Our Friend, The Ether (Part 38)

Al and Duncan Bielek traveled through a “wormhole” from 1943 Philadelphia to 1983 Montauk, Long Island. They “landed” at an Air Force base there. (Background: Our Friend, The Ether (Part 37), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of December 8, 2013.)

Here is the URL for “The Philadelphia Experiment & Montauk Project part 2 0f 10”, my notes of which are the source for most of what follows: http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL973383DE489836F2&v=ChUQGLxRgYs

When the test crew (not the later regular crew) onboard the USS Eldridge transitioned into hyperspace during the “Philadelphia Experiment”, everything became “energetic.” In other words, you could for example move through a wall. But when the hyperspace situation ended and the wall became solid, if you were in that wall you became part of that wall. According to Preston Nichols, Tom Bearden talks of this theory and concept “quite heavily.” About (e.g.) putting a pencil through a piece of metal and having it be integrated into the piece of metal.

(Thomas E. Bearden is a retired Lt. Colonel of the U.S. Army, and holder of a Masters degree in nuclear engineering. Bearden is a “theoretical conceptualist” active in the study of scalar electromagnetics, advanced electrodynamics, unified field theory, KGB energetics weapons and phenomena, free energy systems, electromagnetic healing via the unified field action of extended Sachs-Evans electrodynamics, and human development. He is particularly known for his work establishing a theory of overunity electrical power systems, scalar electromagnetic weapons, energetics weapons, and the use of time-as-energy in both power systems and the mind-body interaction. [1])

The U.S. Navy saw that, yes, the “Philadelphia Experiment” worked, but it also destroyed the minds of men on the ship. The Navy abandoned that project after the horrifying effects seen in 1943.

In 1948, with World War II having been won by the Allies, it was decided to re-launch Project Rainbow and see what had caused the test crew on the USS Eldridge to “go nuts.” The project was split into two parts:

  1. Try to solve the engineering problem, make the equipment small enough that it wasn’t taking an entire battleship to hold the equipment. That part of the project relocated to Los Alamos, New Mexico. The Los Alamos portion eventually developed what we know today as the “stealth technology” – the radar cross-section which doesn’t reflect much signal, the carbon coating that absorbs the signal, and the “electro-magnetic bottle” which came out of the “Philadelphia Experiment” research. This “electro-magnetic bottle” is known but not talked about much. You see it referred to fleetingly in articles in trade publications and such in the aircraft world. The “electro-magnetic bottle” is the field generation which makes the aircraft essentially disappear. They can get full invisibility as well as radar invisibility with the stealth aircraft, claimed Nichols.
  2. The second part of the project involved trying to figure out why the test crew on the USS Eldridge had “gone nuts.” So a “human factor” side of the reborn 1948 project was launched. That part of the project was moved to Brookhaven National Labs on Long Island.

The “human factor” research at Brookhaven was integrated with the Phoenix Project which was still being carried on at Brookhaven Labs. The Phoenix Project had taken work from MK-Ultra, had taken work from Wilhelm Reich, had taken work from many sectors including the “Philadelphia Experiment.” And they integrated this into one super mind-research project.

They finally developed the stealth technology so that they could synthesize the “earth references” human beings needed. One of the reasons some of the test crew on the USS Eldridge went nuts had been that human beings need the electro-magnetic background of the earth. When that “bottle” was sealed like it was on the Eldridge, then open-ended out to Montauk and it became the vortex, the electro-magnetic background that we need – the human resonances, the noise background of the planet – was lost. And people went nuts because of it. They had no basis! They didn’t know where they were! And eventually, with all the high degree of electro-magnetic fields, the mind broke. At Project Phoenix they learned how to synthesize that electronic background and how to concentrate the fields into a “bottle” so that inside the bottle it was pretty much neutral and pleasant like in our normal space-time.

Reports were written: “This is the first time we have definite solid evidence that the mind of humankind is electro-magnetic and that it can be influenced by electro-magnetic fields from the outside. Maybe this should be further looked into, as for crowd control, military applications, etc.” The U.S. Congress said, “No way.” Congress got the report on the early part of the Phoenix Project. Congress thought they had stopped the Phoenix Project.

(Information on the Phoenix Project is classified. Some of what we know comes to us in a round-about way from an investigation by Senator Barry Goldwater, according to Nichols.)

The Congress had said, “No way.” But the people at Brookhaven had already “built their kingdom” (a.k.a., entrenched bureaucracy). So Brookhaven wanted to keep the Phoenix Project going. They decided to bypass Congress and go directly to the U.S. military. Conferring with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, they said, “How would you like a weapon where if you throw the switch, the enemy raises their hands and surrenders?” Of course the military was enthusiastic about such a weapon. The people from Project Phoenix then said they had the beginning of such a weapon but they would have to work on it in secrecy. Of course the military was already quite familiar with secrecy. So Project Phoenix continued as a “black hole” project (not quite the same as a “black budget” project which at least has some congressional oversight.) The military decided not to continue the tests at the Brookhaven Labs due to too much scrutiny from “the political government” (as opposed to the secret military government, one supposes). Where could the research be secretly continued? It would have to be someplace close to Brookhaven Labs and Princeton University and MIT. There was an old Air Force base, by then deserted, on the eastern tip of Long Island: Montauk Air Force Base. In the early 1970s Montauk was still a relatively secluded spot. Under cover of the Air Force, research continued. Reactivated at Montauk was the old “sage radar”, because it transmitted on the same frequency range that Wilhelm Reich used for his orgone studies. [2]

——- Sources ——-
[1] http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_scalarwar_a.htm
[2] Source for most of the above comes from my notes of “The Philadelphia Experiment & Montauk Project part 2 0f 10”, an interview of Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron (a.k.a. Duncan Bielek). An embedded video of same hopefully appears at the top of this blog entry.


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