Our Friend, The Ether (Part 39)

The Philadelphia Experiment & Montauk Project part 3 0f 10

In the early 1970s Montauk, Long Island was still a relatively secluded spot. Under cover of the Air Force, the Project Phoenix research continued. Reactivated at Montauk was the old “sage radar”, because it transmitted on the same frequency range that Wilhelm Reich used for his orgone studies. (Background: Our Friend, The Ether (Part 38), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of December 9, 2013.)

The old “sage transmitter” at Montauk was refurbished. They contracted with a company, “BJM”, which Preston Nichols worked for at the time. BJM was a military industrial contractor which made radar jamming equipment. Nichols’ job was to modify the huge radar transmitter for its special purpose.

What they nicknamed “microwave oven experiments” began. A human subject was placed inside a special building. The big antenna was focused on the test subject. A hundred million watts of power was pumped out and hooked to subjects in a radar beam. The experimenters advanced to a point where they could type in a command to a computer, the computer would pulse the transmitter, and the test subject would perform the command to some extent.

Were there therefore “triggering mechanisms” in the brain? Nichols emphasized the question of, was it the brain directly, or the psyche of the test subjects which was being affected? “You see, here we’re getting to the question: Is your intelligence in the brain, or is it some quantum function that’s outside the brain? I,” stated Nichols, “personally believe the brain is a computer interface and that your intelligence is outside the brain. There is documentation of a number of people existing without a brain.”

The “microwave oven experiment” (see above) was developed to a point where they could type in a command and get the test subject to act like a chicken or whatever. They realized that by turning the antenna around, the non physical energetic component would go through the antenna, and the burning rays would be reflected off into the atmosphere. (This was done for the safety of the test subjects.) Aircraft had to be re-routed away from the location because they shot down a few of these with 100 megawatts of power which knocked out the avionics equipment. This, stated Nichols, can be documented: the old “sage site” (the Montauk base) was off-limits to airplanes in the 1970s – especially east of the “sage site.”

They realized that they had a system whereby they could enter the mind of a human being by typing in computer commands. At this time the researchers had learned something of the “alien interchange”, the alien research. They heard that the “aliens” had a type of chair whereby you could sit a human being in it and it would read everything that was in her or his mind. The Montauk researchers were very interested in interfacing the “alien chair” device with a computer. The computer could, claimed Nichols, take thoughts and make them real, manifest them. What they wanted to be able to do was sit Duncan Bielek in a chair, have him concentrate on someone, and get them to act like a chicken. Duncan, in other words, would visualize and create a virtual reality where the other person is acting like a chicken, this would go through the computer, go out the transmitter, converge on someone, and they would be compelled to act like a chicken. They made essentially a mind amplifier. A trained person, in something very similar to the “Lawnmower Man” movie, would visualize something and create in his mind a full complete “virtual reality.” He would sit in the “alien chair” and the radio equipment, computer equipment, and transmitter equipment would pick up that virtual reality via a group of coils and different kinds of sensors which would send this to a massive computer bank. The computer bank would align it, stabilize it, store it and control it. The computer would then feed this to the radar transmitter, which would transmit out an electro-magnetic equivalent of a thought-form at “lots and lots of CW power. We believe today the CW power of the Montauk Project was in the order of 100 million watts, and the pulse power was up in the tera-watts.”

Multiple Cray-1 computers with multiple “alien chairs” fed an IBM-360/370. This in turn fed a specialized radar computer which then interfaced to the actual transmitter and controlled the volt modulation and the frequency hopping of the transmitter. This reached the big antenna and was transmitted out. What they noticed was, this thing had enough power that they could actually materialize things. If the trained person formed something in his mind, this system had the ability to bring it into physical reality. If the trained person thought of a can of beer, it could create that can of beer. And you could drink it! Because the person had been trained to visualize things in their entirety, objects could be materialized.

But they noticed a peculiarity: the trained person might concentrate at for example 3 o’clock in the afternoon, but the “can of beer” might appear at from 8 o’clock in the morning to 8 o’clock at night – anywhere in that stretch of time. The object would have come from outside of “real time.” Thus it was realized, “Hey, this thing will bend time.” The researchers got all excited about this. Preston Nichols and his fellow scientific people were therefore quickly ordered to study “time”. The higher-ups told Nichols and his colleagues, “Learn everything you can about ‘time’. How to control it; what it is.” This occurred circa 1978-1979. By 1981 the system had been modified so that “we had a working time tunnel, a working time portal.”

(Source for most of the above comes from my notes of “The Philadelphia Experiment & Montauk Project part 3 of 10″, an interview of Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron (a.k.a. Duncan Bielek). An embedded video of same hopefully appears at the top of this blog entry.)


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