Our Friend, The Ether (Part 44)

Wilhelm Reich – Cloudbuster

It is the orgastic plasma pulsation which is behind superficial matters of biogenesis, the ether question, the life function and “human nature.” The orgone energy seeks to flow in, but many have “armored” themselves against it. Some such persons are “scientists.” These armored, mechanistically rigid persons think mechanistically, produce mechanistic tools, and form a mechanistic conception of nature. [1] “Out with the ether!” cried Albert Einstein. In its place he put a clockwork system of equations.

But orgonomic functionalism stands outside the framework of mechanistic-mystical civilization. Whenever various outsiders of the mechanistic-mystical civilization have seemed to penetrate into it, it can be consistently shown that the armored exponents of mechanistic-mystical civilization time and again deprived their doctrine’s life-affirmative element of its specific characteristics and embodied it into the existing conceptual framework by diluting or “correcting” it. [1] Case in point: James Clerk Maxwell, whose original equations were “dumbed down” by Oliver Heaviside and robbed of higher-dimensional considerations. (Background: Our Friend, The Ether (Part 21), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of November 18, 2013.)

The high priests of the life-denying mechanistic-mystical version of “science” utter their “mystery language” which hardly any can hope to fully understand. Instead, all are made to give up and just genuflect before this “science.” Its armored life-denying nature can be seen, for example, in the laughable “Big Bang” theory: “Alas, yes, there was once a sort of ‘life’ – a huge explosion. But ever since, the universe has been winding down.”

Opposed to this life-denying view of the universe was Wilhelm Reich. He developed an “orgone energy accumulator” and showed it to Albert Einstein. Einstein was frightened of this evidence of a universe which is vibrantly alive. He retreated from the orgone device back into the comforting arms of his mechanistic-mystical mistress. (Background: Our Friend, The Ether (Part 43), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of December 14, 2013.)

In addition to his effective health treatments, Dr. Wilhelm Reich  also utilized his advanced knowledge of discrete energies to build and successfully test a weather modification device called a “cloudbuster”, which operated on the principle that clouds are held together by orgone energy, and removing this energy causes clouds to rapidly disintegrate. [2]

There is an etheric component of our weather ignored by surface “science.” However the secret science long-studied in the bowels of the national security state has known about this etheric component for decades. The late Sherman H. Skolnick (1930 – 2006) reported upon an aspect of this not long before he passed away. “Some meteorologists contend there has been weather-warfare. That is, they say, that there have been two man-made hurricanes, Ivan [The Terrible], 2004, and Katrina, 2005. And, that these storms were created by technology long-known and directed to specific areas,” wrote Skolnick on September 7, 2005. [3]

Vladimir Putin, Tsar of all the Russias, feared he would be blamed for Hurricane Katrina. After all, the Russian scientists are unafraid to delve into what some might call “strange science” and could be much advanced in their understanding of weather modification. Who had used the secret weather warfare technology against the United States? Russia was one of the foremost of the “usual suspects.” [3]

“Just prior to Katrina hitting the Gulf, Putin noted that two U.S. Senators were in Russia snooping around off-limits secret facilities,” noticed Skolnick. These two Senators were Barack Obama (now President) and Richard Lugar. “Putin had both of their passports seized and the two Senators were kept for a while in custody of the FSB, the new Russian secret political police.” [3]

Skolnick reported, in September 2005, that “a friendly foreign power” (presumably France) which also possesses knowledge of the secret physics of weather warfare may have “made the man-made Katrina suddenly take a right hook and veer slightly away from New Orleans and directly hit the refineries and facilities of British Petroleum, owned by the British monarchy.” [3]

Decades earlier, Wilhelm Reich’s cloudbuster consisted of a set of turret-mounted metal pipes connected by rubber tubing to a body of water for energetic grounding which would dissipate clouds by draining the orgone energy holding them together and, with careful and time-consuming effort, significantly alter overall weather patterns. [2] The life-denying mechanistic-mystical version of “science” harassed and eventually crushed Reich’s efforts. But the secret national security version of science never met a potential weapon it didn’t like. It has continued developing some of Wilhelm Reich’s ideas over the years. Increasingly, like the nation itself, science has become polarized. Especially since 1945, there has been a superficial “science” consumed by the masses, and a secret science known only to those having a top security clearance. Sometimes, hints and whispers about this secret science seem to leak out. But these rumors are bombarded by the authorities as “pseudo-science.” (And sometimes also the pseudo-science really is pseudo-science.)

——- Sources ——-
[1] Ether, God & Devil & Cosmic Superimposition, by Wilhelm Reich. Available as a Kindle e-book.
[2] “What Is Orgonite? Cloudbusting: Then and Now”, http://www.orgonite.info/what-is-orgonite.html#3
[3] “Hurricane Katrina – Who Benefits?”, by Sherman H. Skolnick. http://rense.com/general67/over80.htm


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