Our Friend, The Ether (Part 46)


It will only be in the next, or Fifth Round, that the fifth element, Ether, will be as familiar to all people as Air is now. And only during that Round will those higher senses, the growth and development of which Ether subserves, be susceptible of complete expansion. A partial familiarity with the next characteristic of matter, permeability, which should develop concurrently with the sixth sense (let us call it normal clairvoyance), may be expected to develop at the proper period in the Fifth Round. (Background: Our Friend, The Ether (Part 45), Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of December 16, 2013.)

There is no sharp dividing line between the Fourth and Fifth Rounds. Hence, we currently have been seeing glimmers of Fifth Round higher senses, the growth and development of which Ether subserves, as well as suggestions of the permeability of matter. (Examples of such permeability of matter events are offered in yesterday’s blog entry.)

One such glimmer of tomorrow was witnessed by President Abraham Lincoln. During the latter part of February and the month of March 1863, Nettie Colburn Maynard had a number of séances with Abraham and Mary Lincoln. [1]

One of the “spirit friends” of Nettie Maynard was “old Doctor Bamford.” This entity was one of Abe Lincoln’s favorites. At one séance old Doctor Bamford advised the President that a very precarious state of things existed at the front. General Joe Hooker had just taken command and the army was totally demoralized.

Soberly, Lincoln asked old Doctor Bamford, “You seem to understand the situation. Can you point out the remedy?”

“The remedy lies with yourself,” uttered the spirit from beyond. “Go in person to the front; taking with you your wife and children; leaving behind your official dignity, and all manner of display.”

The advice from old Doctor Bamford was surprisingly apt. But how could he have known the army was so demoralized? Awhile later, a Mrs. Belle Miller caused a piano to “waltz around the room.” That is how the sneering “news” fakers of the time reported it. In fact, Mrs. Miller played upon the piano and under her influence the piano rose and fell, in time with the music. To test for hidden wires or pulleys, Lincoln placed his hand underneath the piano while another person placed their hand on top. Still, the piano rose and fell.

Lincoln then decided, “I think we can hold down that instrument.” Whereupon the Great Emancipator climbed on top of the piano, sitting with his legs dangling over the side, “as also did Mr. Somes, S.P. Kase, and a soldier in the uniform of a major (who, if living, will recall the strange scene) from the Army of the Potomac.” [1]

Yet even with all the extra weight, the piano continued to rise and fall!

Abraham Lincoln “expressed himself perfectly satisfied that the motion was caused by some ‘invisible power.'” But Mr. Somes advised that people would say that they all had been “psychologized” and did not see what they thought they saw. To this, the witty Lincoln replied, “You should bring such person here, and when the piano seems to rise, have him slip his foot under the leg and be convinced (doubtless) by the weight of evidence.” [1]

The rising of the piano in defiance of gravity may have been an early case of the Hutchison Effect. John Hutchison’s life changed drastically in 1979 when, upon starting up an array of high-voltage equipment (which he was using to investigate phenomena produced many years previously by Nikola Tesla), he felt something hit his shoulder. He threw the piece of metal back to where it seemed to have originated, and it flew up and hit him again. This was how he originally discovered fundamental frequencies can shield gravity. When his Tesla coils, electrostatic generator, and other equipment created a complex electromagnetic field, heavy pieces of metal levitated and shot toward the ceiling, and some pieces shredded. Upon analysis and thorough investigation, the Canadian government dubbed this phenomenon the Hutchison Effect. [2]

Magnetism is associated with the Hutchison Effect. And so called “animal magnetism” has been connected to spirit mediums. In 1884, at Wellington, New Zealand, the Reverend Father Le Menant des Chesnais delivered a lecture on the subject, “Animal Magnetism and Spirit Mediums.” Although warning against “certain preterhuman manifestations of spirit mediums”, the Reverend Father went on to explain how Anton Mesmer, “generally considered as the inventor of animal magnetism”, had written a thesis entitled, “De planetarum Influxu” (On the Influence of the Planets). Reportedly, Mesmer affirmed that there existed throughout the universe a fluid which united together all the heavenly bodies. The magnet was a condensation of that mysterious power. A certain Marquis of Puységur, a disciple of Anton Mesmer, by means of “animal magnetism” had induced magnetic sleep upon a patient. Whereupon this patient began “to talk with the greatest lucidity.” The Marquis of Puységur concluded that under the influence of magnetic sleep “souls” are brought into an unusual condition. In the case of some “spirit mediums”, the “medium or person to be magnetised is seated in an arm-chair or sofa.” The magnetiser proceeds. The Reverend Father Le Menant des Chesnais offered various characteristics of the physical phenomena of magnetism, including a “wonderful change in the perceptive faculties; the medium being able to hear with the top of his head, his elbows, the pit of the stomach; and see, his eyes being blindfolded, etc.” [3]

Abraham Lincoln had encountered glimmers of Fifth Round higher senses, the growth and development of which The Ether subserves. What is more, with the march of time, The Ether and its influence shall be increasingly perceived. How long can the hidebound physics keep a lid on this?

As for the discarnate advice of old Doctor Bamford, Lincoln heeded it. The President’s visit to the demoralized soldiers was received by them with an ovation. Lincoln was “literally borne on the shoulders of soldiers through the camp…” The “boys in blue” rallied around him. All grievances were forgotten. Old Abe left a united and devoted army behind him when he returned to Washington. [1]

——- Sources ——-
[1] Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?, by Mrs. Nettie Colburn Maynard. Philadelphia: Rufus C. Hartranft, Publisher. 1891
[2] “The Hutchison Effect”. http://www.thehutchisoneffect.com/
[3] “Animal Magnetism and Spirit Mediums”. Lecture by Reverend Father Le Menant des Chesnais. New Zealand Tablet, Rōrahi XII, Putanga 21, 12 Mahuru 1884, Page 15


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