Our Friend, The Ether (Part 40)

The Philadelphia Experiment & Montauk Project part 4 0f 10

A peculiarity had occurred during the “beer can” manifestations: the object would appear, but not in “real time.” The researchers at Montauk, Long Island realized, “Hey, this thing will bend time.” (Background: Our Friend, The Ether (Part 39), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of December 10, 2013.)

Duncan Bielek (a.k.a. Duncan Cameron) had multiple time references consequent to his “Philadelphia Experiment” experiences. He could actually visualize another time. For instance, if he visualized Paris, France in the year 1800, on a street corner, Duncan’s mind had a virtual reality image which could be re-created – first energetic, then physical – to that point in France in 1800. “Would it occur?” asked the interviewer. “It would occur,” immediately responded Preston Nichols. A street corner from 1800 in Paris could be made to appear at a specific place. This was like the Holodeck on the USS Enterprise from the “Star Trek” TV show! “Yes, but more advanced. Because the Holodeck would not actually send you to 1800.”

(A Holodeck, in the fictional Star Trek universe, is a simulated reality facility located on starships and starbases. The Holodeck is depicted as an enclosed room in which objects and people are simulated by a combination of transported matter, replicated matter, tractor beams, and shaped force fields onto which holographic images are projected. [1])

Duncan’s mind would create the Holodeck function that the computers on Star Trek created, then the big transmitter would actually make it physical and real. Duncan’s mind though was really not creating anything, but was just realizing something there already in the past and making an attachment to it.

It had been discovered that the virtual reality experiments at Montauk could actually bend time. At this point, they cleared everyone off the base and brought in a super elite group to do the time research. That’s when they started to muck around and monkey with time itself. “Of course,” stated Nichols, “we can go into umpteen-billion stories here of what they could have done and what they did.”

On August 12, 1983, they made the connections to 1943 and the “Philadelphia Experiment”. The projects “locked up”. They created a huge vortex between 1983 and 1943. (Further background: Our Friend, The Ether (Part 34), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of December 5, 2013.)

It had been decided circa early-July through early-August 1983 that what was being done at Montauk was not for the best. Some people were starting to get scared. This group was monkeying around with time! They could go back and change the life of Christ if they wanted. It was getting very scary. After a number of private meetings between the people inside (not the management but the workers), it was decided that this project had to crash.

It was a revolt of the rank-and-file scientists against the management! The scientists were going to bring down the project by putting into Duncan Bielek a command to bring up into his conscious mind a monster from the subconscious – a “bigfoot” essentially. On August 12, 1983, Duncan went into an “alien chair”. Preston Nichols entered the “chair room”, opened the microphone, and said, “The time is now… The time is now…” At that point Duncan cleared out the virtual realities he had already created and brought forth the monster from his subconscious. The monster became energetic, then physical, and they called it “Junior.” It started to stomp around. It was angry, it was mad, it was hungry, it was frightened. “Junior” was very mean and nasty. It made a lot of noise and smashed things.

(Question: But did “Junior” appear before or after Al and Duncan Bielek had returned from 2137 A.D.? It was also August 12, 1983 when Al and Duncan Bielek went back to 1943 and smashed the equipment on the USS Eldridge. Duncan Bielek then chose to return to 1983, “back to the future.” Where was “Junior” while all this was happening?)

With “Junior” on a rampage in 1983 at Montauk, at that point it was decided by the project director that the project had to be stopped. Personnel went down to the power station and turned off the switches to the radar building. The funny thing is, nothing happened. It didn’t stop!

So the next thought was, “Holy Moses! The Air Force and the Navy techies must have got the underground wiring all messed up.” At this point Preston Nichols put on his back a couple of acetylene tanks with a torch attached. He went into the transformer yard, the substation next to the transmitter building. With the torch, Nichols cut the wires coming up out of the ground. (He had insulation and such so that he wouldn’t get shocked.) Still, the transmitter kept running! Inside the control building all sorts of wild discharges were happening. It looked like St. Elmo’s Fire everywhere.

Nichols was persuaded by a superior to enter the building and begin dismantling equipment. He went in and pulled out the wiring that went up to the transmitter. It was hoped that the input signals to the amplifiers could be halted and they would shut down. No such luck: Nichols could still hear everything humming upstairs. He blamed it on the “techs” (technical people such as the electricians) and muttered to himself, “(Groan) Now I’ve got to go upstairs.” Nichols climbed the stairs, through the muck and mire and the discharges and the alternate realities to the first transmitter floor. He tried to shut things down but dared not touch the consoles for fear of “getting burned.” Nichols next decided to seek out the master power control for the two transmitters, further upstairs. He cut apart the master power control. “I cut it apart,” stated Nichols. “It was still running, but now you could hear everything was out of sequence, out of phase. It was making funny growling noises. I actually had to go in to the amplitron rooms and cut the wave guides apart, go into the amplitron. To this day (1993) you can see torch marks where the power control switches were, and you can see torch marks in the amplitrons’ room by the amplitron.” When Nichols cut the amplitrons apart, everything stopped humming and the discharging reduced. At last the system had been shut off.

When Nichols exited the building, most of the personnel had fled. Apparently “Junior” was still on the loose. Nichols and a remaining few at this point also fled. Later, Nichols went through debriefing. A “time wrap-around number” was “played” in order that Nichols wouldn’t remember what had happened. He and Duncan were then released and went on about their normal everyday lives.

Assisted by mind control methods, Nichols and Duncan Bielek were debriefed. “We were just made to forget it,” stated Nichols. Nichols did forget, until later when he worked with a “time transducer” on his own and had “time currents” flowing through him. Once he had the “time currents” running through him, Nichols passed out on the roof of his own building and when he came back he started to remember everything. [2]

——- Sources ——-
[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holodeck
[2] Source for most of the above comes from my notes of “The Philadelphia Experiment & Montauk Project part 4 of 10″, an interview of Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron (a.k.a. Duncan Bielek). An embedded video of same hopefully appears at the top of this blog entry.


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