electromagnetic aberrations, compasses spinning wildly, the  horizon vanishing, and strange vapors and fogs have been frequently reported. [2]

After decades of thinking over what had happened to him, Gernon began to believe something known as “electronic fog” had been a key factor in his strange 1970 experience. Electronic fog is thought to be related to the “Hutchison Effect.” Canadian scientist John Hutchison is said to have demonstrated what may be “electronic fog” in his laboratory. “It is something like a grayish cloud of electromagnetic fields that get formed above the ocean. Such electronic fog seems to appear from nowhere and completely engulfs a ship or an aircraft.” [3]

Electronic fog is linked to distortions in time. [2] Such a fog had been seen surrounding the USS Eldridge in 1943. And an electronic fog (EF) apparently enveloped the plane flown by Bruce Gernon in 1970 in the region of Andros Island. Besides this coincidence, there had also been electro-magnetic anomalies in both the “Philadelphia Experiment” and the Gernon flight. And consider also this coincidence: the US Navy had conducted the 1943 USS Eldridge experiments (along with the Institute for Advanced Study); Gernon had taken off from Andros Island, location of the US Navy’s Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC). The Navy’s AUTEC complex is their version of the Air Force’s “Area 51.” [4] The US Navy is therefore linked both to the “Philadelphia Experiment” and to Gernon’s odd experience.

Both AUTEC and Area 51 are associated with the so-called UFOs. But some of such perceptions could be the result of electro-magnetic hallucinations. (Other instances, such as videos of purported UFOs, would not be attributable to electro-magnetic hallucination.) “UFOs and electromagnetic energy (EM) seem to go together.” Reportedly, researcher Albert  Budden believes that UFO encounters, and even “alien abduction experiences”, are related to exposure to electromagnetic energy. [2]

Electromagnetic fields, or electric shocks, have induced specific hallucinations in people. Those who are exposed to them, even in laboratory settings, have complained about a feeling of people following them, talking to them, or watching them. [5]

Apropos of reported electromagnetic hallucinations are various claims made by the late Al Bielek, described in several recent entries of this series, “Our Friend, The Ether.” Bielek himself comes across as fully believing what he says. However because enormously powerful electro-magnetic fields are associated with the “Philadelphia Experiment” in which Bielek participated, the question of electromagnetic hallucinations (along with the question of Bielek’s having recovered from the controversial “false memory syndrome”) deserves to be considered.

——- Sources ——-
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