Our Friend, The Ether (Part 36)

In early February of 1663, in Canada, an Algonquin squaw heard a voice which said, “Strange things will happen today; the earth will quake!” On or about the same day, a nun, Mother Catherine de Saint-Augustine, “beheld in the spirit four furious demons at the four corners of Quebec, shaking it with a violence which plainly showed their purpose of reducing it to ruins.” The following day, on February 5, 1663, “a great roaring sound was heard at the same time through the whole extent of Canada.” A powerful earthquake had struck. [1]

In “Our Friend, The Ether (Part 35)” it was shown how electro-magnetism is connected to strange perceptions such as “alien encounters.” Electromagnetic fields, or electric shocks, have induced specific hallucinations in people. There is also increasing evidence for electro-magnetic earthquake precursors. An “electromagnetic alarm” might have preceded a 2007 earthquake in Northern California. “There are at least a dozen theories that predict these (electromagnetic precursors) should occur,” said Jacob Bortnik, a UCLA space physicist and a consultant for QuakeFinder. [2]

There are evident connections between electro-magnetism, earthquakes, and hallucinations. In Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, a “miracle of the sun” occurred. A “flat disk” spun toward the earth in a zig-zag pattern. There were strong disturbances in the earth’s magnetosphere. 1917 was also a peak year for sunspot activity. Seismic activity is associated with the Fatima incident. And, in keeping with the space-time concept, the Fatima “miracle” had been preceded by predictions published in Portuguese newspapers. On February 7, 1917, three months before a mysterious lady appeared and spoke to three children, a group of spiritualists in Portugal received a communication via “automatic writing.” The entity signed the communique, “Stella Matutina” (Morning Star). Foretold was that May 13th would be a great day for the good souls of the world. An announcement of the predicted event was published in the March 10, 1917 edition of Diario de Noticias. (There were other space-time anomalous predictions as well.) On May 13, 1917 occurred the first Fatima apparition. [1]

Erwin Joseph Saxl (1904 – 1981) was a physicist and inventor. He is most remembered for a series of controversial experiments in which he measured unexpected changes in the period of a torsion pendulum under various conditions. In one series of experiments, the period of a torsion pendulum situated inside a Faraday cage, with the pendulum and the cage connected by a conducting path, was observed to increase as the voltage on the cage was increased. [3]

There is something called “the gravitational constant” – except it is not so “constant”! Saxl built “a system which permitted a huge ceramic disc to rotate freely from a solid suspension, specifically designed and constructed to prevent vibration or any outside interference. Then he found a way of regenerating the rotation of this ‘pendulum’ electronically under exceedingly precise control. Finally, using a light beam and a photo-electric cell, he succeeded in measuring the time it took the pendulum to swing over a certain arc with an accuracy of one part in 10 million! Putting his system to work in the middle of the night, to avoid as much disturbance as possible to his incredibly sensitive instruments, he determined whether a pendulum, given precisely the same starting impulse every time, would take exactly the same amount of time to swing over its arc. Since the mass of a pendulum does not change, the swing of the pendulum should be strictly a function of gravity, and, according to Newton’s law, should not change.” [4]

But, Saxl found, the swing of the pendulum did change! “Groping for the answer to the variations he obtained in the gravitational force as reflected in the movement of the pendulum, he decided to see what would happen if the pendulum were charged with electricity. In his own words, ‘All hell broke loose!’ Specifically, he found that when the pendulum is charged positively, it takes longer to swing through its arc than when it is charged negatively!” [4]

Extensive additional experiments with his instruments indicated that there is a definite relationship between gravity and electricity. [4] This supports a previous assertion in this series, “Our Friend, The Ether”, that the gravitational force is connected with electricity and is induced when the planets are oscillated by electrical currents. [5]

And from where do the electrical currents come? The earth, a material body travelling through space, is constantly passing through The Ether. The Ether, extremely rarefied yet also dense, contains both positive and negative electric potential. These electric charges are deposited on atoms. It is the motion of matter through the stationary Ether which constantly provides electric energy. [5]

As you can see, earthquakes, electro-magnetic hallucinations, gravity, magnetism, and electricity are all tied in with The Ether, to various degrees. Albert Einstein had struggled with a “unified field theory.” Ironically, during Einstein’s years of struggle, the solution was staring him right in the face! If it was a snake, it would have bitten him! The “unified field” was, of course, our friend, The Ether.

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